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Classical Music Home > KAMO NO CHOMEI: Hojoki / BASHO, M.: Narrow Road to the Interior (Unabridged)

KAMO NO CHOMEI: Hojoki / BASHO, M.: Narrow Road to the Interior (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

KAMO NO CHOMEI: Hojoki / BASHO, M.: Narrow Road to the Interior (Unabridged)

Japanese poetry is well-known for its clarity and concision, and The Narrow Road to the Interior and Hojoki are two of the best-loved, and most intensely Japanese, works of their kind; famous for their beautiful, delicate verse and subtle insight into the human condition. It has been said of The Narrow Road that ‘it was as if the very soul of Japan had itself written it’. It takes the form of a travel diary, and traces the poet’s journey from Edo (modern-day Tokyo) to the northern interior. Hojoki, a much earlier work written by Chomei, a Buddhist hermit, is essentially a meditation on the transience of the world. Read by the famous classical Japanese actor Togo Igawa, the full beauty of its ancient cadences and rhythms is drawn out.

Disc 1

1.   Hojoki by Kamo no Chomei 00:07:08
2.   And then, in the sixth month… 00:05:17
3.   Later, was it in the Yowa era 00:05:35
4.   Soon after, I wonder now, when was it 00:03:05
5.   So as we see our life is hard in this world. 00:02:40
6.   As for me, I came into property… 00:01:50
7.   Then, well into my sixth decade… 00:08:28
8.   When I moved here… 00:06:24
9.   The morning is quiet… 00:01:50
  Narrow Road to the Interior
10.   Narrow Road to the Interior by Matsuo Basho 00:02:32
11.   On the twenty - seventh of the third month… 00:01:18
12.   This year, the second year of genroku… 00:01:08
13.   We paid our respects to muro no yashima… 00:00:45
14.   On the thirtieth we stayed at the foot of Mount Nikko… 00:01:01
15.   On the first day of the fourth month… 00:01:01
16.   Mount Dark Hair had haze around it… 00:02:03
17.   Because we had an acquaintance 00:01:47
18.   We visited joboji so and so… 00:01:40
19.   In this province, far inside Ungan Temple… 00:02:00
20.   From there we went to the killing rock… 00:01:30
21.   After days passed with us feeling uncertain… 00:01:14
22.   In time, we passed the barrier… 00:02:37

Disc 2

  Narrow Road to the Interior
1.   About five li from Tokyu's house… 00:00:49
2.   The following day, we went to Shinobu village… 00:00:57
3.   We crossed the river at Tsukinowa ferry… 00:01:42
4.   That night we stayed in Iizuka… 00:01:38
5.   As we passed Abumizuri and Shiroishi Castles… 00:01:06
6.   We stayed in Iwanuma… 00:01:23
7.   We crossed the Natori River… 00:02:01
8.   As we walked along, relying on Kaemon's drawing… 00:02:25
9.   From there we visited Tama River of Noda… 00:01:24
10.   Early in the morning we paid our respects… 00:01:34
11.   Although this has been said a number of times… 00:03:15
12.   On the eleventh we paid our respects to Zui - Gan Temple… 00:00:43
13.   On the twelfth we meant to go to Hiraizumi… 00:01:36
14.   The glory of the three generations… 00:03:00
15.   Looking at the Nambu Highway in the distance… 00:02:40
16.   In Obanazawa we visited a man named Seifu… 00:01:22
17.   In the domain of Yamagata… 00:01:26
18.   Hoping to ride down the Mogami River… 00:01:48
19.   On the third day of the sixth month… 00:05:41
20.   After leaving Haguro… 00:00:57
21.   Though we had seen a countless number of natural wonders… 00:04:17
22.   As we accumulated days… 00:01:06
23.   Today, because we had come over the most difficult spots… 00:02:38
24.   They speak of the forty… 00:01:00
25.   Going over Mount Deutzia Flower… 00:01:45
26.   Here we paid our respects to Ota shrine… 00:00:59
27.   On our way to the hot springs of Yamanaka… 00:01:02
28.   We bathed in a hot spring… 00:00:56
29.   Sora developed stomach trouble… 00:00:55
30.   I stayed in a temple called Zensho - Ji… 00:01:37
31.   On the border of Echizen… 00:00:43
32.   I visited the resident monk of Tenryu Temple… 00:01:09
33.   It was only three li to Fukui… 00:01:52
34.   In time Shirane Peak hid itself… 00:00:31
35.   That night the moon was particularly fine… 00:01:50
36.   On the sixteenth day, with the sky clear… 00:01:20
37.   Rotsu had come as far as this port… 00:01:23

Total Playing Time: 02:05:23

Basho, Matsuo; Kamo no Chomei

Igawa, Togo; Sudo, Takashi

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Poetry

Period: Baroque

Catalogue No: NA287912

Barcode: 9789626348796

Physical Release: 08/2008

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