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Classical Music Home > TREMAIN, R.: Road Home (The) (Abridged)

TREMAIN, R.: Road Home (The) (Abridged)


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TREMAIN, R.: Road Home (The) (Abridged)

Lev arrives in the UK with little English and even less money. For all its promise, London leaves him lonely and isolated, facing the seamier side of economic migration, until he discovers a passion that could lead him back home. But having a dream and realising it are two very different things. Humane and deeply moving, The Road Home is vividly filled with the voices of those struggling to belong, whether in their own land or an adopted one.

Disc 1

  The Road Home (Abridged)
1.   On the coach, Lev chose a seat near the back… 00:06:58
2.   Towards 10 o'clock red blankets were given out… 00:06:54
3.   By the time the coach crossed the border… 00:06:27
4.   Lev took out his vodka flask and drank… 00:06:52
5.   The coach pulled into Victoria at nine in the morning… 00:07:40
6.   Lev woke when someone touched his shoulder… 00:06:33
7.   Reproaching himself for his laziness… 00:06:41
8.   It was already afternoon. 00:06:58
9.   Lev thanked Ahmed again for the free food… 00:05:43
10.   By late afternoon, and with all the leaflets… 00:05:23
11.   When Lev woke up… 00:06:36
12.   It was still early in the morning… 00:06:45

Disc 2

  The Road Home (Abridged)
1.   As Lev sat down on one of the leather sofas… 00:05:58
2.   Soon after this, a church clock… 00:06:07
3.   With Lydia's help, Lev found a job… 00:06:11
4.   The bathroom was painted white… 00:08:25
5.   GK Ashe wasn't the way Lev had imagined him… 00:08:22
6.   The London heatwave lasted a long time… 00:06:47
7.   Cold autumn arrived without warning… 00:06:39
8.   When the temperature in London had dropped… 00:06:17
9.   Inside the auditorium… 00:05:58
10.   On Monday evening… 00:07:23
11.   When Lev got home to Belisha Road… 00:04:02
12.   Christy was trying to stay sober… 00:07:20

Disc 3

  The Road Home (Abridged)
1.   Sophie's friend Samantha was bone thin… 00:05:56
2.   He found himself standing next to Andy Portman… 00:05:08
3.   The English winter began to bite… 00:06:17
4.   He let himself be led… 00:07:20
5.   On Christmas morning, Lev woke up… 00:07:27
6.   Lev and Sophie helped in the kitchen… 00:03:23
7.   He dressed and lit a cigarette… 00:05:40
8.   On the morning before the restaurant reopened… 00:06:13
9.   He set up the spinach colander… 00:05:49
10.   Lev looked at the boy… 00:05:33
11.   With the New Year, mild weather arrived… 00:05:19
12.   Suddenly, without warning… 00:03:43
13.   A text from Lydia came to Lev's mobile… 00:05:34
14.   At work that evening… 00:05:16

Disc 4

  The Road Home (Abridged)
1.   When he got up… 00:06:13
2.   It rained on Sunday morning… 00:08:57
3.   In the noise and deep darkness of the Royal Court Theatre… 00:04:52
4.   Lev turned back to face the stage… 00:06:29
5.   Preece, whose single diamond earring glittered… 00:05:48
6.   Not to think about it. 00:06:21
7.   He was led into a police station… 00:06:44
8.   Lev was back on the plastic chair in the corridor… 00:04:53
9.   It was after one o'clock when Lev dragged himself… 00:04:48
10.   GK Ashe was waiting in the kitchen for Lev… 00:06:31
11.   Lev sat on the rough grass… 00:06:24
12.   Lev heard the door bell ringing… 00:08:49
13.   'Midge' Midgham brought the old Land Rover round… 00:02:15

Disc 5

  The Road Home (Abridged)
1.   Lev didn't mind sharing the leaky old caravan… 00:07:42
2.   Midge Midgham invited Lev to his house… 00:06:47
3.   Lev waited. He sat down on the cold grass… 00:07:18
4.   To be, or not to be… 00:08:31
5.   Early the following morning… 00:06:05
6.   He woke in his own bed… 00:05:21
7.   A Greek friend of Christy Slane's known as 'Panno'… 00:08:08
8.   On a Monday afternoon… 00:06:55
9.   GK's features froze… 00:05:02
10.   It was a while before Lev was allowed to meet Jasmina… 00:07:59
11.   The following morning he did what he always did… 00:06:46
12.   The line was cut. 00:02:45

Disc 6

  The Road Home (Abridged)
1.   Lev looked round at the small space… 00:06:00
2.   The kitchen at Ferndale Heights stank… 00:05:36
3.   Ruby closed the album and asked Lev to tell her… 00:06:05
4.   Back in Auror nothing had moved forward… 00:07:26
5.   One morning when Lev arrived at Ferndale Heights… 00:08:19
6.   Lev flew home in the middle of winter… 00:05:43
7.   After a while Rudi began to ask questions… 00:06:15
8.   On the first evening, they decided to have dinner… 00:08:22
9.   On the day they left Auror forever… 00:07:17
10.   Lev went to Eva's bed. 00:05:23
11.   Lev's restaurant opened in deep winter. 00:05:42
12.   Then, in the early summer… 00:06:33

Total Playing Time: 07:54:41

Tremain, Rose

Stevenson, Juliet

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: NA694612

Barcode: 9789626349465

Physical Release: 02/2009

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