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Classical Music Home > WHITE, T H.: Sword in the Stone (The) (Abridged)

WHITE, T H.: Sword in the Stone (The) (Abridged)


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About this Recording

WHITE, T H.: Sword in the Stone (The) (Abridged)

This abridgement of the first novel in The Once and Future King, the tale of King Arthur and the rise and fall of Camelot, is specifically aimed at 7–12 year olds. It concentrates on the early years of Arthur leading to his proclamation as king. White elaborated imaginatively on the legend giving strong personalities to the main characters—as well as animals! Neville Jason who read the unabridged War and Peace for Naxos AudioBooks) gives another strong reading.

Disc 1

  The Sword in the Stone (Abridged)
1.   The Sword in the Stone 00:07:27
2.   The Mews was one of the most important parts… 00:05:01
3.   The night fell… 00:06:02
4.   The Wart went over to the tree… 00:05:45
5.   The boy slept… 00:06:14
6.   The Wart was so startled… 00:05:19
7.   The vanity - glass vanished… 00:04:55
8.   The Wart started talking… 00:04:55
9.   Sir Ector's home was called… 00:08:21
10.   The Roach's Mamma was lying on her back… 00:08:13
11.   Tilting and horsemanship had two afternoons. 00:04:31
12.   While this incantation was going on… 00:06:17
13.   Without further words the gentleman retreated… 00:05:08

Disc 2

  The Sword in the Stone (Abridged)
1.   They met in the middle… 00:08:47
2.   It was a cold wet evening… 00:07:59
3.   All the hawks were silent… 00:05:55
4.   'What is the first law…' 00:08:15
5.   'Well!' said the Wart… 00:04:57
6.   The Wart was still staring at his tutor's… 00:05:50
7.   They went to the man cautiously… 00:05:56
8.   'If the boys have got to be in it…' 00:05:42
9.   After the staff lecture… 00:06:11
10.   They dragged him from under… 00:03:59
11.   They had an immense reception. 00:03:33
12.   She waved her apron at the sergeant… 00:06:28
13.   He climbed to the solar… 00:05:55

Disc 3

  The Sword in the Stone (Abridged)
1.   The Wart got up early next morning… 00:07:16
2.   There were five long minutes… 00:06:52
3.   So King Pellinore was bent over the dead… 00:05:39
4.   It was haymaking again… 00:05:36
5.   The call sounded from far away… 00:06:39
6.   'Nonsense', exclaimed the Wart… 00:05:31
7.   The old gentleman scratched about… 00:06:10
8.   King Pellinore arrived… 00:06:39
9.   King Pellinore closed his eyes tight… 00:06:35
10.   The knighting took place… 00:07:57
11.   There was a lot of cheering… 00:05:06
12.   Perhaps there ought to be a chapter… 00:04:48

Total Playing Time: 03:52:23

White, Thomas Hanbury

Jason, Neville

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA387412

Barcode: 9789626348741

Physical Release: 06/2008

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