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Classical Music Home > HOPE, A.: Prisoner of Zenda (The) (Unabridged)

HOPE, A.: Prisoner of Zenda (The) (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

HOPE, A.: Prisoner of Zenda (The) (Unabridged)

The Prisoner of Zenda is a classic mistaken-identity thriller. Rudolph Rassendyll, a dashing English gentleman travelling in Ruritania, bears an uncanny resemblance to its future monarch. This likeness draws him into a world of treachery, when Rassendyll is called upon to save the future King who has been imprisoned by his scheming brother ‘Black’ Michael.

Packed with romance and swashbuckling action, the tale is considered by some to be the best adventure story ever written.

Disc 1

  The Prisoner of Zenda (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 1: The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope 00:03:56
2.   Well then – and I must premise that I am going… 00:04:11
3.   'The difference between you and Robert,' said my sister - in - law… 00:05:03
4.   Chapter 2: Concerning the Colour of Men's Hair 00:04:47
5.   'You've got a charming travelling companion,' he said… 00:04:05
6.   I threw myself back in my deep armchair… 00:04:56
7.   Chapter 3: A Merry Evening with a Distant Relative 00:05:20
8.   'He's the height, too!' I heard the elder murmur… 00:05:18
9.   'Enough, sire,' said I. 'I'll leave Ruritania today.' 00:05:49
10.   Chapter 4: The King Keeps His Appointment 00:04:38
11.   'The King would never forgive it,' I stammered. 00:03:44
12.   I put the King's helmet on my head. 00:04:51

Disc 2

  The Prisoner of Zenda (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 5: The Adventures of an Understudy 00:04:47
2.   'Why this change in our order, Marshal' said I. 00:05:05
3.   And then came the Duke of Strelsau. 00:04:52
4.   Chapter 6: The Secret of a Cellar 00:05:20
5.   'I shall be sorry for the doorkeeper if Michael finds out…' 00:03:54
6.   'To Zenda, then!' and setting spurs to his horse, galloped on. 00:04:14
7.   Chapter 7: His Majesty Sleeps in Strelsau 00:04:42
8.   'Perhaps,' said Sapt. 'Come! To Strelsau!' 00:04:25
9.   Pausing an instant, we made a bandage… 00:04:18
10.   Chapter 8: A Fair Cousin and a Dark Brother 00:04:37
11.   I ordered my horse… 00:04:18
12.   As I spoke, there came a cheer from the street. 00:03:48
13.   Then, fearing Michael would say something… 00:03:19

Disc 3

  The Prisoner of Zenda (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 9: A New Use for a Tea - table 00:04:46
2.   'Ask him what woman would do most to prevent…' 00:05:02
3.   'I have my game to play too. If he finds out…' 00:03:42
4.   I took up the little iron table. 00:03:15
5.   Chapter 10: A Great Chance for a Villain 00:05:16
6.   The ball was a sumptuous affair. 00:04:57
7.   I met his eye full and square… 00:05:20
8.   Chapter 11: Hunting a Very Big Boar 00:04:27
9.   Soon I tore myself away from her… 00:06:05
10.   Our plans were now all made… 00:05:42
11.   Chapter 12: I Receive a Visitor and Bait a Hook 00:05:37
12.   'If my brother has scarlet fever,' said I… 00:04:07
13.   'Well, how is Johann' I asked… 00:04:58

Disc 4

  The Prisoner of Zenda (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 13: An Improvement on Jacob's Ladder 00:04:55
2.   I suppose that I was put to bed… 00:05:12
3.   The fellow's story was rudely told… 00:04:45
4.   Chapter 14: A Night Outside the Castle 00:04:19
5.   Late next night I rose from table… 00:04:33
6.   Leaving him where he lay, a huddled mass… 00:05:41
7.   Chapter 15: I Talk with a Tempter 00:05:20
8.   He promised to obey me, and I rode on… 00:04:37
9.   'I'll hear nothing from Black Michael,' said I. 00:04:49
10.   Chapter 16: A Desperate Plan. 00:05:25
11.   'And how do they guard the King now' I asked… 00:04:40
12.   Here is the plan I had made. 00:04:40
13.   Chapter 17: Young Rupert's Midnight Diversions 00:04:44
14.   The drawbridge was still in its place. 00:04:54
15.   'Enough, enough! We mustn't quarrel, Rupert.' 00:04:24

Disc 5

  The Prisoner of Zenda (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 18: The Forcing of the Trap 00:04:43
2.   What became of him then 00:04:01
3.   No glory do I take for that contest. 00:04:04
4.   Chapter 19: Face to Face in the Forest 00:04:33
5.   At that very moment I heard a rush of feet… 00:04:52
6.   Presently he rode towards me, keeping his distance… 00:05:00
7.   Chapter 20: The Prisoner and the King 00:04:04
8.   The same moment found my friends on the scene. 00:04:17
9.   The enterprise of the King's rescue… 00:04:41
10.   But at this moment Sapt came riding from the Castle… 00:04:15
11.   Chapter 21: If love were all! 00:05:12
12.   Outside, Fritz turned, not to the right… 00:05:23
13.   I made no answer. 00:05:49
14.   Chapter 22: Present, Past – and Future 00:04:22
15.   I had one more battle left to fight… 00:03:49
16.   'It's a remarkable likeness, you see,' said I. 00:03:22
17.   Thus led, my broodings leave the future… 00:03:58

Total Playing Time: 10:49:52

Hope, Anthony

Pugsley, Andrew

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA513512

Barcode: 9789626341353

Physical Release: 2010

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