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Classical Music Home > SADE, M. de: Justine (Unabridged)

SADE, M. de: Justine (Unabridged)


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SADE, M. de: Justine (Unabridged)

Underneath the patina of civilised society lies the Sadean demimonde: a bundle of lustful appetites fuelled by momentary impulse and a desire for unfettered indulgence. And the target of this savagery: Justine de Bertole, a pious and virginal heroine. While her amoral sister Juliette gets all the wonders in the world, virtuous and faithful Justine is subjected to punishment after punishment at the hands of sadistic and abusive deviants. Grotesque, inhumane and compelling, Sade’s novel overturns Rousseau’s views of the social contract, and the common trope that punishment only visits sinners, to deliver a passionate treatise on good and evil, virtue and sin.

Disc 1

  Justine (Unabridged)
1.   Justine 00:10:01
2.   Both girls were given twenty - four hours… 00:11:20
3.   Juliette had just entered her twentieth year… 00:09:24
4.   'You will allow me to conceal my name…' 00:09:55
5.   Shamefaced and in despair, not knowing… 00:09:50
6.   However, Madame, I have to tell you… 00:09:41
7.   I tell you, Madame… 00:11:27

Disc 2

  Justine (Unabridged)
1.   'One moment,' said one of them… 00:12:27
2.   'Oh, Monsieur,' I replied… 00:11:27
3.   'The fact is, Thérèse…' 00:10:52
4.   'So don't be concerned by the hope or fear…' 00:10:00
5.   Far from suspecting the intentions… 00:10:24
6.   'Jasmin,' he said to his valet… 00:08:47
7.   I threw myself at the Marquise's feet… 00:09:48

Disc 3

  Justine (Unabridged)
1.   'Thus spoke the Comte in praise of his bad habits.' 00:11:27
2.   I added a thousand other arguments to these… 00:11:31
3.   'Oh, Monsieur!' I replied to the Comte… 00:09:04
4.   So then I showed her the packet of poison. 00:09:20
5.   'Well, Thérèse,' he said to me in a low voice… 00:08:28
6.   'Here is that fateful letter,' said Thérèse… 00:10:31
7.   Meanwhile Rodin, who has become… 00:12:20

Disc 4

  Justine (Unabridged)
1.   Rodin went off to eat. 00:14:11
2.   Such was the infernal logic of Rodin's… 00:12:28
3.   'It is the only way to learn,' said Rombeau… 00:12:10
4.   They put a dressing on me… 00:10:10
5.   Clement, whose name could not have been less… 00:12:29
6.   The eight girls who were at supper that evening… 00:11:51

Disc 5

  Justine (Unabridged)
1.   'I shall not be any more dangerous…' 00:12:29
2.   'Dear companion,' she said to me… 00:12:49
3.   'Our number is always the same.' 00:10:07
4.   'The duty girl,' I interrupted… 00:13:24
5.   'You need not doubt it,' replied Omphale… 00:07:28
6.   I was not expected at supper on this first day… 00:13:19

Disc 6

  Justine (Unabridged)
1.   'Let us go to bed,' Clement finally says to me… 00:12:24
2.   'But let us continue.' 00:12:30
3.   'But the man you describe is a monster.' 00:10:11
4.   This famous festival arrived… 00:11:14
5.   'Oh, what lovely white skin! what grace!'… 00:09:05
6.   From that moment on I directed all my thoughts… 00:10:32

Disc 7

  Justine (Unabridged)
1.   Here Madame de Lorsange wished to persuade… 00:11:57
2.   'My friend,' the younger boy said to the other… 00:12:20
3.   And, delighted with me, the Comte… 00:10:25
4.   'Spread them, Madame!' the Comte said… 00:11:02
5.   One morning, when Gernande had summoned… 00:09:56
6.   'But there is no need to look for examples…' 00:10:32
7.   'What are you doing here, Thérèse'… 00:07:14

Disc 8

  Justine (Unabridged)
1.   This note was not signed, and the footman… 00:12:20
2.   'Oh, Monsieur!' I said to this dishonest man… 00:12:02
3.   I resumed my journey in the direction… 00:12:34
4.   At these words, to which Roland… 00:11:45
5.   'Come!' he said to me, pulling me up by my hair. 00:11:26
6.   'And by what right', Roland answered… 00:13:25

Disc 9

  Justine (Unabridged)
1.   Such was the name of this fatal amusement… 00:12:49
2.   With these words, the cruel Roland… 00:12:23
3.   'But even if I were weak enough, Madame,'… 00:11:55
4.   On the appointed day of the planned walk… 00:12:17
5.   'No, no, Madame,' I quickly said to her… 00:12:57
6.   This is how I came to leave Grenoble, Madame… 00:11:28

Disc 10

  Justine (Unabridged)
1.   'I have no doubt whatever, Madame,' I replied… 00:11:43
2.   'Thérèse,' he then said to me… 00:11:25
3.   Saint - Florent went out. 00:12:06
4.   Saint - Florent comes with Cardoville… 00:11:17
5.   'Oh!' said Saint - Florent… 00:12:59
6.   The good Monsieur de Corville had not heard… 00:12:29

Total Playing Time: 11:59:41

Sade, Marquis de

Boulton, Nicholas; Edsell, Polly

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: Classical

Catalogue No: NA0310

Barcode: 9781781981344

Physical Release: 06/2018

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