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HOMER: Odyssey (The)


About this Recording

HOMER: Odyssey (The)

Homer’s Odyssey is the thrilling and moving tale of the wanderings of the hero Odysseus after the end of the Trojan war. For ten years he experiences storm, shipwreck and seduction as he tries to find a way home to Ithaca, contending with the wrath of Poseidon but protected by Pallas Athena. Meanwhile, his wife Penelope is beset by suitors who believe him dead. William Cowper’s 1791 verse translation captures both the touchingly human episodes and the adventurous sweep of Homer’s original.

Disc 1

  The Odyssey
1.   Telemachus In Search Of His Father 00:02:09
2.   Menelaus Remembers 00:05:29
3.   The Suitors Sport In The Palace At Ithaca 00:07:55
4.   Imprisoned On Calypso's Isle 00:14:45
5.   Nausicaa's Dream 00:10:31
6.   Odysseus Arrives In Phaeacia 00:08:11
7.   Alcinous Proclaims His Orders 00:08:42
8.   Odysseus Begins His Story 00:09:13
9.   Escape From The Cyclops 00:11:16

Disc 2

  The Odyssey
1.   The Aeolian Isle And Laestrygonia 00:08:59
2.   Circe Overcome 00:11:24
3.   A Canvas - Stretching Breeze To Hades 00:07:21
4.   The Shades Of The Underworld 00:12:57
5.   Return To Circe's Isle 00:13:48
6.   The Killing Of The Kine 00:07:19
7.   Odysseus Returns To Ithaca (Prose Summary) 00:01:32
8.   Telemachus Meets Penelope Again 00:08:10
9.   Odysseus Begs From Antinous 00:07:17

Disc 3

  The Odyssey
1.   Irus, The Arrogant Beggar 00:10:55
2.   Odysseus Meets Penelope 00:05:45
3.   Reassurance For Penelope 00:09:19
4.   The Dawn Of Confrontation 00:04:28
5.   The Trial Of The Bow And The Rings 00:07:21
6.   The Suitors Fail The Test 00:07:49
7.   The Arrows Find New Targets And Battle Begins 00:13:46
8.   Penelope Receives Proof 00:09:26
9.   Conjugal Endearment 00:09:51

Total Playing Time: 03:55:38


Lesser, Anton

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Great Epics and Tales

Catalogue No: NA303112

Barcode: 0730099003124

Distribution Note(s):

Currently not available on CD

Physical Release: 03/1995

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