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MURAKAMI, H.: After the Quake (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

MURAKAMI, H.: After the Quake (Unabridged)

In 1995, the Japanese city of Kobe suffered a massive earthquake. Nearly 6,000 people died. After the quake was the imaginative response from Japan’s leading novelist, Haruki Murakami: six stories, each dealing not directly with the catastrophe but the wider seismic effect it had on the emotional lives of people many miles away. It became a catalyst for individuals to reassess their lives with unexpected consequences for themselves and their families and friends around them. After the quake is Murakami’s most popular short story collection.

Disc 1

  After the Quake
1.   UFO in Kushiro 00:06:23
2.   Shortly after he had sent the papers back with his seal… 00:05:19
3.   Two young women wearing overcoats of similar design… 00:05:09
4.   Shimao drove a small four - wheel - drive Subaru. 00:05:41
5.   The three of them left the noodle shop… 00:05:54
6.   While she was bathing, Lomura watched a variety show… 00:06:30
7.   Landscape with Flatiron 00:06:56
8.   As usual, Junko thought about Jack London's 'To build a Fire'. 00:07:11
9.   Junko came to this Ibaraki town in May… 00:06:16
10.   Walking on the beach one evening a few days later… 00:03:28
11.   The flames finally found their way to the biggest log… 00:07:20
12.   The bonfire was nearing its end. 00:06:57

Disc 2

  After the Quake
1.   All God's Children Can Dance 00:04:34
2.   Yoshiya's mother was 43, but she didn't look more than 35. 00:05:45
3.   When Yoshiya turned 17, his mother revealed the secret… 00:06:39
4.   The man boarded the Chiyoda Line train to Abiko. 00:04:35
5.   The train was almost out of Tokyo and just a station or two… 00:07:33
6.   Yoshiya felt a faint throbbing in his temples… 00:05:38
7.   He trod the earth and whirled his arms… 00:05:33
8.   Thailand 00:05:47
9.   She stayed on alone at the hotel in Bangkok… 00:05:01
10.   Nimit gave a little nod but said nothing. 00:03:13
11.   The limousine reached its destination at three o'clock… 00:03:59
12.   The pool that Nimit had found was half an hour's drive… 00:04:34

Disc 3

  After the Quake
1.   Where did you learn English' Satsuki asked Nimit. 00:03:43
2.   On her last day before leaving for Japan… 00:07:13
3.   That night, lying in her broad, pristine bed, Satsuki wept. 00:06:37
4.   Superfrog Saves Tokyo 00:04:31
5.   Katatiri scanned the room for a hidden TV camera… 00:05:11
6.   As a member of the Trust Bank Lending Division… 00:05:23
7.   Frog looked straight into Katagiri's eyes and said… 00:06:21
8.   The moment Katagiri arrived at work the next morning at nine… 00:05:21
9.   Frog told Katagiri his plan. 00:03:48
10.   When he woke up, he was in bed. 00:04:40
11.   Frog came to his hospital room that night. 00:05:31
12.   Frog lost his grasp on words… 00:05:39

Disc 4

  After the Quake
1.   Honey Pie 1 00:05:32
2.   It was almost two a.m. by the time Sala went back to bed. 00:05:17
3.   Taktsuki had Junpei with him when he adopted the same approach… 00:04:17
4.   The fifth day after he stopped going to classes… 00:05:18
5.   Junpei went to his classes the next day… 00:07:13
6.   Takatsuki had landed the job he had always wanted… 00:05:32
7.   Honey Pie 2: Junpei learned just before Sala's second birthday… 00:05:24
8.   Two years went by. 00:02:50
9.   Junpei was in Barcelona at the time… 00:07:18
10.   The three of them had dinner together as usual… 00:05:58
11.   Sala slept in Sayoko’s bed that night. 00:04:52

Total Playing Time: 04:19:24

Murakami, Haruki

Johannel, Francoise; Ottaway, James

Gallagher, Teresa

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: Contemporary

Catalogue No: NA443212

Barcode: 9789626344323

Physical Release: 01/2007

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