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O'BRIEN, F.: At Swim-Two-Birds (Unabridged)



O'BRIEN, F.: At Swim-Two-Birds (Unabridged)

More preoccupied with drinking, sleeping and writing, an unnamed student neglects his studies and invents three separate openings for a novel. The first introduces the Pooka MacPhellimey, ‘a member of the devil class’, the second involves Mr John Furriskey, a character belonging to another of the student’s creations (writer Dermot Trellis), while the final opening features legendary Irish heroes Finn Mac Cool and Mad King Sweeny. Soon, Trellis’s creations rebel against him, doing as they like while he sleeps, and the characters from each story begin wandering in and out of each other’s tales. Published in 1939, At Swim-Two-Birds is a madcap exploration of Irish literature and mythology, and the unending possibilities of fiction.

  At Swim-Two-Birds (Unabridged)
1.   At Swim - Two - Birds 00:10:54
2.   Extract from my typescript descriptive… 00:09:06
3.   Weapon - quivering hand or twig - crackling … 00:09:42
4.   The conclusion of your syllogism, I said lightly… 00:08:57
5.   Nature of explanation offered: It was stated… 00:11:11
6.   Perceiving then that the statement had… 00:11:39
7.   What are they going to all do asked Brinsley 00:10:41
8.   Further extract from my Manuscript wherein… 00:10:26
9.   It was in the New Year, in February, I think… 00:10:48
10.   When I attended these meetings… 00:10:58
11.   One day Tracy sent for me and gave me my… 00:08:37
12.   Well the upshot was that he gave us three… 00:09:00
13.   I recall that these discoveries caused me… 00:09:58
14.   Now when Sweeny heard the clack… 00:09:56
15.   For seven years, to relate precisely… 00:09:29
16.   On the morning of the second day thereafter… 00:13:11
17.   Quick march again, said Lamont. 00:11:50
18.   The story, said learned Shanahan… 00:10:12
19.   At length Sweeny penetrated to the place… 00:11:46
20.   Moderation in all things, he said… 00:08:53
21.   What is wrong with Cryan and most people… 00:09:51
22.   Extract from Book referred to: 1. 00:11:23
23.   I knew you were of the Pooka class… 00:10:50
24.   That is a fine saying and a noble sentiment… 00:08:48
25.   Allow me to explain, said the Pooka… 00:09:52
26.   What about all these strikes asked the Good Fairy. 00:12:09
27.   With these words there came the rending scream… 00:10:22
28.   The company continued to travel… 00:10:24
29.   If things are done in the right way, said my uncle… 00:10:58
30.   Tell me, said the Pooka putting his hand… 00:10:03
31.   After a moderately length interval… 00:09:46
32.   Biographical reminiscence, part the eighth:… 00:09:02
33.   Oh, that's a shame for you, said Mrs Furriskey… 00:11:48
34.   Music is a wonderful thing when you come to think… 00:09:43
35.   Memorandum of the respective diacritical traits… 00:09:52
36.   A cleric, attaining the ledge of the window… 00:10:12
37.   I admit, gentlemen, he said at last… 00:10:07
38.   Good morning to you, Sir, said the Pooka… 00:10:06
39.   It was an early - morning street… 00:10:40
40.   Enough of that, my man, says the Pooka… 00:10:21
41.   Mr Paul Shanahan, he said slowly… 00:09:25
42.   To say that salt in solution, Lamont objected… 00:09:07
43.   The three men regarded the Pooka in silence… 00:08:56
44.   The Pooka stood up in his prie - dieu… 00:10:21
45.   Here a question from the direction of the counter… 00:10:35
46.   Antony Lamont, boomed the Pooka, take the stand. 00:11:58
47.   Ibidem, further extract therefrom… 00:10:47
48.   You are forgetting something said Mr Corcoran. 00:08:36

Total Playing Time: 08:13:16

O'Brien, Flann

Kelly, Aidan

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: NA0476

Barcode: 9781781983362

Release Date: 11/2019


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