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PORTER, B.: Pollyanna (Abridged)


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About this Recording

PORTER, B.: Pollyanna (Abridged)

When Pollyanna Whittier becomes orphaned, she goes to live with her rather strict Aunt Polly. And Aunt Polly is not at all prepared for Pollyanna! With her infectious energy and her determination to see the best in every situation, Pollyanna brings sunshine into the lives of everyone around her. But not everyone wants it—and she has a lot of work to do to persuade some of them that there is a good side to everything. But will being glad be enough for Pollyanna herself when she faces the biggest struggle of her life? This irrepressible book, first published in 1913, has entertained and absorbed each generation of girls since, and was the subject of a famous 1960 film with Hayley Mills in the title role. But it was also done as a silent film in 1920 starring Mary Pickford, and a TV film in 2003—further evidence of its continuing popularity.

Disc 1

1.   Miss Polly Harrington entered her kitchen a little hurriedly … 00:06:03
2.   In the little attic room Nancy swept and scrubbed vigorously. 00:03:46
3.   Promptly at twenty minutes to four the next afternoon … 00:05:15
4.   Miss Polly Harrington did not rise to meet her niece. 00:05:40
5.   For a moment after she had gone Pollyanna stood quite still … 00:06:03
6.   At the earliest possible moment after supper … 00:07:48
7.   It was nearly 7 o'clock when Pollyanna awoke that first day … 00:04:35
8.   Half an hour later when Miss Polly … 00:06:15
9.   The shopping expedition consumed the entire afternoon … 00:05:28
10.   It was not long before life at the Harrington homestead … 00:03:51
11.   In the sick room, Pollyanna blinked a little … 00:07:04
12.   It rained the next time Pollyanna saw the Man. 00:07:08
13.   One by one the July days passed. 00:06:21

Disc 2

1.   August brought several surprises and some changes. 00:07:16
2.   It had been a hard day. 00:03:49
3.   It was not long before she came in sight of the house. 00:04:50
4.   Pollyanna was a little late for supper … 00:04:21
5.   The great, grey pile of masonry looked very different … 00:06:22
6.   The man did not answer. 00:06:04
7.   It was on a rainy day about a week after Pollyanna's visit … 00:05:26
8.   Pollyanna only chuckled the more gleefully. 00:05:17
9.   John Pendleton greeted Pollyanna today with a smile. 00:04:04
10.   After supper that evening … 00:03:45
11.   As the warm August days passed, Pollyanna went very frequently … 00:07:27
12.   School, in some ways, was a surprise to Pollyanna … 00:05:03
13.   Sunday mornings Pollyanna usually attended church … 00:04:17
14.   The man turned now, almost fiercely. 00:04:06

Disc 3

1.   The sky was darkening fast … 00:06:44
2.   He lifted his chin and braced himself … 00:05:58
3.   It was on the last day of October … 00:06:51
4.   It was that afternoon that Nancy ran out to Old Tom … 00:07:09
5.   On the day after John Pendleton's call … 00:04:20
6.   Then, abruptly, the light died from his eyes. 00:03:59
7.   Just a week from the time Doctor Mead the specialist … 00:04:37
8.   It was Nancy who was sent to tell Mr. John Pendleton … 00:03:37
9.   It did not take long for the entire town of Beldingsville … 00:05:49
10.   It was not long after John Pendleton's second visit … 00:06:59
11.   The door had scarcely closed behind her … 00:05:39
12.   One by one the short winter days came and went … 00:07:46
13.   The next time Dr. Warren entered the chamber … 00:04:09

Total Playing Time: 03:41:01

Porter, Eleanor H.

Lefkow, Laurel

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Junior Classic Fiction

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: NA346912

Barcode: 9789626344699

Physical Release: 09/2007

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