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AUSTEN, J.: Northanger Abbey (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

AUSTEN, J.: Northanger Abbey (Unabridged)

When Catherine Morland, a country clergyman’s daughter, is invited to spend a season in Bath with the fashionable high society, little does she imagine the delights and perils that await her. Captivated and disconcerted by what she finds, and introduced to the joys of ‘Gothic novels’ by her new friend, Isabella, Catherine longs for mystery and romance. When she is invited to stay with the beguiling Henry Tilney and his family at Northanger Abbey, she expects mystery and intrigue at every turn. However, the truth turns out to be even stranger than fiction…

Disc 1

  Northanger Abbey
1.   Chapter 1: No one who had ever seen Catherine Morland… 00:04:57
2.   Mrs. Morland was a very good woman... 00:04:03
3.   Chapter 2: In addition to what has been already said... 00:03:57
4.   It is now expedient to give some description of Mrs. Allen... 00:04:18
5.   They were not long able, however, to enjoy the repose... 00:03:10
6.   After some time they received an offer of tea... 00:02:32
7.   Chapter 3: Every morning now brought its regular duties... 00:03:51
8.   ‘Shall I tell you what you ought to say’ 00:03:18
9.   Mrs. Allen was quite struck by his genius 00:03:55
10.   Chapter 4: With more than usual eagerness... 00:03:50
11.   The Miss Thorpes were introduced... 00:04:20
12.   Chapter 5: Catherine was not so much engaged at the theatre... 00:04:11
13.   The progress of the friendship between Catherine and Isabella... 00:03:51
14.   Chapter 6: The following conversation, which took place... 00:04:13
15.   ‘Oh, dear!’ cried Catherine, colouring 00:04:13
16.   Catherine, in some amazement, complied... 00:02:17
17.   Chapter 7: Half a minute conducted them through... 00:04:09
18.   ‘You have lost an hour,’ said Morland... 00:05:25
19.   This brought on a dialogue of civilities... 00:03:37
20.   These manners did not please Catherine... 00:04:37

Disc 2

  Northanger Abbey
1.   Chapter 8: In spite of Udolpho and the dressmaker, however... 00:04:18
2.   Mr. Tilney and his companion, who continued, though slowly... 00:04:21
3.   Miss Tilney had a good figure, a pretty face... 00:03:31
4.   In this commonplace chatter which lasted some time... 00:04:56
5.   Chapter 9: The progress of Catherine’s unhappiness... 00:04:51
6.   Catherine followed her orders and turned away... 00:05:13
7.   Thorpe’s ideas then all reverted to the merits... 00:05:24
8.   When they arrived at Mrs. Allen’s door... 00:05:02
9.   Chapter 10: The Allens, Thorpes, and Morlands all met... 00:02:56
10.   Catherine’s resolution of endeavouring to meet Miss Tilney... 00:04:25
11.   She went home very happy 00:03:17
12.   Catherine had neither time nor inclination to answer 00:03:01
13.   This was the last sentence by which he could weary... 00:03:58
14.   ‘Now you have given me a security worth having... ’ 00:03:27
15.   Soon after their reaching the bottom of the set... 00:02:42

Disc 3

  Northanger Abbey
1.   Chapter 11: The morrow brought a very sober - looking... 00:04:07
2.   It was too dirty for Mrs. Allen to accompany her husband... 00:05:13
3.   Catherine’s feelings as she got into the carriage... 00:03:32
4.   Their drive, even when this subject was over... 00:02:56
5.   As she entered the house, the footman told her... 00:03:09
6.   Chapter 12: ‘Mrs. Allen,’ said Catherine the next morning... 00:05:19
7.   The play concluded – the curtain fell – Henry Tilney... 00:04:09
8.   While talking to each other, she had observed... 00:03:14
9.   Chapter 13: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday... 00:03:50
10.   Catherine thought this reproach equally strange... 00:03:58
11.   Isabella’s countenance was once more all smiles... 00:04:46
12.   The affair thus happily settled, she was introduced... 00:02:49
13.   Mr. Allen caught at it directly 00:04:03
14.   Chapter 14: The next morning was fair... 00:03:51
15.   ‘Henry,’ said Miss Tilney, ‘you are very impertinent... ’ 00:05:40
16.   Catherine assented – and a very warm panegyric from her 00:04:38
17.   The ladies stared. He laughed and added... 00:03:31
18.   It was no effort to Catherine to believe... 00:03:06

Disc 4

  Northanger Abbey
1.   Chapter 15: Early the next day, a note from Isabella... 00:03:34
2.   This bold surmise, however, she soon learnt... 00:04:31
3.   This charming sentiment, recommended as much... 00:03:34
4.   Catherine was with her friend again the next day... 00:04:29
5.   ‘Then why do you stay away so long’ replied Catherine... 00:04:13
6.   Chapter 16: Catherine’s expectations of pleasure... 00:04:13
7.   Isabella’s opinion of the Tilneys did not influence her friend... 00:03:01
8.   ‘Your brother will not mind it, I know,’ said she... 00:03:42
9.   The friends were not able to get together... 00:03:12
10.   ‘It is very charming indeed,’ said Isabella... 00:03:30
11.   Chapter 17: The Allens had now entered on the sixth week... 00:05:27
12.   The circumstances of the morning had led Catherine’s feelings... 00:03:36
13.   Chapter 18: With a mind thus full of happiness... 00:03:29
14.   Catherine, with all the earnestness of truth... 00:05:51
15.   Catherine, looking up, perceived Captain Tilney… 00:04:00
16.   Chapter 19: A few days passed away... 00:04:40
17.   Catherine blushed for her friend, and said... 00:05:10

Disc 5

  Northanger Abbey
1.   Chapter 20: Mr. and Mrs. Allen were sorry to lose... 00:02:59
2.   The bustle of going was not pleasant 00:04:25
3.   ‘But how can that be’ said Catherine 00:04:02
4.   ‘Nothing further to alarm perhaps may occur the first night.’ 00:03:52
5.   As they drew near the end of their journey... 00:04:29
6.   Chapter 21: A moment’s glance was enough to satisfy... 00:04:20
7.   She was gazing on it with the first blush of surprise... 00:03:46
8.   The night was stormy; the wind had been rising at intervals... 00:04:20
9.   In short, she could not sleep till she had examined it 00:03:37
10.   The dimness of the light her candle emitted made her turn... 00:03:14
11.   Chapter 22: The housemaid’s folding back... 00:04:08
12.   She got away as soon as she could from a room... 00:03:37
13.   Shortly after breakfast Henry left them for Woodston... 00:05:37
14.   The kitchen - garden was to be next admired... 00:03:56
15.   Catherine had never heard Mrs. Tilney mentioned... 00:04:42
16.   Chapter 23: An hour passed away before the general... 00:04:18
17.   With the walls of the kitchen ended all the antiquity... 00:03:29
18.   The gallery was terminated by folding doors... 00:04:30
19.   After an evening, the little variety and seeming length... 00:04:40

Disc 6

  Northanger Abbey
1.   Chapter 24: The next day afforded no opportunity... 00:03:44
2.   Her agitation as they entered the gallery was too much... 00:03:49
3.   It was done; and Catherine found herself alone... 00:05:32
4.   She could not contradict it, and therefore suffered herself... 00:05:51
5.   Chapter 25: The visions of romance were over 00:04:29
6.   Her mind made up on these several points... 00:04:37
7.   Catherine had not read three lines before her sudden change... 00:05:44
8.   He gladly received the letter, and, having read it... 00:05:35
9.   Chapter 26: From this time, the subject was frequently... 00:03:57
10.   ‘And when do you think, sir, I may look forward... ’ 00:04:32
11.   From Saturday to Wednesday, however, they were now... 00:03:57
12.   The room in question was of a commodious, well - proportioned... 00:03:41
13.   Chapter 27: The next morning brought the following... 00:04:48
14.   Such a strain of shallow artifice could not impose... 00:03:43

Disc 7

  Northanger Abbey
1.   Chapter 28: Soon after this, the general found himself... 00:03:56
2.   Henry was not able to obey his father’s injunction... 00:04:02
3.   A new idea now darted into Catherine’s mind... 00:05:37
4.   It was with pain that Catherine could speak at all... 00:04:33
5.   Soon after six Eleanor entered her room... 00:05:42
6.   Chapter 29: Catherine was too wretched to be fearful 00:04:49
7.   With these feelings, she rather dreaded than sought... 00:03:41
8.   Reluctantly, and with much hesitation, did she then begin... 00:03:49
9.   As soon as breakfast was over, she sat down to fulfil... 00:04:34
10.   She was received by the Allens with all the kindness... 00:04:52
11.   Chapter 30: Catherine’s disposition was not naturally... 00:02:51
12.   Catherine said no more, and, with an endeavour to do right... 00:05:30
13.   A very short visit to Mrs. Allen, in which Henry talked... 00:04:47
14.   Catherine herself could not be more ignorant at the time... 00:05:16
15.   Chapter 31: Mr. and Mrs. Morland’s surprise... 00:04:06
16.   The marriage of Eleanor Tilney, her removal from all the evils... 00:03:59

Total Playing Time: 08:16:13

Austen, Jane

Stevenson, Juliet

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: Classical

Catalogue No: NA742712

Barcode: 9789626344279

Boxset: NAX27412

Physical Release: 07/2006

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