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Classical Music Home > COLLINS, W.: Woman in White (The) (Abridged)

COLLINS, W.: Woman in White (The) (Abridged)


About this Recording

COLLINS, W.: Woman in White (The) (Abridged)

A dark and humid night on a London highway…a ghostly woman asking directions…and the reader is away on a tale of deceit, murder, madness, stolen identities and scheming cads, elaborate plots and outrageous coincidences, in the company of some of the most extraordinary characters in fiction. Hailed as a classic the moment it was written in 1859, The Woman in White uses a dozen different narrators to tell the tale of a man’s determination to save the woman he loves, in the face of the worst intentions of the sly Sir Percival Glyde and the magnificent Count Fosco.

Disc 1

  The Woman in White
1.   The Story begun by Walter Hartright 00:05:36
2.   I had now arrived at that particular point of my walk… 00:06:59
3.   My travelling instructions directed me to go to Carlisle… 00:05:36
4.   I found myself in a large, lofty room… 00:05:50
5.   When dinner was over… 00:05:44
6.   The days passed on, the weeks passed on… 00:05:02
7.   I had been engaged with the drawings… 00:07:13
8.   As soon as we were alone again… 00:05:40
9.   She was so absorbed over her employment… 00:06:26
10.   Half an hour later I was back at the house… 00:03:36
11.   On the west terrace walk I met Mr. Gilmore. 00:05:14
12.   The Story continued by Vincent Gilmore 00:07:21
13.   A week passed, after my return to London… 00:08:33

Disc 2

  The Woman in White
1.   Leaving by an early train, I got to Limmeridge… 00:03:20
2.   The Story continued by Marian Halcombe 00:07:29
3.   November 15th – Three letters for me. 00:06:02
4.   The 2nd Epoch – The Story continued by Marian Halcombe 00:07:02
5.   June 15th – I think I must begin… 00:04:25
6.   He looks like a man who could tame anything… 00:04:42
7.   June 16th – A visitor has arrived… 00:05:29
8.   The boat - house was large enough to hold us all… 00:05:36
9.   June 17th – Just as my hand was on the door… 00:06:05
10.   After some pondering, I determined to write… 00:06:53
11.   June 18th – The speculations in which we might… 00:04:35
12.   I was aroused by a hand laid on my shoulder… 00:06:32
13.   It took me, for some distance, in the direction… 00:05:19
14.   I closed the door again… 00:05:00

Disc 3

  The Woman in White
1.   June 19th – Madame Fosco was alone in the hall… 00:05:40
2.   Once safely shut into my own room… 00:07:40
3.   There was another pause. The Count moved… 00:06:14
4.   June 20th – Eight o'clock. The sun is shining… 00:03:40
5.   The Story continued by Frederick Fairlie 00:06:41
6.   My letter produced its effect. 00:05:57
7.   The Story continued by Eliza Michelson 00:05:25
8.   On the evening of the third day… 00:07:05
9.   The Count and Countess Fosco had left… 00:05:34
10.   I could say nothing. For a minute or more… 00:05:32
11.   The Story continued in Several Narratives – Hester Pinhorn, The Doctor and The Tombstone 00:06:16
12.   The Narrative of Walter Hartright 00:04:14
13.   The 3rd Epoch – The Story continued by Walter Hartright 00:08:18

Disc 4

  The Woman in White
1.   Lady Glyde's recollection of the events… 00:06:49
2.   After consulting with Marian, I resolved to begin… 00:07:28
3.   The way to the Secret lay through the mystery… 00:06:12
4.   The Count, after looking at her very attentively… 00:07:42
5.   My heart beat fast – I thought I had my hand on the clue… 00:06:16
6.   The next object of inquiry… 00:05:14
7.   When the third day came I was ready for my journey… 00:07:01
8.   The vestry of Old Welmingham Church… 00:06:01
9.   He opened the door of one of the presses… 00:08:00
10.   It was just getting dark. 00:06:13
11.   I saw the fire slowly conquered. 00:05:20
12.   The Story continued by Mrs. Catherick 00:05:51

Disc 5

  The Woman in White
1.   Well, being settled in this way… 00:04:02
2.   The Story continued by Walter Hartright 00:06:58
3.   It must not be supposed that the interval of rest… 00:06:44
4.   Up to this time I had never once set eyes on Count Fosco… 00:06:35
5.   As soon as we two were alone in his room… 00:06:41
6.   Not the shadow of a doubt crossed my mind… 00:06:38
7.   I took Pesca's acknowledgement of the receipt of my letter… 00:08:41
8.   The Story continued by Isidor Ottavio Baldassare Fosco 00:06:46
9.   The servants were the next encumbrances… 00:06:02
10.   On the morning of the 26th… 00:04:57
11.   The Story concluded by Walter Hartright 00:06:15
12.   My journey to Paris was not undertaken alone… 00:05:26
13.   The summer and autumn passed after my return… 00:02:52

Total Playing Time: 06:32:19

Collins, Wilkie

Bavidge, Rachel; Collett, Marie; Corduner, Allan; Dickson, Hugh; Gallagher, Teresa; McCready, Glen

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: NA586312

Barcode: 9789626348635

Physical Release: 04/2008

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