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PLUTARCH: Roman Lives (Abridged)


About this Recording

PLUTARCH: Roman Lives (Abridged)

Though he was Greek, Plutarch wrote his Lives in the first century, a world dominated by the Roman Empire. Plutarch’s series of biographies was the first of its kind, as much groundbreaking in conception as the Histories of Herodotus. Plutarch looked at the great men in the Ancient World and told their stories, in many cases drawing on sources which are no longer available to us. They offer a unique insight into the characters as well as the achievements of men who influenced their age and the empires that their culture dominated. Here he considers some of the major figures that had left their stamp on the history of Rome, including generals, rulers, philosophers and politicians. It is the companion volume to Greek Lives, also read with style by Nicholas Farrell on Naxos AudioBooks.

Disc 1

  Roman Lives
1.   Plutarch - The Roman Lives Introduction 00:05:24
2.   Plutarch begins his sequence of Roman Lives 00:04:42
3.   Coriolanus 00:04:14
4.   It may be observed in general 00:05:33
5.   The Romans were now at war with the Volscian nation 00:04:38
6.   The day after, when Marcius, with the rest of the army 00:05:47
7.   Not long after he stood for consulship 00:05:37
8.   He came, therefore, as it were, to make his apology 00:05:15
9.   Marcius alone, himself, was neither stunned nor humiliated 00:04:50
10.   The Romans themselves soon furnished Marcius and Tullus 00:05:03
11.   When Marcius heard of this 00:05:23
12.   Having spoken thus, she took Vergilia by the hand 00:04:32
13.   The next morning he broke up his camp 00:03:56
14.   Pompey the Great 00:05:47
15.   Thus Cinna being slane 00:03:44
16.   About this time news came to Sulla 00:02:50

Disc 2

  Roman Lives
1.   When Pompey returned back to the city of Utica 00:06:16
2.   In the meantime Sertorius died 00:05:10
3.   The power of the pirates first commenced in Cilicia 00:05:25
4.   When the news came to Rome 00:05:15
5.   Pompey in the meantime made an invasion into Armenia 00:05:15
6.   Pompey having now by his forces under the command of Afranius 00:04:41
7.   The splendour and magnificence of Pompey's triumph 00:04:59
8.   About that time Caesar, returning from military service 00:06:03
9.   Meantime Caesar grew great and famous 00:06:08
10.   On his return into the city Pompey married Cornelia 00:04:27
11.   Caesar, on the other side, was more and more vigorous 00:04:54
12.   But Pompey, arriving at Brundusium 00:04:55
13.   With this determination, Pompey marched forwards 00:04:18
14.   Caesar's army consisted of twenty - two thousand 00:05:58
15.   Pompey, sailing by the city of Amphipolis 00:04:40

Disc 3

  Roman Lives
1.   As soon, therefore, as it was resolved upon 00:03:12
2.   These were the last words he spoke to his friends 00:04:24
3.   Caesar 00:04:57
4.   In the meantime Sulla's power being now on the decline 00:04:01
5.   At this time, Meteullus, the High - Priest died 00:04:26
6.   There is a law among the Romans 00:05:22
7.   He was so much master of the goodwill and hearty service of his soldiers 00:05:37
8.   After this action, Caesar left his army at thier winter quarters 00:05:08
9.   In the passage of his army over it, he met with no opposition 00:05:51
10.   Caesar had long ago resolved upon the overthrow of Pompey 00:04:21
11.   Afterwards there came letters from Caesar 00:05:26
12.   Caesar took into his army all those whom he found in any town 00:05:11
13.   When the two armies were come into Pharsalia 00:04:21
14.   Pompey fled to Egypt, pursued by Caesar 00:04:24
15.   Thence he passed to Asia 00:05:53
16.   Nevertheless his countrymen 00:06:50

Disc 4

  Roman Lives
1.   This made the multitude turn their thoughts to Marcus Brutus 00:04:45
2.   The place which was destined for the scene of this murder 00:05:09
3.   Cicero 00:06:00
4.   But after he had received the news of Sulla's death 00:04:40
5.   He had a very pleasant seat at Arpi 00:04:40
6.   Cicero, endeavouring in the first place to provide a remedy 00:04:26
7.   After Cicero had received this power 00:05:28
8.   Whilst Cicero was doubting what course to take 00:03:43
9.   At this time, therefore, Cicero's authority was very great 00:05:08
10.   Cicero was at this time his friend 00:05:18
11.   Clodius, having thus driven away Cicero 00:05:36
12.   But as soon as Caesar was marched into Spain 00:05:00
13.   He had no concern in the design that was now forming against Caesar 00:06:00
14.   Whilst these things were contriving 00:05:50
15.   Marcus Brutus 00:06:21

Disc 5

  Roman Lives
1.   After the great overthrow at Pharsalia 00:06:19
2.   When Cassius went about soliciting friends 00:05:26
3.   But a meeting of the senate being appointed 00:04:20
4.   Now when the senate was gone in before to the chamber 00:04:34
5.   But the next day, the senate being assembled in the temple of the Earth 00:05:11
6.   Brutus took ship from hence, and sailed to Athens 00:05:33
7.   Having made his army, that was very considerable 00:04:28
8.   About the time that they were going to pass out of Asia 00:05:11
9.   Brutus that night at supper showed himself very cheerful 00:04:37
10.   Cassius had been forced to fly with a few about him 00:04:44
11.   Neither were the affairs of Caesar and Antony 00:05:56
12.   Mark Antony 00:04:45
13.   He also had a very good and noble appearance 00:04:58
14.   There was not one of the many engagements that now took place 00:03:49
15.   These passages gave great encouragement to Brutus and Cassius 00:04:32

Disc 6

  Roman Lives
1.   Cicero was at this time the man of the greatest influence in Rome 00:05:00
2.   This triumvirate was very hateful to the Romans 00:04:00
3.   Such being his temper, the last and crowning mischief that could befall him 00:04:39
4.   Plato admits four sorts of flattery 00:04:38
5.   Antony, once more, upon some unfavourable stories 00:06:31
6.   The war was now become grievous to both parties 00:04:52
7.   But, on the fifth day, Flavius Gallus 00:05:21
8.   Antony ran from one place to another 00:05:18
9.   Cleopatra, feeling her rival already 00:05:34
10.   The speed and extent of Antony's preparations alarmed Caesar 00:04:09
11.   Antony, seeing the enemy sailing up 00:04:15
12.   When they engaged, there was no charing or striking of one ship 00:05:11
13.   At the same, they sent ambassadors to Caesar 00:04:49
14.   When he understood she was alive 00:04:59
15.   Some few days after, Caesar himself came to make her a visit 00:06:54

Total Playing Time: 07:43:40


Farrell, Nicholas

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Biographies

Catalogue No: NA630212

Barcode: 9789626343029

Physical Release: 12/2003

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