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Classical Music Home > GASKELL, E.: Cranford (Unabridged)

GASKELL, E.: Cranford (Unabridged)


About this Recording

GASKELL, E.: Cranford (Unabridged)

In the village of Cranford, decorum is maintained at all times. Despite their poverty, the ladies are never vulgar about money (or their lack of it), and always follow the rules of propriety. But this discretion and gentility does not keep away tragedy; and when the worst happens, the Amazons of Cranford show the true strength of their honest affections. A masterpiece of social comedy, Cranford is as moving as it is funny, and as sharp as it is tender.

Disc 1

1.   Chapter 1: Our Society 00:05:44
2.   There were one or two consequences arising... 00:05:43
3.   Captain Brown had taken a small house... 00:06:21
4.   When the trays reappeared with biscuits and wine... 00:04:28
5.   Chapter 2: The Captain 00:04:24
6.   Such was the state of things when I left Cranford... 00:04:29
7.   My next visit to Cranford was in the summer. 00:06:09
8.   That afternoon we perceived little groups in the street... 00:06:23
9.   Miss Pole, Miss Matty, and I, meanwhile... 00:05:45
10.   We were both startled when Miss Jenkyns reappeared... 00:05:44
11.   Chapter 3: A Love Affair of Long Ago 00:06:49
12.   However, it so fell out that Fanny had to leave... 00:07:43
13.   And now I come to the love affair. 00:05:40

Disc 2

1.   Chapter 4: A Visit to an Old Bachelor 00:05:57
2.   We had pudding before meat... 00:05:41
3.   When we came back, nothing would serve him... 00:04:55
4.   Soon after this I took my leave... 00:05:11
5.   The next day Miss Pole brought us word that Mr. Holbrook... 00:02:58
6.   Chapter 5: Old Letters 00:05:45
7.   Miss Matty undid the packet with a sigh... 00:05:55
8.   There was a great gap before any of the rector’s letters... 00:07:18
9.   I can’t quite remember the date... 00:05:16
10.   Chapter 6: Poor Peter 00:05:22
11.   Miss Matty drew herself up, and as soon as we were alone... 00:05:56
12.   Presently my mother went to my father. 00:05:21
13.   ‘The next day Deborah was at home before I was myself again.’ 00:07:06
14.   ‘Well, my dear, it’s very foolish of me... ’ 00:06:15

Disc 3

1.   Chapter 7: Visiting 00:06:51
2.   My prophetic soul foretold a visit that afternoon... 00:05:00
3.   The spring evenings were getting bright and long... 00:06:32
4.   Presently the door was thrown wide open... 00:03:58
5.   Chapter 8: Your Ladyship 00:05:52
6.   In coming out of church, the first Sunday... 00:06:03
7.   The expenditure on dress in Cranford.. 00:06:45
8.   We were all very silent at first. 00:04:53
9.   As a proof of how thoroughly we had forgotten… 00:05:47
10.   Chapter 9: Signor Brunoni 00:04:51
11.   Miss Pole was always the person... 00:07:09
12.   The next evening we were all in a gentle flutter... 00:05:15
13.   But we had not time for more conversation... 00:05:27

Disc 4

1.   Chapter 10: The Panic 00:05:49
2.   One afternoon, about five o’clock, we were startled... 00:04:48
3.   When Lady Glenmire came, we almost felt jealous of her. 00:05:27
4.   Miss Pole was very much inclined to install herself... 00:05:53
5.   But when the evening came... 00:04:42
6.   Still this was no confession... 00:05:00
7.   Chapter 11: Samuel Brown 00:05:11
8.   Before Miss Pole left us, Miss Matty and I... 00:05:30
9.   We were all of us far too full of the signor’s precarious state. 00:04:46
10.   ‘My father once made us,’ she began... 00:05:11
11.   ‘Have you been in India’ said I, rather astonished. 00:08:04
12.   Chapter 12: Engaged to be Married 00:05:31
13.   We were sitting – Miss Matty and I – much as usual... 00:07:39
14.   Mrs Forrester surprised us in our darned caps... 00:05:49

Disc 5

1.   Chapter 13: Stopped Payment 00:06:02
2.   It was a very uncomfortable subject to me... 00:06:01
3.   I never saw a man’s countenance fall so suddenly... 00:05:24
4.   We inspected the fashions... 00:03:56
5.   We had neither of us much appetite for dinner... 00:05:44
6.   Chapter 14: Friends in Need 00:05:45
7.   I found Miss Matty very quiet, and not a little sad... 00:04:34
8.   Miss Matty had a few little peculiarities... 00:05:04
9.   ‘Please ma’am,’ said Martha... 00:04:05
10.   The next morning, very early, I received a note from Miss Pole… 00:06:44
11.   When the ceremony had been gone through… 00:06:06
12.   I am not going to weary you with the details... 00:06:45

Disc 6

1.   Chapter 15: A Happy Return 00:05:10
2.   But to return to Miss Matty. 00:04:32
3.   About a year after Miss Matty set up shop... 00:07:10
4.   Martha was beginning to go about again.. 00:07:02
5.   Long, long into the night far, far into the morning... 00:04:26
6.   Chapter 16: Peace to Cranford 00:07:14
7.   There had been some talk of establishing Martha and Jem... 00:05:24
8.   When I got back to Miss Matty’s... 00:06:33

Total Playing Time: 07:01:42

Gaskell, Elizabeth

Wille, Clare

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Children's Classics

Catalogue No: NA685012

Barcode: 9789626348505

Physical Release: 11/2007

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