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Classical Music Home > DOYLE, A.C.: Lost World (The) (Unabridged)

DOYLE, A.C.: Lost World (The) (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

DOYLE, A.C.: Lost World (The) (Unabridged)

Somewhere in South America, there is a plateau; and roaming in its forests are dinosaurs. Only one man has ever been there, and his reports are so astonishing that no-one is prepared to believe him; except the extraordinary Professor Challenger. He decides to take a trip to prove beyond doubt that this lost world really exists. With the daredevil journalist Edward Malone, meticulous, sceptical Professor Summerlee and the professional adventurer Lord John Roxton, Challenger sets out on a mission as dangerous as it is thrilling. Inspiring endless imitations, The Lost World is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic adventure of discovery.

  • Doyle’s most popular novel (apart from the Sherlock Holmes canon!)
  • The subject of several films often shown on TV
  • Characterful reading by Glen McCready
  • Approximate running time 8.5 hours
  • 7 CD set

Disc 1

  The Lost World (unabridged)
1.   Foreword 00:00:53
2.   Chapter 1 There Are Heroisms All Round Us 00:07:00
3.   ‘Now tell me what’s amiss with me’ 00:07:34
4.   Chapter 2 Try Your Luck With Professor Challenger 00:07:42
5.   I walked across to the Savage Club… 00:04:35
6.   Half an hour later… 00:04:37
7.   Chapter 3 He is a Perfectly Impossible Person 00:05:32
8.   He sat in a rotating chair… 00:05:39
9.   He had sprung to his feet… 00:05:33
10.   Chapter 4 It’s Just the Very Biggest Thing in the World 00:05:57
11.   All this he boomed forth like a professor… 00:06:52
12.   I had opened the volume with some expectation… 00:07:06
13.   He handed me the open book… 00:05:58

Disc 2

  The Lost World (unabridged)
1.   The photograph was certainly very off - coloured… 00:06:06
2.   ‘Did you see any other trace of life’ 00:05:59
3.   Chapter 5 Question! 00:04:54
4.   When we arrived at the hall… 00:06:06
5.   This brought the lecturer to the great ladder of animal life… 00:06:43
6.   ‘Ladies and Gentlemen,’ he began… 00:07:39
7.   Mr. Summerlee, the veteran Professor… 00:05:49
8.   Chapter 6 I was the Flail of the Lord 00:07:04
9.   ‘Talking won’t make it any better…’ 00:07:24
10.   Perhaps I have dwelt too long… 00:06:50
11.   Chapter 7 Tomorrow we Disappear into the Unknown 00:06:36

Disc 3

  The Lost World (unabridged)
1.   No wonder that the ginger - headed man… 00:05:24
2.   Lord John had placed his watch upon the table… 00:06:12
3.   Lord John Roxton has chartered a large steam launch… 00:05:08
4.   Chapter 8 The Outlying Pickets of the New World 00:04:24
5.   For two days we made our way… 00:06:38
6.   All day the drums rumbled… 00:07:25
7.   ‘No Indian here…’ 00:06:35
8.   On the ninth day… 00:05:53
9.   Chapter 9 Who could have Forseen it 00:05:21
10.   Beneath him you might have seen the three of us… 00:05:43
11.   The ground at the foot of the cliff… 00:07:00
12.   It was a solemn place… 00:06:42

Disc 4

  The Lost World (unabridged)
1.   You will realise as you read it… 00:06:53
2.   On the sixth day… 00:05:29
3.   The level of the plateau… 00:06:38
4.   Seating himself with a leg overhanging the abyss… 00:05:44
5.   Now that we had the clue to his action… 00:06:21
6.   Chapter 10 The Most Wonderful things Have Happened 00:06:37
7.   It was midday… 00:05:48
8.   ‘Wealden!’ cried Challenger, in an ecstasy…’ 00:06:40
9.   I had the same feeling of mystery… 00:07:40
10.   We staggered through the brushwood… 00:06:31
11.   Chapter 11 For once I was the Hero 00:04:59
12.   From the utter silence… 00:07:13

Disc 5

  The Lost World (unabridged)
1.   On the dull, scaly, slate - coloured skin… 00:06:27
2.   That evening we had a grand discussion… 00:05:19
3.   Professor Summerlee gave a snort of impatience… 00:05:58
4.   The sun was just above the western sky - line… 00:07:56
5.   Chapter 12 It was Dreadful in the Forest 00:05:53
6.   The darkness of the forest had been alarming… 00:06:10
7.   For a long time I lay and watched… 00:07:43
8.   Even now when I think of that nightmare… 00:05:34
9.   The sloping wall of the pit… 00:05:00
10.   After a period, during which I sat… 00:05:39
11.   Chapter 13 A Sight which I shall Never Forget 00:06:02
12.   ‘Well, what did they do’ 00:06:59

Disc 6

  The Lost World (unabridged)
1.   ‘Well, it wasn’t…’ 00:04:47
2.   We filled in the time… 00:05:01
3.   In front of and around this dejected group… 00:05:49
4.   So it seemed to us… 00:06:13
5.   Chapter 14 Those were Real Conquests 00:07:27
6.   Professor Summerlee for once was too depressed… 00:06:30
7.   It was in the early afternoon… 00:04:52
8.   It was clear that the natives had come… 00:04:39
9.   Summerlee had lain down and slept… 00:06:19
10.   But the matter was more deadly… 00:06:13
11.   Chapter 15 Our Eyes have seen Great Wonders 00:06:52
12.   We had little time to watch them… 00:06:36

Disc 7

  The Lost World (unabridged)
1.   All this I shall some day write… 00:06:12
2.   If Lord John’s behaviour at this time was strange… 00:06:53
3.   Never was our expedition in more imminent danger… 00:07:11
4.   We stood with bitter hearts… 00:06:26
5.   Chapter 16 A Procession! A Procession! 00:07:18
6.   ‘Of the appearance of the four wanderers…’ 00:07:48
7.   ‘It had been hoped that the proceedings would end…’ 00:06:47
8.   ‘It will be within the recollection of many…’ 00:04:52
9.   ‘It was at this point…’ 00:06:39
10.   So far my friend Macdona… 00:05:30
11.   How absurd life is! 00:06:57

Total Playing Time: 08:33:37

Doyle, Arthur Conan

McCready, Glen

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: NA785212

Barcode: 9789626348529

Physical Release: 02/2008

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