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Classical Music Home > MARSHALL, H.E.: Best of Our Island Story (The) (Abridged)

MARSHALL, H.E.: Best of Our Island Story (The) (Abridged)


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About this Recording

MARSHALL, H.E.: Best of Our Island Story (The) (Abridged)

Our Island Story by H.E. Marshall is an Edwardian history book for younger listeners (aged six–twelve years old) which tells the story of England, concluding with the reign of Queen Victoria. Having released it earlier this year unabridged in three volumes, Naxos AudioBooks now offers an attractive collection of the main stories and personalities. This skilful abridgement nevertheless maintains the narrative of British history, from the arrival of Julius Caesar to the height of the British Empire and the long reign of Queen Victoria.

Disc 1

  The Best of Our Island Story
1.   Introduction 00:00:59
2.   The Coming of the Romans 00:07:57
3.   The Romans come again 00:04:19
4.   How Caligula conquered Britain 00:07:58
5.   The Story of a Warrior Queen (Boadicea) 00:08:38
6.   The Last of the Romans 00:07:49
7.   The Story of St. Alban 00:09:36
8.   The Coming of Arthur 00:08:36
9.   How King Alfred learned to read 00:06:17
10.   King Alfred in the Cowherd's Cottage 00:09:02
11.   More about Alfred the Great 00:08:08

Disc 2

  The Best of Our Island Story
1.   The Battle of Hastings 00:05:42
2.   Here in London they rested a few days… 00:05:17
3.   William the Conqueror - Hereward the Wake 00:06:44
4.   Still, the English were not all conquered… 00:05:08
5.   Henry Plantagenet - The Story of Thomas à Becket 00:07:57
6.   After a time, Henry forgave Thomas… 00:07:49
7.   The Story of Richard, Coeur de Lion 00:05:08
8.   One of the most famous of these… 00:06:43
9.   The Story of how Blondel found the King 00:07:36
10.   John Lackland - The Story of Prince Arthur 00:05:05
11.   John Lackland - The Story of the Great Charter 00:07:07
12.   But King John was very unwilling to grant it… 00:07:41

Disc 3

  The Best of Our Island Story
1.   Richard II and the Story of Wat Tyler's Rebellion 00:06:46
2.   A great many of the people when they heard this… 00:06:20
3.   The Battle of Agincourt 00:05:59
4.   Edward V - The King who was never crowned 00:09:52
5.   Richard III - Two Little Princes in the Tower 00:04:04
6.   Queen Elizabeth I 00:02:33
7.   Elizabeth I - How England was saved from the Spaniards 00:08:12
8.   Elizabeth I - The Story of Sir Walter Raleigh 00:09:00
9.   James VI of Scotland, I of England - The Story of Guy Fawkes 00:09:18
10.   James VI of Scotland, I of England - The Story of the Mayflower 00:08:13
11.   Charles I - The Story of how The King and Parliament Quarrelled. 00:09:06

Disc 4

  The Best of Our Island Story
1.   Charles I - How the King was brought to his death 00:06:33
2.   The Story of the Plague 00:03:51
3.   Charles II - The Story of how London was Burned 00:04:03
4.   George II - The Story of Bonnie Prince Charlie 00:07:22
5.   George II - The Story of Flora MacDonald 00:06:49
6.   The Story of the Black Hole of Calcutta 00:04:13
7.   The Story of how Canada was won 00:08:23
8.   The Story of how America was lost 00:09:59
9.   A Story of the Spinning Wheel 00:08:52
10.   England expects that every Man will do his Duty 00:08:34
11.   George IV and William IV 00:02:14
12.   Queen Victoria 00:05:33

Total Playing Time: 05:13:05

Marshall, Henrietta Elizabeth

Bentinck, Anna; Philpott, Daniel

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Junior History

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: NA443812

Barcode: 9789626344385

Physical Release: 10/2006

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