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Classical Music Home > MAURIER, D.: House on the Strand (The) (Abridged)

MAURIER, D.: House on the Strand (The) (Abridged)


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About this Recording

MAURIER, D.: House on the Strand (The) (Abridged)

Dick Young stays in his friend Professor Magnus Lane’s house in Cornwall, on the understanding he will be a guinea-pig for a new drug that Magnus has developed. As a result of the experiment, he is transported back to fourteenth-century Cornwall. With each ‘trip’, he becomes more and more involved with Medieval intrigue, adultery and murder. Is it merely hallucination; a subconscious escape from his own complicated life, or a real journey into the past? He becomes obsessed with the world he visits, and past and present eventually become inextricably and perilously mixed.

Disc 1

  The House on the Strand
1.   The first thing I noticed was the clarity of the air… 00:04:13
2.   I might have stood for ever, entranced… 00:04:41
3.   The rush - strewn floor was littered… 00:05:29
4.   It must have taken the best part of ten minutes… 00:05:59
5.   He had gone. I was left holding the receiver… 00:04:03
6.   It rained the following day… 00:03:54
7.   The entrance gate at the far end… 00:05:29
8.   The Bishop, keen - eyed, alert, was missing nothing 00:04:58
9.   There had been no perceptible transition 00:04:11
10.   I dialled the number of Magnus’s flat… 00:05:36
11.   There was an airmail letter from Vita… 00:03:23
12.   I packed up bottle B with great care… 00:03:16
13.   This time, sitting motionless… 00:05:20
14.   November…May…Six months must have passed… 00:05:04
15.   She pushed aside her frame… 00:05:18

Disc 2

  The House on the Strand
1.   Feeling had returned to my limbs… 00:04:19
2.   The telephone started ringing… 00:05:03
3.   When I had dressed I went to the garage… 00:04:43
4.   I had hardly put down the receiver… 00:03:39
5.   The kitchen itself had become the living quarters… 00:04:11
6.   ‘Enter, sir, and welcome…’ 00:04:20
7.   We came to the other side of the house… 00:03:48
8.   ‘Hi, Dick,’ called the boys… 00:05:20
9.   I noticed an unopened letter on my desk 00:04:21
10.   The next day being Sunday… 00:04:29
11.   ‘Let me stay another night…’ 00:05:06
12.   She did not look at him… 00:05:19
13.   If Magnus had wanted to drop a deliberate brick… 00:07:31
14.   There was just enough breeze… 00:03:27

Disc 3

  The House on the Strand
1.   The moon awakened me 00:04:44
2.   The monk, despite his preoccupation… 00:05:51
3.   They were too intent upon their task… 00:06:32
4.   I lay there waiting for the nausea… 00:06:15
5.   It was like cutting off the only link… 00:04:52
6.   I did not wake up until after ten… 00:05:32
7.   Why the hell hadn’t Magnus telephoned… 00:05:18
8.   I went along to my dressing - room… 00:03:53
9.   There was a police car drawn up outside… 00:04:03
10.   It would make sense to no one 00:03:47
11.   The next morning she took the boys… 00:05:11
12.   I went back into the house… 00:04:38
13.   Magnus’s lawyer, Herbert Dench… 00:05:26

Disc 4

  The House on the Strand
1.   It was snowing 00:05:03
2.   Isolda was standing by the window… 00:05:30
3.   Roger, opening the hall - door… 00:03:16
4.   Self - preservation is common to all living things… 00:04:28
5.   The date of the inquest was fixed… 00:03:27
6.   The inquest was over… 00:03:02
7.   I heard her walk through the hall to the kitchen… 00:05:59
8.   He lifted his head and listened 00:04:09
9.   I knew it must happen, and it did 00:03:33
10.   There was nothing I could do 00:05:20
11.   The depth of an abyss… 00:04:19
12.   I had the impression that everything… 00:04:38
13.   We sat in the lounge at Exeter airport… 00:04:59
14.   He shook his head… 00:05:01
15.   There can have been no one in the loft… 00:06:12
16.   I could not remember any more… 00:04:04

Total Playing Time: 04:35:32

Maurier, Daphne du

Maloney, Michael

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: NA434112

Barcode: 9789626343418

Physical Release: 05/2005

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