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Classical Music Home > Elizabeth I: Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth I (The) (JENKINS)

Elizabeth I: Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth I (The) (JENKINS)


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Elizabeth I: Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth I (The) (JENKINS)

Disc 1

  The Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth I
1.   When Henry VIII died in January 1547 00:03:44
2.   The child was a lively little creature with reddish golden hair 00:03:46
3.   Elizabeth was only 14 when her father died 00:07:25
4.   On the King's death, Thomas Seymour proposed to the Council 00:04:04
5.   In August the Queen Dowager's daughter was born 00:06:49
6.   The King was now thirteen 00:05:04
7.   Northumberland knew that his success largely depended 00:03:40
8.   The first Parliament of the reign 00:08:21
9.   Meanwhile, preparations were made for the Prince of Spain's arrival 00:03:52
10.   The release from Woodstock came about unexpectedly 00:06:02
11.   At daybreak on November 17 Mary died 00:08:08
12.   Six days after her accession 00:03:48
13.   Everyone assumed that the Queen's coronation 00:06:26

Disc 2

  The Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth I
1.   The fatigues of the Saturday 00:01:33
2.   The question next in importance 00:05:14
3.   The Queen's suitors now included Prince Charles of Sweden 00:05:52
4.   That August in France, the husband of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots died 00:05:28
5.   Not by temperament only, but in physical mould 00:02:57
6.   The long religious civil war in France 00:08:10
7.   The Parliament that met in January of 1563 00:11:26
8.   In the English court, Leicester continued to glisten with the Queen's favour 00:08:42
9.   The year 1566 was the one above all others 00:03:35
10.   Mary Queen of Scots, married and pregnant 00:07:37
11.   Affairs in Scotland, though still alarming to the English 00:10:45
12.   De Spes, the new Spanish Ambassador 00:06:46

Disc 3

  The Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth I
1.   In February 1571 the Queen made Cecil a peer 00:03:45
2.   Catherine de Medici and the young Charles IX 00:05:49
3.   In 1572, The Earl of Leicester 00:02:06
4.   In 1576, Catherine de Medici offered Elizabeth 00:12:54
5.   At the end of this month, September 1580 00:06:35
6.   The Queen of Scots appeared to be living with her Court 00:13:16
7.   In 1587, it was plain that the Spanish invasion was coming at last 00:06:34
8.   The spectacular event, the defeat of the Armada 00:06:50
9.   In October 1598 the Irish question was of acute urgency 00:05:04
10.   By 1601, Essex House had become a magnet for disaffection 00:04:09
11.   In 1601 a Parliament was summoned 00:01:58
12.   In 1603, she was 69 00:03:37

Total Playing Time: 03:41:51

Jenkins, Elizabeth

Archer, Karen

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Biographies

Period: Baroque

Catalogue No: NA324612

Barcode: 9789626342466

Boxset: NAX24512

Physical Release: 12/2001

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