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SUTCLIFF, R.: Eagle of the Ninth (The) (Abridged)


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About this Recording

SUTCLIFF, R.: Eagle of the Ninth (The) (Abridged)

Roman Britain: Marcus Flavius Aquila, a young centurion is forced into retirement after a wound in his first major engagement against a rebel British tribe. It allows him the freedom to embark upon a dangerous mission to find out what happened to the Ninth Legion which, years before, disappeared in the savage lands of the Picts. Will he find out what happened to the men, led by his father, who never returned? And will he recover the Eagle, the symbol of Roman dominance and power? This junior classic has never been out of print since it was first published over 50 years ago. It is now presented in a fresh abridgement read in exciting manner by Charlie Simpson.

Disc 1

  The Eagle of the Ninth
1.   Chapter 1: Frontier Fort 00:03:26
2.   Centurion Marcus Flavius Aquila had seen little… 00:04:25
3.   ‘You have brought clear skies with you…’ 00:04:22
4.   Chapter 2: Feathers in the Wind 00:03:53
5.   As he threaded his way among… 00:03:09
6.   The harvest was gathered in by the time… 00:05:56
7.   Chapter 3: Attack 00:05:18
8.   It was full daylight before the next attack… 00:04:18
9.   ‘Open up!’ he ordered. ‘Form testudo.’ 00:05:02
10.   Chapter 4: The Last Rose Falls 00:04:25
11.   Marcus lay for a long time with his forearm… 00:05:51
12.   Chapter 5: Saturnalia Games 00:03:52
13.   The evening meal was over, and old Stephanos… 00:03:18
14.   And they went, Marcus travelling in a litter… 00:04:35
15.   In the centre of the arena the two men were… 00:04:37
16.   Chapter 6: Esca 00:04:33
17.   In the grey of the next dawn, he heard the footfall… 00:04:01
18.   The household varied a good deal in their reactions… 00:03:54

Disc 2

  The Eagle of the Ninth
1.   Chapter 7: Two Worlds Meeting 00:04:30
2.   ‘You are cold,’ said Marcus… 00:03:47
3.   Marcus turned his head to see Esca coming towards him. 00:03:38
4.   Chapter 8: The Healer with the Knife 00:03:35
5.   Rufrius Galarius, one - time field surgeon… 00:05:28
6.   Marcus was still unpleasantly cold in the pit of his stomach… 00:03:41
7.   Chapter 9: Tribune Placidus 00:04:08
8.   There were two strangers in the long room… 00:05:27
9.   Chapter 10: Marching Orders 00:03:46
10.   The Legate hesitated. Then he began to speak again… 00:04:02
11.   There was a long pause. Uncle Aquila broke the silence… 00:04:28
12.   Next morning, promising to pay his old friend… 00:03:33
13.   Chapter 11: Across the Frontier 00:04:25
14.   They had worked out a rough plan of campaign weeks ago… 00:03:44
15.   Chapter 12: The Whistler in the Dawn 00:03:56
16.   Later Esca lay down to sleep. 00:03:11
17.   A few moments later they were back in their shelter… 00:03:35

Disc 3

  The Eagle of the Ninth
1.   Chapter 13: The Lost Legion 00:04:08
2.   There was a long silence. 00:04:23
3.   ‘It was autumn, and out of the mist the tribesmen…’ 00:04:08
4.   Marcus did not sleep much that night. 00:03:37
5.   Chapter 14: The Feast of New Spears 00:04:02
6.   She turned without a word, letting the curtain fall… 00:04:33
7.   Next day began a bustle of preparation… 00:02:51
8.   There was a sudden hiss and flare of flame… 00:03:52
9.   Chapter 15: Venture into the Dark 00:04:07
10.   Marcus realised here might be a chance to gather… 00:04:04
11.   Next morning, sitting on an open hill shoulder 00:03:51
12.   They made their way to the recess… 00:05:15
13.   Chapter 16: The Ring Brooch 00:04:41
14.   The tribesmen set off back the way they had come. 00:04:36
15.   Esca had cut back across the mountains… 00:05:50

Disc 4

  The Eagle of the Ninth
1.   Chapter 17: The Wild Hunt 00:04:49
2.   Marcus did not answer, but settled down to ride… 00:05:55
3.   Chapter 18: The Waters of Lethe 00:03:56
4.   Marcus had long since got over his first unpleasant doubts… 00:04:00
5.   They set out once more on the long march south. 00:05:40
6.   Chapter 19: Tradui’s Gift 00:04:17
7.   When Esca was gone, he got up stiffly… 00:03:04
8.   They ducked through the doorway into the descending darkness. 00:03:11
9.   Chapter 20: Valedictory 00:03:35
10.   Marcus was running an exploring hand over the young wolf… 00:04:36
11.   No one moved or spoke at once when the report was finished. 00:05:07
12.   Chapter 21: The Olive Wood Bird 00:03:40
13.   For a while they sat there. Presently Marcus told her… 00:04:16
14.   That evening, having written to the Legate for both of them… 00:03:50

Total Playing Time: 04:31:43

Simpson, Charles

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Junior Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA442312

Barcode: 9789626344231

Physical Release: 10/2006

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