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Classical Music Home > DOYLE, A.C.: Essential Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (The)

DOYLE, A.C.: Essential Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (The)


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About this Recording

DOYLE, A.C.: Essential Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (The)

Was Arthur Conan Doyle really like his most famous fictional character, the rational Sherlock Holmes? Why then, irrationally, did he become a fervent follower of Spiritualism? Did he really believe in the existence of fairies or was he mad? This intriguing compilation offers a portrait of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in fact and fiction. There are extracts from his spiritualist writings, as well as a complete Sherlock Holmes short story The Adventure of the Speckled Band and extracts from the rarely read short story Danger! There are excerpts too from other popular works, The Lost World and Brigadier Gerard and the largely forgotten The White Company. All these combine to give us an insight into this complex character.

Disc 1

  A Life of Arthur Conan Doyle
1.   Introduction by David Timson 00:01:05
2.   A British Celt 00:06:56
3.   At the age of nine… 00:07:18
4.   Some odd jobs 00:08:29
5.   Meanwhile, those sixpences had to be earned… 00:06:37
6.   During the last year of his study at Edinburgh… 00:07:34
7.   Doctor Budd 00:07:43
8.   Budd's carriage pulled up on the Hoe… 00:10:26
9.   Doctor Doyle 00:10:58
10.   While waiting 00:04:37
11.   Doyle never made a penny more than 25 Pounds… 00:07:35

Disc 2

  A Life of Arthur Conan Doyle
1.   To Berlin and Austria 00:03:07
2.   Sherlock Holmes 00:07:19
3.   The notion of writing a series of short stories… 00:09:46
4.   Friends and Fame 00:09:52
5.   The Brigadier 00:04:38
6.   The Man of Action 00:04:30
7.   On to Cairo 00:04:22
8.   In South Africa, the Boer War… 00:04:24
9.   Titanic 00:08:26
10.   The Man in the Street 00:06:47
11.   The Last Phase 00:07:44
12.   Doyle's home life was exceptionally happy… 00:07:43

Disc 3

  The Adventure of the Speckled Band
1.   Introduction 00:01:46
2.   Early morning in Baker Street 00:03:56
3.   'It is not cold which makes me shiver…' 00:03:54
4.   'My name is Helen Stoner…' 00:08:19
5.   'I could not sleep that night…' 00:07:15
6.   'This is very deep business,' he said at last… 00:03:05
7.   A huge man and an iron bar 00:03:41
8.   A will, and a journey to Stoke Moran 00:12:26
9.   I had never seen my friend's face so grim… 00:06:13
10.   A night visit to Manor House 00:03:15
11.   A dreadful vigil 00:05:37
12.   Such are the true facts… 00:04:39
13.   Recording of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle part 1 00:02:00

Disc 4

  Introduction by David Timson
1.   Introduction by David Timson 00:00:29
2.   Lot No. 249 00:07:48
3.   Bellingham's Room 00:10:08
4.   The strange habit 00:07:34
5.   One afternoon… 00:08:06
6.   The next evening… 00:09:37
7.   The next day… 00:07:32
  The Sealed Room
8.   The Sealed Room 00:07:03
9.   At the end of the passage 00:08:36
10.   Some days later… 00:08:41

Disc 5

  How the Brigadier Slew the Fox
1.   Introduction by David Timson 00:00:34
2.   In all the great hosts of France… 00:07:58
3.   Ah, how my heart swelled… 00:05:50
4.   I had never known it… 00:07:38
5.   Presently an officer, in a blue uniform… 00:05:56
6.   Such a crowd… 00:04:54
7.   In front of us were the dogs… 00:05:52
  The Lost World
8.   Introduction by David Timson 00:00:16
9.   The most wonderful things have happened… 00:06:40
10.   It was midday… 00:05:48
11.   'Wealden!' cried Challenger, in an ecstasy… 00:06:40
12.   I had the same feeling of mystery… 00:08:31
  The White Company
13.   Introduction 00:01:01
14.   The company stood peering… 00:06:22
15.   Sir Nigel, meanwhile, had found a foeman… 00:04:57

Disc 6

  Beliefs and Causes: Introduction by David Timson
1.   Beliefs and Causes: Introduction by David Timson 00:00:54
  The Vital Message
2.   The Dawning of the Light 00:06:28
3.   At first it was only physical… 00:05:58
4.   None the less, it was greeted… 00:07:01
5.   Introduction by David Timson 00:00:26
6.   Being the log of Captain John Sirius 00:07:15
7.   On she came… 00:06:42
8.   On the round - the - corner page… 00:05:42
9.   I had no time to read our papers… 00:07:16
  The Cottingley Fairies
10.   Introduction by David Timson 00:00:40
11.   Should the incidents here narrated… 00:07:26
12.   The matter being in this state… 00:06:58
13.   I may add as a footnote… 00:06:15
  The Inner Room
14.   Introduction by David Timson 00:00:23
15.   It is mine – the little chamber… 00:02:51
16.   Recording of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle part 2 00:05:52

Total Playing Time: 07:36:40

Doyle, Arthur Conan; Pearson, Hesketh

Degas, Rupert; Logan, Crawford; McCready, Glen; Oliver, Jonathan; Pigott-Smith, Tim; Rigg, Carl; Timson, David

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Biographies; Classic Fiction

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: NA695512

Barcode: 9789626349557

Physical Release: 04/2009

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