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Classical Music Home > NESBIT, E.: Treasure Seekers (The) (Abridged)

NESBIT, E.: Treasure Seekers (The) (Abridged)


About this Recording

NESBIT, E.: Treasure Seekers (The) (Abridged)

Six children decide that the only way to restore the fortunes of their family is to go out and do it themselves. They produce a series of madcap schemes and one after another try them out with varying degrees of success, most resulting in trouble rather than riches. But then one scheme begins to look more promising than the rest…

Disc 1

  The Treasure Seekers
1.   This is the story of the different ways we looked for treasure 00:03:13
2.   Then we left off going to school 00:02:32
3.   Oswald spoke first 00:03:24
4.   We all went down into the cellar 00:03:11
5.   Presently Dicky came back 00:03:03
6.   When we had got that money by digging for treasure 00:02:41
7.   We thought a long time whether we'd write a letter 00:03:26
8.   It was not bad - being in London entirely on our own 00:04:40
9.   She happened quite accidentally 00:03:03
10.   We went over the stones on tiptoe 00:03:02
11.   Then all of a sudden came one of those uncomfortable times 00:03:09
12.   Noel was quite tiresome for ever so long 00:03:21
13.   Albert - next - door was very tiresome 00:04:03
14.   It was Albert's uncle who thought of our trying a newspaper 00:03:04
15.   Chapter V - by Noel 00:03:55
16.   Being editors is not the best way to wealth 00:03:24
17.   Everyone knows what it is like to go in the train 00:03:18
18.   "You wish to borrow money. When will you repay it" 00:03:12
19.   When the money was all spent 00:03:57
20.   It was very silly 00:03:13

Disc 2

  The Treasure Seekers
1.   One day when we suddenly found that we had half a crown 00:03:36
2.   About five Eliza slipped out 00:03:50
3.   The bottle got quite dusty where we had put it 00:03:06
4.   The clergyman seemed to be speechless 00:02:51
5.   Of course as soon as we had promised to consult my Father 00:03:37
6.   Of course the next thing was for one of us to catch a cold 00:03:22
7.   When Alice came back she was very quiet 00:03:38
8.   The next day Albert's uncle took Noel away 00:02:21
9.   A day or two after Noel came back from Hastings 00:04:01
10.   So Dicky and Oswald crept down 00:03:41
11.   And quite suddenly 00:03:10
12.   The minute he'd said it the burglar 00:03:00
13.   You have no idea how uncomfortable the house was 00:02:52
14.   Alice had put on the nursery tablecloth, which is green 00:03:11
15.   H.O. did not care about waiting 00:03:07
16.   It was all very well for Father to ask 00:03:34
17.   We elders arranged everything 00:03:04
18.   So we at once showed the Uncle 00:02:50
19.   Now it is coming near the end of our treasure - seeking 00:03:26
20.   We took all the parcels into the nursery 00:02:57
21.   Then the Uncle looked at Father 00:03:13

Total Playing Time: 02:15:18

Nesbit, Edith

Gallagher, Teresa

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Junior Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA232812

Barcode: 9789626343289

Physical Release: 10/2004

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