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Classical Music Home > THOMAS, D.: Under Milk Wood and Other Plays (The 1954 Premiere Radio Recording) (Unabridged)

THOMAS, D.: Under Milk Wood and Other Plays (The 1954 Premiere Radio Recording) (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

THOMAS, D.: Under Milk Wood and Other Plays (The 1954 Premiere Radio Recording) (Unabridged)

Under Milk Wood is Dylan Thomas’s undisputed and unforgettable masterpiece—an affectionate, but hilarious portrait of a small Welsh town. The classic 1954 recording, featuring a perfect cast led by Richard Burton as ‘First Voice’, is rightly considered to be definitive. This collection also includes two earlier radio programmes: Return Journey to Swansea and Quite Early One Morning, read by Dylan Thomas and others. Enjoyable in their own right, they also provide a fascinating insight into the process that led towards Under Milk Wood.

Disc 1

  Under Milk Wood
1.   FIRST VOICE To begin at the beginning: 00:05:12
2.   FIRST DROWNED Remember me, Captain 00:01:39
3.   FIRST VOICE From where you are… 00:00:30
4.   MR. EDWARDS Myfanwy Price! 00:01:18
5.   FIRST VOICE Come now, drift up the dark… 00:01:44
6.   MOTHER This little piggy… 00:02:16
7.   FIRST VOICE Now, in her iceberg - white… 00:00:44
8.   MRS. OGMORE - PRITCHARD Mr. Ogmore! 00:01:09
9.   FIRST VOICE In Butcher Beynon's… 00:00:29
10.   ORGAN MORGAN: Help! cries Organ Morgan… 00:00:28
11.   FIRST VOICE At the sea end of town… 00:00:27
12.   UTAH WATKINS Thirty four, thirty five… 00:03:07
13.   FIRST VOICE Now behind the eyes and secrets… 00:02:54
14.   FIRST VOICE Time passes. Listen. Time passes. 00:01:58
15.   REV. ELI JENKINS Dear Gwalia! I know there are… 00:02:00
16.   FIRST VOICE Now, woken at last by the out - of - bed… 00:00:23
17.   LILY SMALLS Oh, there's a face! 00:02:14
18.   FIRST VOICE Mary Ann the Sailors… 00:02:39
19.   FIRST VOICE Now frying - pans spit… 00:01:19
20.   FIRST VOICE Mr. and Mrs. Cherry Owen… 00:01:32
21.   FIRST VOICE From Beynon Butchers in Coronation Street… 00:01:09
22.   FIRST VOICE Up the street, in the Sailors' Arms… 00:02:38
23.   CAPTAIN CAT Maggie Richards, Ricky Rhys… 00:03:49
24.   FIRST VOICE People are moving now, up and down… 00:03:28
25.   FIRST VOICE There's the clip clop of horses… 00:00:46
26.   FIRST WOMAN Mrs. Ogmore - Pritchard 00:01:01
27.   FIRST VOICE Outside, the sun springs down… 00:01:32
28.   FIRST VOICE And in Willy Nilly the Postman's dark… 00:02:34
29.   SECOND VOICE …herring gulls heckling down to the harbour… 00:02:07
30.   FIRST VOICE The music of the spheres is heard distinctly… 00:02:33
31.   POLLY GARTER I loved a man whose name was Tom… 00:03:44
32.   FIRST VOICE And the morning school is over… 00:02:45
33.   FIRST VOICE And the shrill girls giggle and muster around him… 00:01:46
34.   GOSSAMER BEYNON I don’t care if he is common… 00:01:14

Disc 2

  Under Milk Wood
1.   FIRST VOICE In the blind - drawn dark dining - room of School House… 00:03:33
2.   FIRST VOICE Lord Cut - Glass, in his kitchen full of time… 00:04:41
3.   FIRST VOICE Captain Cat, at his window… 00:04:12
4.   FIRST VOICE The child says, and then she forgets him too. 00:01:19
5.   SECOND VOICE The afternoon buzzes like lazy bees… 00:03:58
6.   FIRST VOICE Now the town is dusk. 00:00:58
7.   MR. PRITCHARD You first, Mr. Ogmore. 00:01:30
8.   REV. ELI JENKINS Every morning, when I wake… 00:01:52
9.   FIRST VOICE Dusk is drowned forever until tomorrow. 00:01:57
10.   FIRST VOICE Blind Captain Cat climbs into his bunk. 00:00:57
11.   FIRST VOICE Mr. Mog Edwards and Miss Myfanwy Price… 00:01:16
12.   FIRST VOICE The thin night darkens. 00:00:51
  Return Journey
13.   NARRATOR It was a cold white day in the High Street… 00:04:58
14.   NARRATOR I went out of the hotel into the snow… 00:06:02
15.   NARRATOR And he hurried on, into the dervish snow… 00:05:23
16.   NARRATOR The Hall is shattered… 00:05:55
17.   NARRATOR Even now, on the frozen foreshore… 00:04:41
  Quite Early One Morning
18.   Quite early one morning in the winter in Wales… 00:03:19
19.   The town was not yet awake. 00:03:16
20.   And climbing down again and up out of the town… 00:03:01
21.   Oh, the town was waking now… 00:02:57

Total Playing Time: 02:11:44

Thomas, Dylan

Bebb, Richard; Brookes, Olwen; Burton, Philip; Burton, Richard; Close-Thomas, David; Davies, Dilys; Davies, Lorna; Edwards, Meredith; Glyn-Jones, John; Griffith, Hugh; Havard, Dafydd; Jones, Mary; Jones, Norma; Maddox, Diana; Owen, Dillwyn; Owen, Gwenllian; Petty, Gwenyth; Richards, Aubrey; Thomas, John Ormond; Williams, Sybil

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction; Plays - Others

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: NA288712

Barcode: 9789626348871

Physical Release: 09/2008

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