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Classical Music Home > PLATO: Trial and The Death of Socrates (The) - Apology / Phaedo (Unabridged)

PLATO: Trial and The Death of Socrates (The) - Apology / Phaedo (Unabridged)


About this Recording

PLATO: Trial and The Death of Socrates (The) - Apology / Phaedo (Unabridged)

The Trial and Death of Socrates remains a powerful document, partly because it was a true—perhaps in certain parts verbatim—account of the end of one of the greatest figures in history. In Apology, Socrates defends himself before the Athenian court against charges of corrupting youth. Phaedo is the account, by a young man, of the actual last words and moments of Socrates. These are presented with scene-setting introductions to the historical situation. They are performed, unabridged, by a cast led by Bruce Alexander as Socrates, following his successful reading of The Republic for Naxos AudioBooks.

Disc 1

1.   Introduction 00:04:05
2.   I don't know what effect... . 00:08:44
3.   No, there's no truth... 00:09:50
4.   Finally I went to the craftsmen... 00:08:39
5.   Answer me this, though... 00:08:44
6.   In that case, if I accept supernatural beings... 00:08:44
7.   Don't interrupt, Athenians... . 00:10:09
8.   Do you think I would have survived... 00:08:14

Disc 2

1.   the jury finds Socrates guilty by a margin of 280 votes to 220 00:00:29
2.   If I am not upset, Athenians... 00:07:48
3.   ThE Majority verdict is for the death penalty 00:00:32
4.   For just a small gain in time, Athenians... 00:06:59
5.   And there's another reason for being confident... 00:05:38
6.   Introduction to Phaedo 00:03:02
7.   Were you there yourself, Phaedo... 00:05:14
8.   I'll try and give you a full account... 00:07:30
9.   Cebes laughed quietly in agreement 00:07:38
10.   In that case, my friend, see if perhaps you agree... 00:08:15
11.   In which case, my friend, if that is true... 00:07:39
12.   Well, Simmias and Cebes, that's my defence... 00:06:10
13.   Now it's your turn to give me the same description... 00:04:32

Disc 3

1.   At this point Simmias intervened... 00:02:38
2.   So are things like that some kind of recollection 00:06:39
3.   The other possibility, I imagine... 00:06:35
4.   Cebes laughed. Take it we are afraid, Socrates... 00:06:47
5.   And here's another way of looking at it... 00:07:23
6.   But to join the company of the gods... 00:07:36
7.   This brought a chuckle from Socrates... 00:07:57
8.   But the truth is otherwise, I think, Simmias... 00:07:46
9.   Can you explain that 00:06:55
10.   Well, this theory of yours is not in harmony... 00:06:20
11.   So what are we to make of the fact that the soul... 00:04:19

Disc 4

1.   Socrates paused for a considerable time... 00:03:27
2.   And now Cebes asked. How do you feel... 00:07:56
3.   My next decision, after I'd abandoned... 00:07:13
4.   Heavens, yes, Phaedo, I should think so too... 00:06:12
5.   And of the things that are, is it the only one... . 00:06:49
6.   How about this, Cebes he asked... 00:06:22
7.   The well - ordered, wise soul follows its guide... . 00:07:57
8.   There are all sorts of living things on the earth 00:07:54
9.   Those found guilty of crimes which, though great... 00:06:41
10.   It was now close to sunset... 00:07:40

Total Playing Time: 04:37:41


Alexander, Bruce; Glover, Jamie; Griffin, G.; Jason, Neville; Timson, David

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Philosophy

Catalogue No: NA423912

Barcode: 9789626342398

Physical Release: 10/2001

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