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VOLTAIRE: Candide and Zadig (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

VOLTAIRE: Candide and Zadig (Unabridged)

Voltaire’s razor-sharp satire on philosophical optimism, Candide, is coupled here with another of the author’s most celebrated works, Zadig. Both challenge the moral and philosophical orthodoxies of the day with humour and sly wit, whilst parodying the clichéd formulas of so many contemporary novels. Candide traces the fortunes of its titular character, a staunch optimist who eventually becomes disillusioned by a series of hardships and misfortunes. Zadig likewise follows its main character Zadig, a Babylonian philosopher, as he is subjected to the whims of Fate and the machinations of those around him.

Disc 1

  Candide and Zadig (Unabridged)
1.   CANDIDE: Chapter 1: How Candide was Brought up in a Magnificent Castle and How he was Driven Thence 00:05:57
2.   Chapter 2: What Befell Candide Among the Bulgarians 00:05:49
3.   Chapter 3: How Candide Escaped from the Bulgarians and What Befell Him Afterward 00:05:05
4.   Chapter 4: How Candide Found his Old Master Pangloss Again and What Happened to Him 00:04:41
5.   'Oh Sage Pangloss' cried Candide… 00:03:45
6.   Chapter 5: A Tempest, a Shipwreck, an Earthquake and What Else Befell Dr. Pangloss, Candide and James the Anabaptist 00:06:51
7.   Chapter 6: How the Portuguese Made a Superb Auto - De - Fe to Prevent Any Future Earthquakes, and How Candide Underwent Public Flagellation 00:02:52
8.   Chapter 7: How the Old Woman Took Care of Candide and How He Found The Object of His Love 00:04:50
9.   Chapter 8: Cunegund's Story 00:06:32
10.   Chapter 9: What Happened to Cunegund, Candide, the Grande Inquisitor and the Jew 00:03:55
11.   Chapter 10: In What Distress Candide, Cunegund and the Old Woman Arrive at Cadiz, and of Their Embarkation 00:04:28
12.   Chapter 11: The History of the Old Woman 00:07:53
13.   Chapter 12: The Adventures of the Old Woman Continued 00:04:53
14.   'We had a very pious and humane Imam…' 00:03:58
15.   Chapter 13: How Candide was Obliged to Leave the Fair Cunegund and the Old Woman 00:05:28

Disc 2

  Candide and Zadig (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 14: The Reception Candide and Macambo Met with among the Jesuits in Paraguay 00:05:18
2.   He was a very handsome young man… 00:03:01
3.   Chapter 15: How Candide Killed the Brother of His Dear Cunegund 00:04:50
4.   Chapter 16: What Happened to Our Two Travellers with Two Girls, Two Monkeys, and the Savages, Called Orellions 00:04:11
5.   When they awoke, they were surprised to find they could not move… 00:04:18
6.   Chapter 17: Candide and His Valet Arrive in the Country of El Dorado and What They Saw There 00:05:05
7.   The schoolmaster, with a smile, flung them on the ground… 00:03:53
8.   Chapter 18: What They Saw in the Country of El Dorado 00:06:16
9.   Candide and Cacambo got into the coach 00:07:34
10.   Chapter 19: What Happened to Them at Surinam, and How Candide became Acquainted with Martin. 00:06:33
11.   Candide continued some days longer at Surinam… 00:06:04
12.   Chapter 20: What Befell Candide and Martin on Their Passage 00:05:50
13.   Chapter 21: Candide and Martin, While Thus Reasoning with Each Other, Draw Near to the Coast of France 00:04:06

Disc 3

  Candide and Zadig (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 22: What Happened to Candide and Martin in France 00:06:12
2.   'That was very impolite' said Candide… 00:07:45
3.   Candide listened to this discourse with great attention… 00:05:54
4.   The artful abbe let not a word of this escape him… 00:05:59
5.   Chapter 23: Candide and Martin Touch Upon the English Coast and What They See There 00:03:28
6.   Chapter 24: Of Pacquette and Fair Giroflee 00:07:16
7.   Thus did Pacquette unbosom herself to honest Candide in his closet… 00:04:20
8.   Chapter 25: Candide and Martin Pay a Visit to Seignor Pococurante, a Nobel Venetian 00:07:33
9.   Candide, who had been brought up with a notion of never making use of his own judgement… 00:06:48
10.   Chapter 26: Candide and Martin Sup with Six Strangers and Who They Were 00:04:16
11.   Cacambo's master then began with great gravity… 00:04:16
12.   Chapter 27: Candide's Voyage to Constantinople 00:04:57
13.   There were two slaves among the crew of the galley… 00:04:43

Disc 4

  Candide and Zadig (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 28: What Befell Candide, Cunegund, Pangloss and Martin 00:06:29
2.   Chapter 29: In What Manner Candide Found Miss Cunegund and the Old Woman Again 00:02:49
3.   Chapter 30: Conclusion 00:05:15
4.   This new adventure engaged them more deeply than ever… 00:07:11
5.   ZADIG: Chapter 1: The Blind of One Eye 00:07:59
6.   Chapter 2: The Noise 00:04:55
7.   Chapter 3: The Dog and the Horse 00:08:24
8.   Chapter 4: Envious 00:05:12
9.   Envious went to see Zadig… 00:05:56
10.   Chapter 5: The Generous 00:05:22
11.   Chapter 6: The Minister 00:05:03
12.   Chapter 7: The Disputes and the Audiences 00:04:49

Disc 5

  Candide and Zadig (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 8: Jealousy 00:06:33
2.   This little mute was strongly attached to the Queen and Zadig… 00:04:13
3.   Chapter 9: The Woman - Beater 00:07:35
4.   Chapter 10: Slavery 00:07:53
5.   Chapter 11: The Funeral Pyre 00:06:35
6.   Chapter 12: The Supper 00:04:31
7.   The man of Cathay took up the discourse… 00:04:03
8.   Chapter 13: I – The Rendezvous 00:07:16
9.   II – The Dance 00:06:30
10.   III – Blue Eyes 00:04:52
11.   The King was transported with joy, astonishment and love… 00:04:34
12.   Chapter 14: The Robber 00:08:19

Disc 6

  Candide and Zadig (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 15: The Fisherman 00:04:08
2.   In my distress I resolved to apply to justice… 00:04:27
3.   Chapter 16: The Basilisk 00:06:24
4.   Neither of us were to be found… 00:06:17
5.   I now saw myself in the power of a barbarian… 00:05:55
6.   Chapter 17: The Combats 00:05:21
7.   The other knights acquitted themselves with greater ability and success… 00:05:34
8.   Chapter 18: The Hermit 00:05:40
9.   The miser started and was ready to fall backwards… 00:05:51
10.   She performed the honours of the house as well as she could… 00:05:36
11.   Chapter 19: The Enigmas 00:04:03
12.   'Illustrious Lords,' said Zadig… 00:04:06

Total Playing Time: 07:03:03


Jason, Neville

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: Classical

Catalogue No: NA688112

Barcode: 9789626348819

Physical Release: 08/2008

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