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Classical Music Home > KIERKEGAARD, S.: Fear and Trembling (Unabridged)

KIERKEGAARD, S.: Fear and Trembling (Unabridged)


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KIERKEGAARD, S.: Fear and Trembling (Unabridged)

Written from the perspective of an unbeliever, Fear and Trembling explores the paradox of faith, the nature of Christianity and the complexity of human emotion. Kierkegaard examines the biblical story of Abraham, who was instructed to sacrifice his son Isaac, and forces us to consider Abraham’s state of mind. What drove Abraham, and what made him carry out such an absurd and extreme request from God? Kierkegaard argues that Abraham’s agreement to sacrifice Isaac, and his suspension of reason, elevated him to the highest level of faith. He explores more comprehensible alternatives, but in each one Abraham fails the test of faith, thus showing that true faith cannot be explained, understood, or made rational. His thesis is a compelling counterpoint to Hegel, who maintained that reason was the highest form of thought, and it proved a significant source of inspiration to later existentialist philosophers such as Camus and Sartre.

Disc 1

  Fear and Trembling (Unabridged)
1.   Fear and Trembling 00:08:23
2.   Tuning Up 00:10:18
3.   A Tribute to Abraham 00:11:47
4.   Thus everything was lost… 00:11:53
5.   Problems. A Preliminary Outpouring… 00:10:37
6.   Can one then speak candidly… 00:13:07

Disc 2

  Fear and Trembling (Unabridged)
1.   But what did Abraham do 00:08:20
2.   I would not leave him an instant… 00:08:01
3.   However, this miracle can so easily… 00:09:46
4.   In infinite resignation there is peace… 00:10:41
5.   Temporality, finitude is what it is all about. 00:12:09
6.   Problem 1: Is there a teleological suspension 00:12:14
7.   When at the decisive moment Agamemnon… 00:09:37

Disc 3

  Fear and Trembling (Unabridged)
1.   How does the single individual assure himself… 00:12:52
2.   Problem 2: Is there an absolute duty to God 00:12:20
3.   If that pious and accommodating exegete… 00:10:22
4.   The knight of faith knows that… 00:11:39
5.   Problem 3: Was it ethically defensible… 00:10:40
6.   But ethics knows nothing either of that… 00:14:18

Disc 4

  Fear and Trembling (Unabridged)
1.   But why this sketch, since I still get no further… 00:12:02
2.   The merman stands at a dialectical apex. 00:09:21
3.   If one wants a plot in a similar style… 00:09:34
4.   Natures like Gloucester's cannot be saved by… 00:09:12
5.   It stands to reason that Faust… 00:11:22
6.   This distress I can well understand. 00:13:43
7.   Epilogue 00:06:25

Total Playing Time: 04:40:43

Kierkegaard, Søren

Meadows, Mark

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Non-Fiction

Catalogue No: NA0327

Barcode: 9781781981702

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Currently available for streaming and download only. This recording will be issued on CDs at a later time.

Physical Release: 12/2018

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