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Classical Music Home > PROUST, M.: Remembrance of Things Past, Vol. 3: Guermantes Way (The): Part I (Abridged)

PROUST, M.: Remembrance of Things Past, Vol. 3: Guermantes Way (The): Part I (Abridged)


About this Recording

PROUST, M.: Remembrance of Things Past, Vol. 3: Guermantes Way (The): Part I (Abridged)

In The Guermantes Way, Part I, Marcel penetrates the inner sanctum of Paris high society and falls in love with the fascinating Duchesse de Guermantes. With his unmatched powers of observation Proust vividly describes the struggles for political, social and sexual supremacy played out beneath a veneer of elegant manners. This is the fifth part of Naxos AudioBooks’ recording of Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past.

Disc 1

  The Guermantes Way: Part I
1.   We Had Moved - To The Hotel De Guermantes 00:12:19
2.   Exploring The Hotel De Guermantes 00:09:53
3.   The Opera - Comique 00:08:45
4.   Berma In Phedre Again 00:08:18
5.   Early Morning Walks For A Casual Rendeszvous 00:06:40
6.   Visiting My Friend, Robert Saint - Loup 00:09:08
7.   No Time To Be Sad 00:05:48
8.   'Isn't That Mme De Guermantes's Photograph 00:06:28
9.   Robert And His Mistress 00:06:10
10.   Telephonic Connexion With My Grandmother 00:05:49

Disc 2

  The Guermantes Way: Part I
1.   An Uneasy Farewell From Robert 00:07:58
2.   The Winter Was Drawing To An End... 00:08:15
3.   The Suburb Of Paris To Visit Robert's Mistress 00:10:27
4.   In The Theatre 00:07:23
5.   Another Row 00:10:16
6.   A Party At The Home Of Mme De Villeparisis 00:08:15
7.   The 'Marie Antoinette' Lady 00:07:59
8.   Bloch And Legrandin 00:09:58
9.   Two Young Men - The Baron De Guermantes And The Duc De Chatellerault 00:03:28
10.   'Bloch Rose And Went Over To Look At The Flowers' 00:03:43

Disc 3

  The Guermantes Way: Part I
1.   M. de Norpois And The Dreyfus Case 00:07:28
2.   The Duc de Guermantes 00:14:11
3.   The Comtesse de Marsantes, Robert's Mother 00:06:36
4.   The Prince von Faffenheim - Munsterburg - Weinigen, M. de Norpois And - A Favor 00:07:43
5.   The Arrival Of Mme Swann 00:11:11
6.   Observing Robert 00:06:02
7.   M de Charlus 00:04:56
8.   An Arm Snatched From Mine On Sight Of M D'Argencourt 00:04:56
9.   My Grandmother Is Not Well 00:15:58

Total Playing Time: 03:56:01

Proust, Marcel

Jason, Neville

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA311612

Barcode: 0730099011624

Boxset: NAX25312

Physical Release: 04/1997

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