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PAINE, T.: Rights of Man (Abridged)


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About this Recording

PAINE, T.: Rights of Man (Abridged)

Written in 1791 as a response to Edmund Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France, Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man is a seminal work on human freedom and equality. Using the French Revolution and its ideals as an example, he demonstrates his belief that any government must put the inherent rights of its citizens above all else, especially politics. After its publication, Paine left England for France and was tried in his absence for libel against the crown. Authoritatively read by David Rintoul.

Disc 1

  Rights of Man
1.   To George Washington 00:00:39
2.   Preface 00:04:38
3.   Rights of Man 00:07:53
4.   I am not contending for nor against… 00:07:58
5.   We now come more particularly… 00:06:59
6.   But there are many points of view… 00:08:19
7.   Not one glance of compassion… 00:07:59
8.   Arms they had none… 00:07:33
9.   Lay then the axe to the root… 00:07:09
10.   During this state of suspense… 00:06:34

Disc 2

  Rights of Man
1.   During the latter part of the time… 00:06:35
2.   If any generation of men… 00:07:07
3.   From these premises… 00:05:48
4.   A constitution is not a thing in name only. 00:07:47
5.   The French Constitution says… 00:08:08
6.   When the question of the right of war… 00:07:19
7.   Is it, then, any wonder… 00:07:58
8.   The French Constitution has reformed… 00:07:52
9.   All religions are in their nature… 00:05:37
10.   The President of the National Assembly… 00:06:55

Disc 3

  Rights of Man
1.   As Mr. Burke has not written… 00:07:34
2.   Miscellaneous Chapter 00:07:53
3.   Mr. Burke is labouring in vain… 00:07:10
4.   As it is sometimes of advantage… 00:08:10
5.   If government be what Mr. Burke describes… 00:07:33
6.   To account for this sudden transition… 00:07:40
7.   As the present generation… 00:08:06
8.   As the quantity of gold and silver… 00:07:17
9.   Conclusion 00:04:56

Disc 4

  Rights of Man
1.   But in a well… 00:05:18
2.   I. Men are born… 00:06:29
3.   Part Two 00:02:34
4.   Introduction 00:04:00
5.   If, from the more wretched parts… 00:04:38
6.   Chapter One 00:05:51
7.   Man, with respect to all those matters… 00:05:19
8.   Chapter Two 00:05:03
9.   Chapter Three 00:08:05
10.   As to Mr. Burke, he is a stickler… 00:07:37
11.   Mr. Burke is so little acquainted… 00:06:11
12.   Much less could it when made hereditary. 00:06:03
13.   Whether I have too little sense to see… 00:06:20

Total Playing Time: 04:36:34

Paine, Thomas

Rintoul, David

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Non-Fiction

Catalogue No: NA487812

Barcode: 9789626348789

Physical Release: 07/2008

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