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Classical Music Home > DOYLE, A.C.: Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (The), Vol. 6 (Unabridged)

DOYLE, A.C.: Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (The), Vol. 6 (Unabridged)


About this Recording

DOYLE, A.C.: Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (The), Vol. 6 (Unabridged)

In ‘The Final Problem’, perhaps the greatest of the short stories of Sherlock Holmes, the English detective encounters his most formidable rival, Professor Moriarty. ‘The Napoleon of Crime’ is how Holmes describes his adversary to his faithful companion, Dr Watson, as they move to the ultimate confrontation at the Reichenbach Falls. Also in this collection is the intriguing mystery of the disappearing bride in ‘The Noble Bachelor’ and two threats from the past in ‘Gloria Scott’ and ‘The Resident Patient’.

Disc 1

  The Adventure of the 'Gloria Scott'
1.   The Advanture of the 'Gloria Scott' 00:05:21
2.   'One evening, shortly after my arrival' 00:05:08
3.   'On the very day, however, before I left' 00:03:40
4.   'All this occurred during the first month' 00:03:16
5.   'Well, matters went from bad to worse' 00:04:10
6.   'My friend ascended with the doctor' 00:05:50
7.   'These are the very papers, Watson' 00:07:18
8.   'That was his style of talk' 00:07:39
9.   'And now I come to the most surprising part' 00:06:51
  The Adventure of the Resident Patient
10.   The Adventure of the Resident Patient 00:06:37
11.   'I am compelled, to begin with' 00:04:58
12.   'Some weeks ago, Mr Blessington came down to' 00:05:29
13.   'Well, I never thought I should see anything' 00:04:16

Disc 2

  The Adventure of the Resident Patient
1.   'Within a quarter of an hour' 00:06:39
2.   'Sherlock Holmes's prophecy was soon fulfilled' 00:05:25
3.   'He went over to the door' 00:04:28
4.   'I'll be back by three' 00:03:59
  The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor
5.   The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor 00:05:23
6.   'He picked a red - covered volume from a line' 00:04:45
7.   'Such as they are, they are set forth' 00:03:44
8.   'Lord Robert St. Simon' 00:05:16
9.   'He opened a locket' 00:04:47
10.   'Lord St. Simon shrugged his shoulders' 00:03:47
11.   'It is very good of Lord St. Simon to honour my head' 00:07:37
12.   'It was after five o'clock' 00:05:22
13.   'Frank here and I met in '84' 00:06:59
14.   'Lord St. Simon had by no means relaxed his rigid attitude' 00:07:10

Disc 3

  The Adventure of the Final Problem
1.   The Advantures of the Final Problem 00:05:33
2.   'There was something very strange in all this' 00:03:38
3.   'He is the Napoleon of crime, Watson' 00:03:35
4.   'I was sitting in my room thinking the matter over' 00:06:34
5.   'That was my singular interview with Professor Moriarty' 00:04:58
6.   'In the morning I obeyed Holmes's injunction' 00:03:15
7.   'The train had already begun to move' 00:04:23
8.   'We made our way to Brussels that night' 00:04:41
9.   'I shall be brief, and yet exact' 00:04:39
10.   'It may have been a little over an hour' 00:03:31
11.   'But it was destined that I should' 00:05:07

Total Playing Time: 03:15:48

Doyle, Arthur Conan

Timson, David

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: NA328012

Barcode: 9789626342800

Boxset: NAX35312; NAX97812

Physical Release: 02/2003

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