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Classical Music Home > WHITEFIELD, P.: History of Science (The) (Unabridged)

WHITEFIELD, P.: History of Science (The) (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

WHITEFIELD, P.: History of Science (The) (Unabridged)

This is the foundation of all: that we are not to imagine or suppose, but to discover what nature does, or may be made to do.

Thus did Francis Bacon, early in the 17th century, outline the future of science and technology. This drive for knowledge and power has now given us a world dominated by science, and this audiobook tells the story of how we have arrived there. The achievements of the great scientific thinkers of the ages—Copernicus, Newton, Lavoisier, Darwin, Pasteur, Einstein, Freud, Hubble and many more—are explained and woven together into an exciting story of intellectual discovery, but a story in which a sense of the mystery of the universe is always present.

Disc 1

  The History of Science (Unabridged)
1.   Part 1: The Ancient and Medieval World 00:05:10
2.   Science in Ancient Civilisations 00:02:42
3.   The Beginning of Recorded Science 00:07:00
4.   The Greek Genius 00:05:27
5.   Strange as some of these speculations now appear… 00:04:41
6.   Plato and Aristotle 00:04:33
7.   The second giant of Greek thought, Aristotle… 00:06:39
8.   Hellenistic Science - Medicine 00:04:30
9.   Ptolemy 00:05:12
10.   Roman Science 00:03:57
11.   The Decline of Classical Learning 00:02:42
12.   Islamic Science 00:05:13
13.   One of the most impressive applications of geometry… 00:06:19
14.   Science in Medieval Christendom 00:05:44
15.   Cause was at the heart of this philosophy… 00:08:06

Disc 2

  The History of Science (Unabridged)
1.   Part 2: The Renaissance and The Scientific Revolution 00:04:41
2.   The Practical Sciences 00:07:42
3.   The Copernican Revolution 00:05:23
4.   Looking first at the movements of Mercury and Venus… 00:05:14
5.   The Scientific Revolution 00:06:22
6.   Tycho was a Danish nobleman who used… 00:06:16
7.   At the heart of all Kepler's study lay the problem… 00:05:57
8.   The Newtonian Synthesis 00:07:21
9.   Other Aspects of the Scientific Revolution 00:06:31
10.   As with astronomy, biology was revolutionised… 00:06:52
11.   Traditions of Science Outside Europe 00:06:29
12.   If there is one characteristic of non - western… 00:06:22

Disc 3

  The History of Science (Unabridged)
1.   Part 3: The 19th Century - The Machine Age 00:05:27
2.   The Dawn of Machine Power 00:05:53
3.   But another and more practical source of power… 00:04:06
4.   Heat and Energy: Thermodynamics and Electricity 00:05:18
5.   But Helmholtz was also a biologist… 00:07:19
6.   Chemistry 00:04:58
7.   However, some chemists were still not convinced… 00:03:52
8.   Astronomy 00:04:23
9.   The Life Sciences: Geology and Palaeontology 00:05:20
10.   The Darwinian Revolution 00:07:27
11.   Human Biology 00:07:04
12.   Medicine 00:05:46
13.   Anthropology: The Science of Man 00:05:38
14.   Conclusion: The 19th Century Achievement in Science 00:05:02

Disc 4

  The History of Science (Unabridged)
1.   Part 4: The 20th Century - The New Labyrinth 00:05:26
2.   The Mystery of the Atom 00:06:33
3.   The crucial breakthrough in this field… 00:06:55
4.   Why was this tiny number so important 00:04:58
5.   In one sense the core subject - matter of chemistry… 00:03:23
6.   Einstein 00:04:32
7.   From these apparently rarefied ideas… 00:04:09
8.   The Revolution in Cosmology 00:07:34
9.   Hubble continued his investigations… 00:06:04
10.   The Biological Sciences: Genetics 00:06:37
11.   Population geneticists of the 1920s… 00:06:59
12.   The Science of the Mind 00:05:49
13.   Retrospect: Man and Nature 00:08:19

Total Playing Time: 05:07:56

Whitfield, Peter

Whitfield, Peter

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Non-Fiction

Catalogue No: NA499312

Barcode: 9789626349939

Physical Release: 2010

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