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Classical Music Home > DICKENS, C.: Oliver Twist (Abridged)

DICKENS, C.: Oliver Twist (Abridged)


About this Recording

DICKENS, C.: Oliver Twist (Abridged)

The eighth novel in Naxos AudioBooks’ series of the great works of Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist is Dickens’ second novel. Coming shortly after The Pickwick Papers, it is a thrilling study of childhood innocence thrust into the darkly comic world of Fagin, his apprentice the Artful Dodger and their gang of child thieves. Who will help the orphaned Oliver to escape from their clutches and discover his true history? The original story is even more powerful than the musical that popularised it. Anton Lesser reads with all his intensity and comic versatility.

Disc 1

  Oliver Twist
1.   Treats of the place where Oliver Twist was born and of the circumstances attending his birth 00:03:18
2.   Treats of Oliver Twist's growth, education, and board 00:10:45
3.   Relates how Oliver Twist was very near getting a place which would not have been a sinecure 00:06:18
4.   Oliver, being offered another place, makes his first entry into public life 00:04:52
5.   Oliver mingles with a new associate - Noah Claypole 00:02:07
6.   Oliver, being goaded by the taunts of Noah, rouses into action, and rather astonishes him 00:05:13
7.   Oliver continues refractory 00:04:21
8.   Oliver walks to London. He encounters on the road a strange sort of young gentleman 00:08:04
9.   Containing further particulars concerning the pleasant old gentlman, and his hopeful pupils 00:04:46
10.   Oliver becomes better acquainted with the characters of his new associates 00:03:48
11.   Treats of Mr. Fang the police magistrate 00:06:10
12.   In which Oliver is taken better care of than he ever was before 00:03:38
13.   Some new acquaintances are introduced 00:07:00
14.   Comprising further particulars of Oliver's stay at Mr. Brownlow's 00:06:22

Disc 2

  Oliver Twist
1.   Showing how very fond of Oliver Twist, the merry old Jew and Miss Nancy were 00:02:18
2.   Relates what became of Oliver Twist, after he had been claimed by Nancy 00:04:01
3.   Oliver's destiny continuing unpropitious, brings a great man to London to injure his reputation 00:06:00
4.   In which a notable plan is discussed and determined on 00:05:15
5.   Wherein Oliver is delivered over to Mr. William Sikes 00:05:41
6.   The Expedition 00:04:39
7.   The Burglary 00:07:44
8.   Which contains the substance of a pleasant conversation between Mr. Bumble and a lady 00:05:59
9.   Treats on a very poor subject. But is a short one, and may be found of importance in this history 00:03:59
10.   Wherein this history reverts to Mr. Fagin and company 00:03:21
11.   In which a mysterious character appears upon the scene 00:06:02
12.   Atones for the unpoliteness of a former chapter; which deserted a lady, most unceremoniously 00:05:08
13.   Looks after Oliver, and proceeds with his adventures 00:03:54
14.   Has an introductory account of the inmates of the house, to which Oliver resorted 00:03:11
15.   Relates what Oliver's new visitors thought of him 00:07:01

Disc 3

  Oliver Twist
1.   Of the happy life Oliver began to lead with his kind friends 00:04:41
2.   Wherein the happiness of Oliver and his friends, experiences a sudden check 00:06:58
3.   Contains some introductory particulars relative to a young gentleman who now arrives upon the scene 00:05:57
4.   Containing the unsatisfactory result of Oliver's adventure 00:04:54
5.   In which the reader may perceive a contrast, not uncommon in matrimonial cases 00:09:07
6.   Containing an account of what passed between Mr. and Mrs. Bumble, and Mr. Monks 00:07:57
7.   In troduces some respectalbe characters with whom the reader is already acquainted 00:09:06
8.   A strange interview 00:05:59
9.   Containing fresh discoveries, and showing that suprises, like misfortunes, seldom come alone 00:07:46
10.   An old acquaintance of Oliver's, exhibiting decided marks of genius 00:07:53
11.   Wherein is shown how the Artful Dodger got into trouble 00:02:45

Disc 4

  Oliver Twist
1.   The time arrives for Nancy to redeem her pledge to Rose Maylie. She fails 00:01:38
2.   Noah Claypole is employed by Fagin on a secret mission 00:02:30
3.   The appointment kept 00:06:05
4.   Fatal consequnces 00:06:41
5.   The flight of Sikes 00:04:06
6.   Monks and Mr. Brownlow at length meet 00:08:53
7.   "And now you do see me," said Monks, rising boldly 00:04:20
8.   The pursuit and escape 00:10:01
9.   Affording an explanation of more mysteries than one 00:08:33
10.   Mr. Brownlow merely nodded to Mr Grimwig... 00:08:36
11.   Fagin's last night alive 00:08:18
12.   And last 00:03:10

Total Playing Time: 04:56:49

Dickens, Charles

Lesser, Anton

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: NA425912

Barcode: 9789626342596

Physical Release: 05/2002

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