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Classical Music Home > SHAW, G.B.: Pygmalion (Unabridged)

SHAW, G.B.: Pygmalion (Unabridged)


About this Recording

SHAW, G.B.: Pygmalion (Unabridged)

Pygmalion remains one of the most popular stories—but mainly in the medium of the musical; the evergreen My Fair Lady. But much of the charm and wit comes from the words and timing in Shaw’s original play. Here are the characters of Professor Higgins, his friend Colonel Pickering, and their charge, Eliza Doolittle. Directed by John Tydeman, this delightful comedy is presented in its original play version, with the extended narrations setting the background and concluding the drama—a device perfectly suited to Audiobook. The first of a series of co-productions with Oneword Radio.

Disc 1

1.   Covent Garden at 11.15 pm. Torrents of heavy summer rain. 00:02:26
2.   THE FLOWER GIRL 'Nah then Freddy... ' 00:02:15
3.   THE NOTE TAKER 'There, there, there, there!' 00:07:19
4.   Next day at 11 am. Higgins's laboratory in Wimpole Street. 00:07:20
5.   HIGGINS 'I shall make a duchess of this draggletailed guttersnipe.' 00:09:00
6.   PICKERING 'Excuse the straight question, Higins.' 00:05:30
7.   MRS PEARCE 'Doolittle, sir.' 00:03:55
8.   HIGGINS 'Mrs Pearce: this is Eliza's father.' 00:11:39
9.   HIGGINS 'Say your alphabet.' 00:02:31
10.   Mrs Higgins's. It is between four and five in the afternoon. 00:07:06
11.   MRS HIGGINS 'Will it rain, do you think' 00:07:10
12.   MRS HIGGINS 'Will it rain, do you think' 00:05:27

Disc 2

1.   The Wimpole Street laboratory. Midnight. 00:11:10
2.   Mrs Higgins's drawing - room. The parlour - maid comes in. 00:02:12
3.   THE PARLOUR - MAID 'Mr Doolittle.' 00:06:14
4.   MRS HIGGINS 'Well, I'm very glad you're not going to do anything foolish,... ' 00:04:05
5.   THE PARLOUR - MAID 'You rang Ma'am' 00:05:36
6.   DOOLITTLE 'Hello, Eliza!' 00:03:19
7.   HIGGINS 'Well Eliza, you've had a bit of your own back... ' 00:07:05
8.   ELIZA 'I want a little kindness.' 00:06:57

Disc 3

1.   The rest of the story need not be shown in action... 00:03:37
2.   As our own instincts are not appealed to by her conclusion,... 00:04:00
3.   And now, whow did Eliza marry 00:05:43
4.   It is true that Eliza's situation did not seem wholly ineligible. 00:04:10
5.   It was the Colonel who finally solved the problem. 00:08:12
6.   When Freddy paid a visit to Earls Court... 00:04:44
7.   On the piteous spectacle of the pair spending their evenings... 00:04:13
8.   That is all. That is how it has turned out. 00:03:51

Total Playing Time: 02:36:46

Shaw, George Bernard

Gordon, Hannah

Burke, David; Lesser, Anton; Palmer, Geoffrey; Whybrow, Lucy

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Plays - Others

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: NA326812

Barcode: 9789626342688

Physical Release: 02/2002

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