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GARNER, A.: Elidor (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

GARNER, A.: Elidor (Unabridged)

‘Towers—like flame. A candle in darkness. A black wind.’

Roland Watson wasn’t expecting to see things like that when he kicked a football into a condemned church; but once inside, he is taken from the slums of Manchester to the ruins of a magical kingdom. And only he can bring back the light to Elidor. With his brothers and sister, Roland has to solve ancient riddles and brave dark forces to save the mythical land. But he has to prevent those same forces destroying their own world, too. Brilliantly mixing myths and fantasy with spare and acute reality, Alan Garner’s third novel secured his place at the forefront of children’s writing, his work also appealing greatly to adult readers.

Disc 1

  Elidor (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 1: Thursday's Child 00:06:16
2.   It was not one or two houses that were empty… 00:06:55
3.   Nicholas and Roland waited. 00:08:26
4.   Chapter 2: Cloth of Gold 00:06:16
5.   Chapter 3: Dead Loss 00:05:48
6.   The silence was so complete… 00:06:18
7.   Chapter 4: Malebron 00:08:17
8.   Chapter 5: The Mound of Vandwy 00:05:45
9.   The light in the Mound was white and soft… 00:06:33
10.   Chapter 6: The Lay of the Starved Fool 00:08:11
11.   They climbed down from the ridge… 00:06:18
12.   Chapter 7: Corporation Property 00:04:28

Disc 2

  Elidor (Unabridged)
1.   The children stopped when they reached… 00:06:24
2.   Chapter 8: The Deep End 00:08:31
3.   Chapter 9: Stat 00:04:10
4.   The GPO van drove off into the dusk… 00:04:53
5.   Chapter 10: Choke 00:08:08
6.   Every small movement made someone look up… 00:07:38
7.   Chapter 11: The Last Spadeful 00:07:32
8.   Chapter 12: The Letterbox 00:06:27
9.   Mr. Watson was crouching a few feet away… 00:05:07
10.   Chapter 13: Silent Night 00:05:52
11.   It was eight o'clock before all the family… 00:03:08
12.   Chapter 14: The High Places 00:05:10
13.   It was three in the morning when Roland… 00:05:56

Disc 3

  Elidor (Unabridged)
1.   Roland heard a sound… 00:02:48
2.   Chapter 15: Planchette 00:02:32
3.   The party loomed. 00:05:53
4.   Mrs. Brodie came back into the room… 00:06:04
5.   They borrowed a torch… 00:04:52
6.   Chapter 16: The Fix 00:04:39
7.   Nicholas was oiling his bicycle… 00:05:36
8.   Chapter 17: Spear - Edge and Shield - Rim 00:05:20
9.   'I think we ought to put the Treasures…' 00:06:07
10.   Chapter 18: Paddy 00:07:04
11.   'Shall we run for it' said David. 00:06:30
12.   Chapter 19: The Wasteland 00:04:45
13.   The entry finished in a square of earth… 00:04:57
14.   Chapter 20: The Song of Findhorn 00:05:39
15.   The unicorn had been so far ahead… 00:05:40

Total Playing Time: 03:56:53

Garner, Alan

Keeble, Jonathan

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Junior Classic Fiction

Period: Contemporary

Catalogue No: NA396912

Barcode: 9789626349694

Physical Release: 09/2009

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