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BECKETT, S.: Malone Dies (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

BECKETT, S.: Malone Dies (Unabridged)

This is the second in the famous trilogy of novels written by Samuel Beckett in the late 1940s. An old man is dying in a room. His bowl of soup comes, his pots are emptied. He waits to die. And while he waits, he constructs stories, mainly to pass the time. Saposcat, the Lambert family, Macmann and his nurse Moll. Other figures weave in and out of his vision and his imagination. This remarkable soliloquy, so intrinsically Beckettian, is as important as Waiting for Godot or Endgame, the famous plays that made his name. Sean Barrett gives a masterly performance.

Disc 1

  Malone Dies
1.   I shall soon be quite dead at last in spite of all. 00:04:30
2.   This time I know where I am going, 00:02:09
3.   I must have thought about my time - table during the night 00:05:55
4.   Present state. 00:04:55
5.   There is a cupboard I have never looked into. 00:02:14
6.   Not only am I left here, but I am looked after! 00:03:31
7.   I don't know how long I have been here, 00:03:15
8.   The man's name is Saposcat. 00:07:12
9.   What tedium, 00:01:50
10.   I have tried to reflect on the beginning of my story. 00:05:18
11.   I shall not give up yet. 00:02:18
12.   Sapo's phlegm, his slient ways, 00:03:49
13.   We are getting on. 00:01:55
14.   The summer holiday.s 00:00:59
15.   I fell asleep. 00:01:02
16.   Live and invent. 00:04:07
17.   The market. 00:01:09
18.   I have rummaged a little in my things, 00:03:59
19.   I told myself too that I must make better speed. 00:02:03
20.   My body does not yet make up its mind. 00:04:37

Disc 2

  Malone Dies
1.   The Lamberts. 00:04:38
2.   The son, or heir, was a great strapping lad 00:01:37
3.   Dead world, airless, waterless. 00:01:06
4.   In the filthy kitchen, with its earth floor, 00:02:29
5.   Sapo remained alone, by the window, 00:05:23
6.   And so he went, all unsuspecting, 00:04:48
7.   When I stop, as just now, the noises being again, 00:06:20
8.   Yes, it is quite dark. 00:02:03
9.   I fear I must have fallen asleep again. 00:05:04
10.   The summer holidays were drawing to a close. 00:04:17
11.   The Lamberts. 00:05:36
12.   Edmund and his mother passed each other by in silence. 00:04:40
13.   Mrs Lambert was breathing hard. 00:03:17
14.   What tedium. 00:00:46
15.   Then Mrs Lambert was alone in the kitchen. 00:03:16
16.   Martol tedium. 00:03:10
17.   What tedium. 00:02:52
18.   There is naturally another possibility 00:03:58
19.   Yes, no doubt one may speak of grey. 00:04:24

Disc 3

  Malone Dies
1.   What a misfortune, 00:02:56
2.   Now while I was hunting for my pencil 00:03:02
3.   And during all this time, 00:03:19
4.   But what it is all about exactly I could no more say, 00:03:59
5.   I have taken a long time to find him again, 00:02:28
6.   And there he is as good as gold on the bench, 00:03:15
7.   Now with regard to the buttons of this coat, 00:03:13
8.   But to pass on now to the garments that really matter, 00:03:23
9.   So there they are for a few hours in safety. 00:03:31
10.   But for Macmann, thank God, 00:06:03
11.   I feel. 00:05:01
12.   No matter, what matters is 00:02:59
13.   But let us leave these morbid matters 00:02:08
14.   That settles that. 00:05:17
15.   Caught by the rain far from shelter 00:05:42
16.   But Macmann would have been more than human, 00:05:28
17.   And on him already this important quarter - truth 00:05:37
18.   And yet he had done his honest best to give satisfaction, 00:02:38
19.   But to pass on now to considerations of another order, 00:03:15

Disc 4

  Malone Dies
1.   Quick quick my possessions. 00:05:37
2.   In this way I disposed of things I loved 00:05:37
3.   Should I go on I wonder. 00:05:50
4.   It is some days now since my soup was renewed, 00:02:42
5.   I shall therefore die of old age pure and simple, 00:03:55
6.   I have lost my stick, 00:05:58
7.   One day, much later, to judge by his appearance, 00:04:48
8.   It seemed probable to Macmann 00:01:48
9.   One day, not long after his admission, 00:03:22
10.   This must be the selfsame hat that was abandoned 00:01:30
11.   A thousand little things to report, 00:03:48
12.   Sweetheart, 00:04:42
13.   Such was the rather rambling style of the declarations which Moll, 00:01:43
14.   I am lost. 00:04:04
15.   Weary with my weariness, 00:00:55
16.   Moll. 00:05:19
17.   A last effort. 00:04:59

Disc 5

  Malone Dies
1.   I have had a visit. 00:03:45
2.   The visit. 00:03:31
3.   Standing by the bed he watched me. 00:03:11
4.   At a certain moment, 00:02:07
5.   I shall tear a page out of my exercise - book 00:05:01
6.   That reminds me, 00:02:00
7.   Macmann pygmy beneath the great black gesticulating pines 00:02:06
8.   Wearing over his long shirt 00:05:34
9.   The birds. 00:02:11
10.   Try and go on. 00:05:17
11.   Beyond the gate 00:03:29
12.   On. One morning Lemuel, 00:04:18
13.   The cells of the five were far apart 00:03:00
14.   In the third a small thin man was pacing up and down, 00:01:39
15.   A few lines to remind me that I too subsist. 00:02:01
16.   Surrounded by his little flock 00:02:11
17.   The waggonette. 00:03:48
18.   The boat. 00:01:00
19.   No, they are no more than hills, 00:00:30
20.   The island. 00:03:44
21.   When the sun had vanished, 00:02:36

Total Playing Time: 05:39:21

Beckett, Samuel

Barrett, Sean; Crowley, Dermot

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: NA531912

Barcode: 9789626343197

Physical Release: 06/2004

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