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RUMI: Spiritual Verses (The)


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About this Recording

RUMI: Spiritual Verses (The)

Rumi’s Spiritual Verses is the greatest mystical poem in Islamic culture and of all time. Rumi tells of our human separation from reality, love and truth. He shows how love—neither erotic nor sentimental but divine, by which the universe is held together—enlightens ignorance and dissolves suffering. The first book of the Masnavi is the key to the whole work: it takes off from simple, amusing tales into realms unimaginable, but wholly familiar to the human heart.

Disc 1

  The Spiritual Verses
1.   Nayname - The Song of the Reed (Music: Masnavi in Bayat - e Tork, Nay solo) 00:05:28
2.   The King and the Slave Girl (Music: Entezar 'Longing', Tanbour and Daf) 00:07:08
3.   With open arms he clasped him to his bosom … 00:06:32
4.   He said. 'My Lord, evacuate the house …' 00:05:59
5.   Now when that man of foreign parts arrived … (Music: Baztab 'Reflection', Tanbour solo) 00:06:34
6.   The Greengrocer and the Parrot 00:05:59
7.   Between the worlds fresh lakes and salty seas … 00:03:20
8.   Music: Raha'i 'Freedom', Tanbour and Daf 00:04:40
9.   The Jewish King Who Killed Christians 00:06:09
10.   There are a hundred thousand baits and traps … 00:04:04
11.   The Caliph said to Layli, 'Are you that one …' 00:06:13
12.   The Christian congregation was in conflict … 00:05:07
13.   He had no scent of Jesus' purity … 00:05:47
14.   That vizier hit upon another trick … 00:03:41

Disc 2

  The Spiritual Verses
1.   The crowd were saying, 'Loophole - finding sage …' 00:07:14
2.   That vizier shouted out from his retreat … 00:06:05
3.   One of those leaders of the church stepped forward … (Music: Tanha'i 'Solitude', Tanbour solo) 00:05:53
4.   The Lion, The Hare and the Hunted Animals 00:05:51
5.   In unison they shouted out to him … 00:07:13
6.   These words go on for ever - quiet please … 00:05:54
7.   The hare made much delay in going forth … 00:05:26
8.   The lion on fire with anger and in frenzy … 00:06:04
9.   Now when he neared the well the lion saw … 00:06:19
10.   The lion saw himself inside the well … 00:06:52
11.   Prelude to the Merchant and the Parrot (Music: Raqs - e mast 'Dance of the intoxicated', Tanbour and Daf) 00:03:43
12.   The Merchant and the Parrot 00:07:24

Disc 3

  The Spiritual Verses
1.   The merchant finished all his merchandising … 00:04:58
2.   That bird heard what had happened to that parrot … 00:07:26
3.   With a hundred loving looks I sought His heart … 00:06:33
4.   It's dawn, O dawn and refuge of the dawn … 00:05:17
5.   Music: Showq - e vasl 'Joy of union with the Beloved', Tanbour and Daf 00:01:07
6.   All this we've said, yet it is preparation … 00:04:26
7.   The Old Harpist (Music: Masnavi in Esfahan, Nay solo) 00:06:16
8.   Go back and hear the plight of the musician … 00:08:06
9.   Music: Sama' 'Ecstasy', Tanbour and Daf 00:01:13
10.   The Caliph and the Poor Bedouin 00:06:16
11.   The night has passed, and morning's come, Tamar … 00:04:16
12.   Wife, are you woman or a man of woe …' 00:06:17
13.   Now when the wife saw him so bold and tough … 00:06:34
14.   A man of candid heart would hope to find … 00:08:21

Disc 4

  The Spiritual Verses
1.   A sun has shone upon us,' said the wife. 00:04:15
2.   The husband said, 'Oh yes, seal up the pitcher …' 00:06:09
3.   He now produced the pitcher full of water … 00:04:42
4.   The caliph saw and heard about his plight … 00:08:03
5.   Music: Tolu' 'Dawn', Tanbour and Daf 00:01:25
6.   The Qazvini and the Tattooist 00:04:06
7.   Music: Showq 'Joy', Tanbour and Daf 00:00:36
8.   The Wolf and the Fox Attend the Lion on a Hunt 00:05:23
9.   The headstrong lion ripped the wolf's head off … 00:05:58
10.   Music: Ettehad 'Union', Tanbour and Daf 00:01:06
11.   A Fellow Who Knocked at a Friend's Door 00:05:44
12.   Music: Amvaj 'Waves', Tanbour and Daf 00:00:48
13.   The Deaf Man and his Sick Neighbour 00:04:59
14.   The Greek and Chinese Painters (Music: Abshar 'Waterfall', Tanbour and Daf) 00:05:02
15.   Music: Masnavi in Shoor Beshnow in nay 'Listen to this reed', Nay solo 00:01:29

Total Playing Time: 04:47:30

Rūmī, Jalāl al-Dīn

Lesser, Anton

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Poetry

Period: Medieval

Catalogue No: NA446612

Barcode: 9789626344668

Physical Release: 08/2007

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