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Classical Music Home > FLYNN, B.: Beowulf (Unabridged)

FLYNN, B.: Beowulf (Unabridged)


About this Recording

FLYNN, B.: Beowulf (Unabridged)

The oldest long poem in Old English, written about 1000 A.D., Beowulf tells the story of a great warrior in Southern Scandinavia in both youth and maturity. The monster Grendel terrorises the Scyldings of Hrothgar’s Danish Kingdom until Beowulf defeats him. As a result, he has to face his enraged mother. Beowulf dies after a battle against a fierce dragon. The tale is powerfully performed here by Crawford Logan in a lively modern translation from the original West Saxon dialect.

Disc 1

1.   Beowulf Part I 00:05:04
2.   So those warrior Scyldings passed their lives 00:05:26
3.   The hour came. The ship rode the flood in close 00:03:46
4.   They turned to leave: the ship waited anchored … 00:08:16
5.   A bench was cleared for the Geats in the hall 00:05:13
6.   There was laughter then, and the din resounded … 00:03:45
7.   Outcast and joyless Grendel came to Heorot. 00:04:50
8.   Part II 00:03:41
9.   Meanwhile the Danes raced their mounts … 00:05:49
10.   The Dane's chief went on to reward the others. 00:05:03
11.   This was the lay, the song of the poet, 00:04:33
12.   Part III 00:03:27
13.   Hrothgar spoke, protector of the Scyldings: 00:04:38
14.   They all gazed at the hot gore surging up 00:06:23
15.   A radiance appeared and a light streamed in 00:04:53

Disc 2

1.   Hrothgar first examined the hilt, engraved 00:05:26
2.   Then the warriors hastened, keen to return … 00:03:43
3.   Part IV 00:04:02
4.   After Hygelac offered greetings 00:04:02
5.   But, my tale is what happened with Grendel …' 00:05:55
6.   Part V 00:05:39
7.   Beowulf heard the news of the terror, 00:04:03
8.   Beowulf the brave king sat on the windy headland. 00:04:52
9.   Beowulf addressed his dear companions 00:05:25
10.   Wiglaf, sad at heart, addressed the warriors. 00:03:29
11.   The fatal wound inflicted by the earth - scorcher began 00:05:25
12.   Part VI 00:05:39
13.   Ongentheow, old and heavy - hearted, turned 00:05:15
14.   What happened brought to nought the hope of one 00:06:11

Total Playing Time: 02:23:53

Flynn, Benedict

Logan, Crawford

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Junior Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA242512

Barcode: 9789626344255

Physical Release: 10/2006

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