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TREMAIN, R.: Restoration (Abridged)


About this Recording

TREMAIN, R.: Restoration (Abridged)

A drunken Robert Merivel accidentally cures one of the King’s spaniels and as a result becomes a court favourite. He is even given a fine home in Norfolk as a reward for taking care of one of Charles II’s other pets: his mistress. But after his spectacular fall from favour, it is his devout friend John Pearce—in every way his opposite—who brings him into a Quaker community and saves him from his excessive appetites. Or at least he tries to.

Restoration brilliantly realises the world of the 17th century, from the intellectual, dissolute court to the Fire of London; but it is also moving, funny and, in the character of Merivel, unique and unforgettable.

Disc 1

  Restoration (Abridged)
1.   I am, I discover, a very untidy man. 00:03:48
2.   There was a beginning to the story… 00:06:45
3.   3. My father was appointed glovemaker… 00:07:04
4.   4. It is not clear what started the fire… 00:07:27
5.   5. The fifth beginning is the strangest… 00:06:00
6.   On her wedding eve… 00:04:52
7.   How shall I describe my wedding 00:06:10
8.   But I have not time to dwell on this… 00:05:12
9.   My stipend from the King as Celia's husband… 00:06:50
10.   The entry of Elias Finn into my life… 00:04:25
11.   The morning after the death of Minette… 00:04:41
12.   The following Friday, Finn did not appear… 00:06:11

Disc 2

  Restoration (Abridged)
1.   After several weeks had passed… 00:04:21
2.   Pearce then dismounted, staggered a pace or two… 00:04:45
3.   I will now tell you that it had become my daily habit… 00:04:09
4.   We stood staring at each other… 00:06:53
5.   When I awoke, very stiff and cold… 00:05:29
6.   I walked away from the Marigold Room… 00:02:31
7.   Some days passed during which I felt a welcome calm… 00:05:30
8.   See me, then, enter the Physic Garden. 00:06:31
9.   The King gets up off his stool… 00:05:44
10.   Dinner time found me at the Leg Tavern… 00:07:17
11.   That night at the Old House… 00:05:59
12.   So it was then that I entered the room… 00:06:52

Disc 3

  Restoration (Abridged)
1.   On Christmas day… 00:04:53
2.   I woke in some confusion. 00:04:56
3.   I began without more ado on the blood - letting… 00:04:00
4.   Two days later… 00:05:53
5.   Celia, in a dress of cream - coloured satin… 00:07:37
6.   It is now the 28th of January… 00:05:38
7.   I have slept a little. 00:05:57
8.   Whereas I had been boiling and burning… 00:04:22
9.   We rested two nights on our journey… 00:05:42
10.   I followed the King into the garden… 00:05:03
11.   And what of me 00:04:45
12.   I have not returned to Bidnold… 00:04:12
13.   The New Bedlam, or Whittlesea Hospital… 00:05:07

Disc 4

  Restoration (Abridged)
1.   A month has passed. 00:05:03
2.   And so I come to 'John'… 00:03:34
3.   And so my first day at Whittlesea began. 00:06:16
4.   Before the meetings, the Six Keepers… 00:05:01
5.   I did not know that on the evening… 00:06:34
6.   With the coming in of the month of May… 00:04:39
7.   Some days after this a great storm moved in… 00:04:59
8.   Recollected now, that day when I lost Danseuse… 00:05:53
9.   Two days later, Katherine was returned to Margaret Fell. 00:04:56
10.   When I woke the day we were to have dancing… 00:06:04
11.   That night in William Harvey… 00:05:41
12.   After that evening's meeting… 00:06:52

Disc 5

  Restoration (Abridged)
1.   July came in… 00:05:53
2.   When I woke, on the morning after that first night… 00:06:37
3.   What I began that night… 00:04:01
4.   A coffin was made for Pearce that day… 00:04:01
5.   Towards midday of the 10th of September… 00:07:26
6.   That night, I did not sleep. 00:06:36
7.   The warm weather that had returned the previous day… 00:07:02
8.   It was only after several weeks of my wanderings… 00:06:35
9.   My birthday came again. 00:07:52
10.   As the astrologer had predicted… 00:04:17
11.   Then I began to give my orders… 00:05:11
12.   The baby was taken away by the midwife… 00:04:52

Disc 6

  Restoration (Abridged)
1.   On the evening of that day… 00:05:08
2.   Some weeks passed… 00:06:46
3.   I can report to you that during this summer of 1666… 00:05:00
4.   I do not remember how many days passed… 00:05:44
5.   I begin to speak… 00:06:41
6.   No sooner had I said this… 00:03:52
7.   I stood still for a moment in the street… 00:05:04
8.   On the morning of Monday… 00:04:05
9.   I parted from him and Francis Elizabeth… 00:05:29
10.   I found two cold, airy rooms… 00:06:26
11.   So we trot down into Bidnold village… 00:05:51
12.   I am barefoot… 00:06:35
13.   The King gave a hoot of laughter… 00:04:32

Total Playing Time: 06:50:39

Tremain, Rose

Degas, Rupert

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: NA697612

Barcode: 9789626349762

Physical Release: 08/2009

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