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Classical Music Home > DOYLE, A.C.: Return of Sherlock Holmes (The), Vol. 1 (Unabridged)

DOYLE, A.C.: Return of Sherlock Holmes (The), Vol. 1 (Unabridged)


About this Recording

DOYLE, A.C.: Return of Sherlock Holmes (The), Vol. 1 (Unabridged)

When Sherlock Holmes met his demise in ‘The Adventure of the Final Problem’, published in 1893, the distress of the unsuspecting reading public was profound. For years, fans showed no signs of letting Sherlock Holmes lie down and die. Eventually, Doyle saw fit to continue his Holmes’ canon and wrote a series of thirteen short stories—The Return of Sherlock Holmes—published in 1905. The series begins, inevitably, with the shock re-appearance of the master detective in ‘The Adventure of the Empty House’. This, plus three others are included in Naxos AudioBooks’ first volume of Doyle’s continuation of the famous bloodhound-of-a-genius, read by master storyteller David Timson. Though he been away, it seems that Holmes has lost none of his remarkable qualities.

Disc 1

  The Adventure of the Empty House
1.   The Adventure of the Empty House 00:03:09
2.   All day as I drove upon my round 00:03:43
3.   A minute examination of the circumstances 00:03:42
4.   I had not been in my study five minutes 00:03:10
5.   He sat opposite to me 00:03:01
6.   It came about in this way 00:03:13
7.   A confederate 00:04:49
8.   It was indeed like old times 00:03:45
9.   I crept forward and looked across 00:04:10
10.   At last, as midnight approached 00:03:03
11.   He passed close beside us 00:04:56
12.   I have not introduced you yet 00:03:56
13.   Our old chambers had been left unchanged 00:03:08
14.   He turned over the pages 00:03:28
15.   When we were in Switzerland 00:04:24
  The Adventure of the Norwood Builder
16.   The Adventure of the Norwood Builder 00:03:07
17.   Mr Sherlock Holmes was leaning back 00:03:54
18.   I looked with interest upon this man 00:03:57
19.   Sherlock Holmes listened with closed eyes 00:02:49

Disc 2

  The Adventure of the Norwood Builder
1.   I must explain first 00:03:12
2.   I was shown by this woman 00:05:02
3.   It strikes me, my good Lestrade 00:03:59
4.   It was late when my friend returned 00:03:12
5.   Well I tried one or two leads 00:03:03
6.   Finally, having drawn every other cover and picked up no scent 00:04:04
7.   I do not know how far 00:02:48
8.   He led us through the passage 00:03:16
9.   Lestrade looked at Holmes 00:03:40
10.   Five minutes later 00:03:12
11.   'What's this then' 00:03:09
12.   The thumb mark, Lestrade 00:03:22
13.   It was a masterpiece of villainy 00:02:56
  The Adventure of the Six Napoleons
14.   The Adventure of the Six Napoleons 00:03:41
15.   The second case, however, was more serious 00:03:03
16.   There are no limits to the possibilities of monomania 00:02:24
17.   In half an hour 00:03:11
18.   I was sitting in my den 00:03:56
19.   The spot where the fragments 00:04:45
20.   Sherlock Holmes and I 00:02:41
21.   In rapid succession we passed through the fringe 00:03:58

Disc 3

  The Adventure of the Six Napoleons
1.   The afternoon was far advanced 00:03:06
2.   Sure enough, when we reached Baker Street 00:05:08
3.   A four - wheeler was at the door 00:03:27
4.   He had just completed his examination 00:02:16
5.   When we met again 00:03:35
6.   When our visitor had disappeared 00:02:52
7.   Now you clearly see 00:05:15
  The Adventure of the Three Students
8.   The Adventure of the Three Students 00:03:10
9.   I must explain to you 00:03:06
10.   Bannister was very much upset 00:03:40
11.   The sitting - room of our client 00:03:40
12.   Mr Soames was somewhat overwhelmed 00:03:27
13.   Surely there is another alternative 00:03:08
14.   'I understand' said Holmes 00:03:23
15.   No names please 00:05:29
16.   Holmes made no further allusion 00:02:59
17.   Bannister entered 00:03:06
18.   For a moment Gilchrist, with upraised hand 00:04:51
19.   Have I told the truth 00:03:52

Total Playing Time: 03:31:28

Doyle, Arthur Conan

Timson, David

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: NA330112

Barcode: 9789626343012

Boxset: NAX39812; NAX97812

Physical Release: 12/2003

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