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Classical Music Home > NESBIT, E.: Wouldbegoods (The) (Abridged)

NESBIT, E.: Wouldbegoods (The) (Abridged)


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About this Recording

NESBIT, E.: Wouldbegoods (The) (Abridged)

The Wouldbegoods, a sequel to The Treasure Seekers, reacquaints us with the six Bastable children: Dora, Oswald, Dicky, Alice, Noël and H.O. Again, the story is told by you-may-not-know-who, and the children find all sorts of ways in which to amuse themselves in the country during the summer holidays. ‘Children are like jam,’ says the Indian uncle, ‘all very well in the proper place, but you can’t stand them all over the shop—eh, what?’ Well, the children do their best, but they do get themselves into trouble—right from the beginning, when their latest brainwave is to create a jungle in the garden…

Disc 1

  The Wouldbegoods
1.   Children are like jam… 00:03:53
2.   Their train got in at 12.27 00:03:13
3.   The next morning when we were having breakfast… 00:03:44
4.   Denny wanted to put paper tails on the guinea - pigs… 00:03:59
5.   When we were sent down into the country… 00:03:42
6.   ‘New society for being good in’ 00:03:35
7.   The next morning Oswald awoke early 00:03:33
8.   We got the door 00:04:17
9.   There were soldiers riding down the road… 00:03:16
10.   Then we wrote to my father… 00:03:05
11.   We had just done when the cottage door burst open… 00:03:13
12.   This is what we meant to put on the tombstone… 00:04:23
13.   It was very rough on Dora… 00:04:11
14.   It was on the day we had the pillow fight… 00:03:48
15.   When the sound of wheels came… 00:03:02
16.   As we went up the path… 00:04:28
17.   We all went slowly 00:04:38

Disc 2

  The Wouldbegoods
1.   This is the story of one of the most far - reaching… 00:04:06
2.   Then Oswald walked slowly away with the ball… 00:04:12
3.   But just above Falding Lock… 00:03:30
4.   The first thing was to rouse the unconscious others… 00:02:41
5.   When the men went up after breakfast… 00:04:18
6.   The ones of us who had started the Society… 00:03:11
7.   Oswald said the first thing was to collect… 00:04:07
8.   Then we shut the gate of the paddock… 00:02:46
9.   Alice, Oswald and Dick had had almost enough… 00:03:31
10.   Alas! We came too late 00:03:58
11.   We made two expeditions… 00:03:46
12.   Then tea - time seemed as if it ought to be near… 00:04:00
13.   When we had made a ridge of stones… 00:03:38
14.   Presently we came to a pond… 00:04:49
15.   It really was not such a bad baby… 00:03:42
16.   We went home at last with our fish… 00:02:50
17.   As soon as Mrs Pettigrew had left the room… 00:04:02
18.   Just before tea - time we all went back to the hut… 00:04:14

Disc 3

  The Wouldbegoods
1.   It began one morning at breakfast 00:04:13
2.   On Tuesday we went down to look at the Roman place… 00:03:24
3.   That night Alice whispered to Oswald… 00:03:18
4.   Presently we were aware that all would soon be over 00:03:07
5.   They went to the secretary of the Maidstone… 00:02:50
6.   The tramp was very dusty about the feet and legs… 00:03:36
7.   After dinner we went out and sat… 00:03:11
8.   A man and woman were the first… 00:03:00
9.   While this conversation was going on… 00:04:00
10.   The author of these few lines… 00:03:10
11.   So Oswald and Dicky went into the wood… 00:03:13
12.   So on we went… 00:03:51
13.   When we got to Canterbury… 00:05:13
14.   Our holiday was nearly up… 00:04:27
15.   But he sat up in bed and read… 00:03:41
16.   Before we had gone a hundred yards… 00:03:04
17.   We decided that we had better bunk unnoticed 00:04:21
18.   When he was gone she stood quite still… 00:03:38

Total Playing Time: 03:16:38

Nesbit, Edith

Gallagher, Teresa

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Junior Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA333612

Barcode: 9789626343364

Physical Release: 03/2005

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