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ALEICHEM, S.: Tevye the Milkman (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

ALEICHEM, S.: Tevye the Milkman (Unabridged)

Tevye the Milkman, a uniquely charming Jewish novel from Tsarist rural Russia, provided the principal character for Fiddler on the Roof. Here we have the full story, with all its Jewish humour, wisdom and despair. The central character, Tevye the Milkman, goes around the community in the Russian countryside delivering milk and cheese, but also dispensing wisdom from the Talmud laced with his commonsense view of life. Funny, enriching but also moving, this remarkable little Jewish classic will charm all who hear it, especially in the reading by veteran audiobook performer Neville Jason.

  • The first audiobook recording of a minor classic from which came Fiddler on the Roof
  • Marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sholem Aleichem
  • A must for all Jewish communities, but also those who enjoy a simple but affecting story
  • Approximate running time: 4 hours
  • Format: 3 CD set

Disc 1

  Tevye Wins a Fortune
1.   Tevye Wins a Fortune 00:05:54
2.   Anyway, this is how it happened… 00:04:51
3.   Suddenly, the horse stopped… 00:06:16
4.   The women didn't wait to be asked again. 00:06:41
5.   And I drive in smartly, right up to the porch… 00:07:39
6.   Nu, what are you standing there for 00:06:24
7.   So I told her everything from A to Z… 00:05:46
  The Bubble Bursts
8.   The Bubble Bursts 00:06:35
9.   'Sholem Aleichem,' Reb Tevye 00:05:45
10.   After we'd eaten and said our benedictions… 00:05:47
11.   Well, why should I drag out the story 00:06:52
12.   Well, a week goes by, and two, and three… 00:05:43

Disc 2

  The Bubble Bursts
1.   I arrive in Yehupetz 00:05:09
2.   I look at him standing there… 00:04:11
  Modern Children
3.   Modern Children 00:05:41
4.   Now that we're alone, he says to me… 00:07:08
5.   Well, we took a drop or two… 00:06:40
6.   So, I got through my work as fast as I could… 00:07:32
7.   Well, we came home at last… 00:06:20
8.   If someone had stuck a knife in my heart… 00:05:57
9.   In the beginning, I dreamt that we were having a celebration… 00:05:23
10.   Hodel 00:05:05
11.   I lift up my eyes, and there on the road ahead of me… 00:05:43
12.   There was only one thing I didn't like about him… 00:07:54

Disc 3

1.   Suddenly, I see two people… 00:05:33
2.   Well, to make a long story short… 00:04:29
3.   Well, a week passed, then two weeks… 00:06:21
4.   So I tell her a story… 00:06:49
5.   Chava 00:06:38
6.   Well, to return to my story… 00:05:26
7.   Now, as they say in books… 00:05:22
8.   I arrived at home, what a scene greeted me. 00:05:33
9.   In such talk the whole night passed. 00:06:11
10.   And the holy books say, a force you must live… 00:06:08
11.   So I think to myself, you want to take me by force… 00:06:57

Disc 4

1.   Schprintze 00:05:23
2.   Well, I began coming to the widow from Ekaterineslav… 00:07:14
3.   Well, Shavous arrived, and how beautiful Shavous in the country can be. 00:05:26
4.   After I'd eaten I thought to myself… 00:05:27
5.   Thinking thus, I walked back to the house… 00:05:52
6.   I looked over at Schprintze, she didn't say a word… 00:07:11
7.   I came home and found my family sitting around the supper table. 00:06:44
  Tevye goes to Palestine
8.   Tevye goes to Palestine 00:06:35
9.   Well, I hired the kadish for her, for my wife… 00:06:50
10.   Hmm. Padhatzur It sounds familiar… 00:06:31
11.   As I rode along my imagination carried me away… 00:06:49

Disc 5

  Now let us forsake the hero
1.   Now let us forsake the hero 00:05:00
2.   But forgive me Mr. Sholem Aleichem, for straying away… 00:05:55
3.   And I addressed myself to him thus… 00:06:43
4.   I'll tell you the honest truth… 00:05:55
5.   Well, after having supped well on the grief of my youngest child… 00:06:25
  Get Thee Out!
6.   Get Thee Out! 00:06:45
7.   For when troubles descend on Tevye, they never come singly. 00:06:38
8.   I arrived home from Boiberik one evening… 00:07:13
9.   And while I'm sitting there deep in such thoughts… 00:09:05
10.   And so I persuaded her that we had to go… 00:06:24
11.   Do you think that Tevye's daughter didn't find an answer to this too 00:06:27

Total Playing Time: 05:54:55

Aleichem, Sholem

Jason, Neville

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: NA593412

Barcode: 9789626349342

Physical Release: 01/2009

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