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MARSHALL: Our Island Story, Vol. 1 (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

MARSHALL: Our Island Story, Vol. 1 (Unabridged)

Our Island Story by H.E. Marshall is an Edwardian history book for younger listeners (aged six–twelve) which tells the story of England, concluding with the reign of Queen Victoria. Antonia Fraser and many other current historians declare that it was this book that opened the delights of history for them. It fell from fashion in the 1960s, but its recent re-release in hardback has seen it become a publishing surprise in the UK, with sales of some 75,000 copies in a few months. Now, Naxos AudioBooks releases it unabridged in three volumes released in March 2006, April 2006 and May 2006, divided into three clear periods of history. Though slightly edited to take account of historical changes and attitudes, it is presented unabridged.

Disc 1

  Our Island Story, Chapters I - XXXIV: From the Romans to Richard the Lionheart
1.   Chapter I: The Stories of Albion and Brutus 00:06:55
2.   Chapter II: The Coming of the Romans 00:08:36
3.   Chapter III: The Romans Come Again 00:04:29
4.   Chapter IV: How Caligula Conquered Britain 00:08:01
5.   Chapter V: The Story of a Warrior Queen (Boadicea) 00:08:22
6.   Chapter VI: The Last of the Romans 00:07:50
7.   Chapter VII: The Story of St. Alban 00:09:37
8.   Chapter VIII: Vortigern and King Constans 00:08:42
9.   Chapter IX: The Story of the Coming of Hengist and Horsa 00:09:18

Disc 2

  Our Island Story, Chapters I - XXXIV: From the Romans to Richard the Lionheart
1.   Chapter X: Hengist's Treachery 00:07:48
2.   Chapter XI: How the Giant's Dance was Brought to Britain 00:11:36
3.   Chapter XII: The Coming of Arthur 00:06:21
4.   Chapter XIII: The Founding of the Round Table 00:07:26
5.   Chapter XIV: The Story of Gregory and the Pretty Children 00:12:06
6.   Chapter XV: How King Alfred Learned to Read 00:06:20
7.   Chapter XVI: King Alfred in the Cowherd's Cottage 00:09:48
8.   Chapter XVII: More About Alfred the Great 00:07:53
9.   Chapter XVIII: Ethelred the Unready 00:07:42

Disc 3

  Our Island Story, Chapters I - XXXIV: From the Romans to Richard the Lionheart
1.   Chapter XIX: How Edmund Ironside Fought for the Crown 00:07:46
2.   Chapter XX: Canute and the Waves 00:05:03
3.   Chapter XXI: Edward the Confessor 00:10:43
4.   Chapter XXII: Harold 00:12:32
5.   Chapter XXIII: The Battle of Stamford Bridge 00:11:24
6.   Chapter XXIV: The Battle of Hastings 00:11:12
7.   Chapter XXV: William the Conqueror – Hereward the Wake 00:11:54
8.   Chapter XXVI: William the Conqueror – Death of the King 00:07:50

Disc 4

  Our Island Story, Chapters I - XXXIV: From the Romans to Richard the Lionheart
1.   Chapter XXVII: The Story of William the Red 00:06:37
2.   Chapter XXVIII: Henry I – The Story of the ‘White Ship’ 00:04:22
3.   Chapter XXIX: The Story of King Stephen 00:08:26
4.   Chapter XXX: Henry Plantagenet – Gilbert and Rohesia 00:07:04
5.   Chapter XXXI: Henry Plantagenet – The Conquest of Ireland 00:11:56
6.   Chapter XXXII: Henry Plantagenet – Thomas à Becket 00:05:30
7.   Chapter XXXIII: The Story of Richard Coeur de Lion 00:12:11
8.   Chapter XXXIV: The Story of How Blondel Found the King 00:10:14

Total Playing Time: 04:53:34

Marshall, Henrietta Elizabeth

Bentinck, Anna; Philpott, Daniel

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Junior History

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: NA439512

Barcode: 9789626343951

Physical Release: 03/2006

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