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DICKENS, C.: Barnaby Rudge (Abridged)


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About this Recording

DICKENS, C.: Barnaby Rudge (Abridged)

For the background to this historical novel, a tale of mystery, suspense and unsolved murder, Dickens chose the anti-Catholic Gordon Riots of 1780. Mayhem reigns in the streets of London, vividly described by Dickens, and the innocent Barnaby Rudge is drawn into the thick of it. Against the public disorder, Dickens tells of the private discord within families—with fathers and sons at loggerheads—and creates a wealth of colourful characters: the sinuously evil Lord Chester; the pretty and vivacious Dolly Varden; and the host and regulars at the Maypole Inn—a symbol of security in those uncertain and violent times.

Disc 1

  Barnaby Rudge (Abridged)
1.   In the year 1775… 00:06:19
2.   At length Joe returned… 00:06:34
3.   'A strange story!' said the man… 00:05:00
4.   More than a full hour afterwards… 00:03:34
5.   Gabriel Varden went his way towards London… 00:04:11
6.   In the venerable suburb… 00:05:57
7.   As soon as the business of the day was over… 00:05:16
8.   They entered a homely bedchamber. 00:03:54
9.   Mrs. Varden was a lady of what is commonly called… 00:04:03
10.   Clear of the locksmith's house… 00:07:19
11.   Miss Miggs, having undone her mistress… 00:04:26
12.   It was on one of those mornings… 00:05:38
13.   There was great news that night… 00:07:07
14.   If Joseph Willet, the denounced… 00:08:26

Disc 2

  Barnaby Rudge (Abridged)
1.   Joe Willet rode leisurely along in his desponding mood… 00:04:19
2.   At noon next day… 00:06:29
3.   Among all the dangerous characters… 00:08:28
4.   Gliding along the silent streets… 00:04:22
5.   Dolly Varden's pretty little head… 00:05:43
6.   In course of time they arrived… 00:04:47
7.   It was Hugh of the Maypole. 00:04:58
8.   Twilight had given place to night some hours… 00:07:33
9.   Mr. Chester sat up in bed next morning… 00:06:25
10.   Leaving the favoured… 00:06:14
11.   'And you're not surprised to hear this, Varden' 00:05:45
12.   Alighting at a certain point… 00:08:28

Disc 3

  Barnaby Rudge (Abridged)
1.   Evening drew on at last… 00:04:44
2.   Misfortunes, saith the adage, never come singly. 00:03:47
3.   One wintry evening… 00:07:03
4.   The more he thought of it… 00:06:34
5.   Before the lapse of many minutes… 00:06:43
6.   To surround anything, however monstrous… 00:07:30
7.   The secretary put his hand before his eyes… 00:04:52
8.   Mr. Tappertit sat and contemplated him… 00:04:42
9.   Little thinking of the plan for his happy settlement… 00:05:09
10.   As there was to be a grand parade… 00:06:06
11.   With that, he led the astounded locksmith back… 00:02:29

Disc 4

  Barnaby Rudge (Abridged)
1.   Next morning brought no satisfaction… 00:05:31
2.   When they were very near… 00:05:17
3.   When the concourse separated… 00:04:36
4.   In a small English country town… 00:07:14
5.   How often on their journey… 00:04:38
6.   Uncertain where to go next… 00:05:58
7.   The mob was not without its method… 00:05:18
8.   With that, they stepped back again… 00:04:01
9.   They were among the first to reach the tavern… 00:05:15
10.   By midnight the streets were clear and quiet… 00:05:43
11.   The next day was ushered in… 00:04:57
12.   'Good day, master!' 00:04:06
13.   Rumours of the prevailing disturbances… 00:06:00
14.   Nearly all the time… 00:03:35
15.   The Maypole cronies… 00:06:33

Disc 5

  Barnaby Rudge (Abridged)
1.   Barnaby leaned upon his staff… 00:04:02
2.   Left to himself again… 00:04:42
3.   It is necessary at this juncture… 00:04:00
4.   As the night wore on… 00:05:47
5.   The three worthies turned their faces towards the Boot… 00:02:54
6.   On that same night, Mr. Haredale… 00:05:08
7.   The prisoner, left to himself… 00:04:08
8.   All yesterday, and on this day likewise… 00:08:00
9.   Breaking the silence they had hitherto preserved… 00:08:03
10.   Although he had had no rest… 00:06:45
11.   When darkness broke away… 00:07:18
12.   While Newgate was burning on the previous night… 00:05:15
13.   Early in the morning his father came… 00:07:56

Disc 6

  Barnaby Rudge (Abridged)
1.   Mr. Dennis, having dispatched this piece of business… 00:05:22
2.   All next day… 00:03:33
3.   The Black Lion was so far off… 00:06:33
4.   By this Friday night… 00:05:28
5.   Mr. Dennis, having been made prisoner… 00:04:10
6.   A month has elapsed… 00:07:58
7.   As the locksmith walked slowly away… 00:05:18
8.   The time wore on. 00:08:01
9.   On this same day and about this very hour… 00:03:05
10.   The Golden Key itself… 00:08:06
11.   That afternoon, when he had slept… 00:05:27
12.   Another month had passed… 00:06:44
13.   A parting glance at such of the actors… 00:04:28

Total Playing Time: 07:17:47

Dickens, Charles

Barrett, Sean

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: NA690812

Barcode: 9789626349083

Physical Release: 03/2009

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