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CRANE: Red Badge of Courage (The)


About this Recording

CRANE: Red Badge of Courage (The)

This great classic of the American Civil War is one of the most important accounts of the reality of war and its aftermath. It deals with the effects of the war on one man but it speaks for a generation.

Disc 1

  Red Badge of Courage
1.   Chapter I: 'The cold passed reluctantly from the earth.' 00:07:47
2.   'He had burned several times to enlist.' 00:07:36
3.   'On the way to Washington, his spirit had soared.' 00:06:18
4.   'After a time, the tall soldier slid dexterously through the hole.' 00:05:29
5.   Chapter II: 'The next morning, the youth discovered... ' 00:08:38
6.   'The rushing yellow of the developing day went on behind their backs.' 00:11:38
7.   Chapter III: 'When another night came... ' 00:09:30
8.   'A house standing placidly in distant fields had to him an ominous look.' 00:07:16
9.   Chapter IV: 'The brigade was halted in the fringe of a grove.' 00:07:52
10.   Chapter V: 'There were moments of waiting.' 00:07:09

Disc 2

  Red Badge of Courage
1.   'The man at the youth's elbow was babbling... ' 00:08:25
2.   Chapter VI:' The youth awakened slowly.' 00:06:01
3.   'A man near him ... suddenly... ran with howls.' 00:09:50
4.   Chapter VII:' The youth cringed as if discovered in a crime.' 00:09:08
5.   Chapter VIII:' The trees began softly to sing a hymn of twilight.' 00:06:53
6.   'The youth joined this crowd and marched along with it.' 00:05:16
7.   Chapter IX:' The youth fell back in the procession... ' 00:06:16
8.   'Presently, the latter heard a voice talking softly near his shoulders.' 00:07:03
9.   Chapter X:' The tattered man stood musing.' 00:09:42
10.   Chapter XI:' He became aware that the furnace roar of the battle was getting louder.' 00:10:59

Disc 3

  Red Badge of Courage
1.   Chapter XII:' The column that had butted stoutly at the obstacles in the roadway... ' 00:05:05
2.   ' He fought an intense battle with his body.' 00:08:24
3.   Chapter XIII:' The youth went slowly toward the fire indicated by his departed friend.' 00:05:24
4.   ' The youth sat down obediently... ' 00:08:27
5.   Chapter XIV:' When the youth awoke it seemed to him that he had been asleep for a thousand years.' 00:11:57
6.   Chapter XV:' The regiment was standing at order arms at the side of a lane... ' 00:07:28
7.   Chapter XVI:' A sputtering of musketry was always to be heard.' 00:03:15
8.   ' Before the gray mists had been totally obliterated by the sun rays... ' 00:09:08
9.   Chapter XVII:' This advance of the enemy had seemed to the youth like a ruthless hunting.' 00:03:44
10.   ' To the youth, the fighters resembled animals tossed for a death struggle into a dark pit.' 00:07:31
11.   Chapter XVIII:' The ragged line had respite for some minutes... ' 00:08:59

Disc 4

  Red Badge of Courage
1.   ' A moment later, the officers began to bustle among the men.' 00:01:44
2.   Chapter XIX:' The youth stared at the land in front of him.' 00:06:51
3.   ' Then, above the sounds of the outside commotion arose the roar of the lieutenant.' 00:07:07
4.   Chapter XX:' When the two youths turned with the flag... ' 00:06:16
5.   ' The way seemed eternel.' 00:07:13
6.   Chapter XXI:' Presently they knew that no firing threatened them.' 00:13:20
7.   Chapter XXII:' When the woods again began to pour fourth the dark - hued masses of the enemy.' 00:06:20
8.   ' His emaciated regiment bustled forth with undiminished fierceness when its time came.' 00:05:46
9.   Chapter XXIII:' The colonel came running along the back of the line.' 00:04:38
10.   ' But at one part of the line there was a grim and obdurate group that made no movement.' 00:07:15
11.   Chapter XXIV:' The roarings that had stretched in a long line of sound... ' 00:11:02

Total Playing Time: 05:15:40

Crane, Stephen

Lewis, Walter

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA420812

Barcode: 9789626342084

Physical Release: 11/2000

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