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MURAKAMI, H.: Elephant Vanishes (The) (Unabridged)


About this Recording

MURAKAMI, H.: Elephant Vanishes (The) (Unabridged)

A collection of off-the-wall short stories by Japan’s leading contemporary novelist. An elephant vanishes; hunger drives a couple to rob McDonalds; an insomniac wife wakes in a different world. Murakami is a cult figure throughout the world with an increasing reputation.

Disc 1

  The Wind Up Bird and Tuesday’s Women
1.   The Wind Up Bird and Tuesday’s Women 00:04:21
2.   I wash up plate and pans while boiling a kettle... 00:03:58
3.   ‘Easy’ I say ‘now hold on just one minute.’ 00:03:56
4.   I go to the kitchen for that drink of water... 00:05:33
5.   At twelve - thirty I go out shopping as usual... 00:05:33
6.   ‘I’m in bed right now,’ the woman says... 00:03:16
7.   A little before two o’ clock... 00:04:27
8.   The homes that sandwich the passage are of two distinct... 00:05:16
9.   I turn around to look behind me, and there, in the yard... 00:05:26
10.   I open the gate and step in, following the girl... 00:05:50
11.   The girl gets up from her deckchair and disappears... 00:04:12
12.   For the time being there isn’t a sound... 00:05:50
13.   I awake to find I’m alone 00:06:31
  The Second Bakery Attack
14.   The Second Bakery Attack 00:06:27
15.   ‘I once attacked a bakery. Long time ago.’ 00:04:22
16.   Of course, it wasn’t true that nothing had happened... 00:04:23

Disc 2

  The Second Bakery Attack
1.   The Second Bakery Attack (continued) 00:04:48
2.   Altogether there were three McDonald’s workers 00:06:18
  The Kangaroo Communiqué
3.   The Kangaroo Communiqué 00:05:24
4.   Actually I started to write you a letter... 00:04:45
5.   Still and all, this imperfection business... 00:06:42
6.   Let us now address the topic of sex 00:04:14
7.   Let me say a little more about myself... 00:04:44
  On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning
8.   On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning 00:05:32
9.   Now, of course, I know exactly what I should have said... 00:05:42
10.   Sleep 00:04:53
11.   In any case, what I have now is nothing like that... 00:04:35
12.   He drives his Sentra out of the condo parking garage... 00:04:32
13.   After I’ve had my swim, I use the rest of my afternoon... 00:03:37
14.   I remember with perfect clarity that first night... 00:05:42
15.   I got out of bed and went into the bathroom 00:04:11
16.   I shook my head. Stop thinking, I told myself 00:03:45

Disc 3

1.   Sleep (continued) 00:04:06
2.   I went back to the sofa and started reading... 00:04:22
3.   While I cleared the table, my husband sat on the sofa... 00:04:38
4.   At ten o’clock, I got into my bed... 00:04:14
5.   And so a week went by 00:03:09
6.   One afternoon I went to the library and read... 00:03:29
7.   Now my inability to sleep ceased to frighten me... 00:05:36
8.   One time I stood and stared at my sleeping husband’s face... 00:04:04
9.   I left the bedroom and went back to the living room... 00:05:30
10.   I’m taking off my pyjamas and putting on jeans... 00:06:05
  The Fall of the Roman Empire, The 1881 Indian Uprising, Hitler’s Invasion of Poland (...)
11.   The Fall of the Roman Empire, The 1881 Indian Uprising, Hitler’s Invasion of Poland, And The Realm of Raging Winds 00:03:36
12.   2. The 1881 Indian Uprising 00:01:58
13.   3. Hitler’s Invasion of Poland 00:01:01
14.   4. And the Realm of Raging Winds 00:04:34
15.   Lederhosen 00:03:52
16.   ‘They weren’t really shorts,’ she says 00:05:34
17.   The shop that sold the lederhosen was in a small town... 00:05:52
18.   She – the daughter who’s telling me this story... 00:03:28
  Barn Burning
19.   Barn Burning 00:04:17

Disc 4

  Barn Burning
1.   Barn Burning (continued) 00:04:59
2.   Thereafter I met up with the guy a number of times... 00:03:59
3.   Midway through the feast, having polished off the wine... 00:04:08
4.   ‘I’d like to hear about this barn thing,’ I said 00:04:13
5.   I nodded. Just how was I to accept this at face value 00:06:27
6.   The following day, I went to a bookstore... 00:05:00
7.   The next time I met the guy was in the middle of December... 00:06:31
  The Little Green Monster
8.   The Little Green Monster 00:05:03
9.   Of course not, it said to me, cocking its head 00:05:14
  Family Affair
10.   Family Affair 00:04:37
11.   Why had her attitude toward me changed so much... 00:05:20
12.   I had started living with my sister five years earlier... 00:04:15
13.   Then she showed me his picture 00:03:35
14.   Finally though, I had no choice but to meet... 00:04:57
15.   The day after the spaghetti argument with my sister... 00:04:07
16.   My sister woke me at eight o'clock on Sunday morning 00:06:59

Disc 5

  Family Affair
1.   Family Affair (continued) 00:06:00
2.   When dinner was over, we moved to the living room for coffee 00:04:38
3.   It was after midnight by the time I got home 00:06:55
  A Window
4.   A Window 00:03:42
5.   I kept this part - time job going for a year 00:04:09
6.   Hamburger steak. I did actually have the opportunity to eat... 00:06:47
  TV People
7.   TV People 00:03:45
8.   There were three of them altogether. They don’t knock... 00:04:38
9.   Everything gets removed from the sideboard to make room... 00:05:22
10.   Curiously, the wife makes no mention of the appearance... 00:04:14
11.   I wake at half past two in the morning to find the TV... 00:04:08
12.   At work, the day is solid with meetings from the morning on 00:03:46
13.   At one of the afternoon meetings, I see TV people again 00:03:06
14.   When I get home from work, the apartment is dark... 00:04:24
15.   I dream about a meeting. I’m standing up... 00:05:00
16.   The two TV people on the screen keep working away 00:04:09
17.   The two TV people in the television continue building... 00:03:57

Disc 6

  A Slow Boat to China
1.   A Slow Boat to China 00:05:26
2.   2. There was an elementary school for Chinese up the hill... 00:03:55
3.   It was nearly fifteen minutes later when the procter... 00:05:45
4.   3. The town where I went to high school was a port town... 00:04:18
5.   Where we worked was a tiny, dark, small - time... 00:03:27
6.   When we’d finally danced ourselves out, we left... 00:03:47
7.   It was ten after eleven when she finally got off... 00:05:10
8.   4. Now the story of my third Chinese 00:05:02
9.   His coffee arrived and he drank it slowly 00:04:02
10.   Suddenly there was a click in my head 00:03:48
11.   5. Supposing I found myself chasing another fly ball... 00:04:54
  The Dancing Dwarf
12.   The Dancing Dwarf 00:06:52
13.   I woke up alone. Facedown in bed... 00:04:44
14.   My partner and I in the ear shop like the second approach 00:03:20
15.   As soon as the bell rang at quitting time... 00:05:00
16.   The old man went on to tell me how the dwarf had arrived... 00:05:23
17.   I didn’t dream about the dwarf again 00:03:28

Disc 7

  The Dancing Dwarf
1.   The Dancing Dwarf (continued) 00:02:48
2.   That night, the dwarf came into my dream again... 00:04:46
3.   The dwarf used the branch to draw a number of vertical lines... 00:04:12
4.   The dance hall stood by the main factory gate... 00:06:44
5.   We left the dance hall and walked along the river 00:04:17
6.   Now I knew what I had to do 00:03:42
  The Last Lawn of the Afternoon
7.   The Last Lawn of the Afternoon 00:04:14
8.   At eighteen or nineteen I mowed lawns... 00:05:21
9.   The whole week went past before it struck me 00:04:51
10.   Clear weather three days in a row, then one day of rain... 00:04:07
11.   I pulled the van to a stop in front of the appointed house... 00:03:58
12.   I went to the van, took out the electric mower, grass clippers... 00:04:40
13.   At twelve - thirty I returned to the lawn 00:05:43
14.   The interior of the house was just as deathly quiet as before 00:04:18
15.   The woman sat her middle - aged bulk down on the bed... 00:04:01
16.   I returned to my chair and lit up a brand - new cigarette 00:04:27
17.   We went back down the same staircase... 00:04:35

Disc 8

  The Silence
1.   The Silence 00:04:35
2.   After the first few months, Ozawa’s interest in boxing... 00:04:15
3.   ‘In almost every way, Aoki and I were polar opposites.’ 00:05:25
4.   ‘That afternoon, Aoki didn’t show up in class.’ 00:04:40
5.   ‘Anyway, during summer vacation a terrible thing happened.’ 00:04:23
6.   ’Immediately, I knew Aoki was behind this.’ 00:05:50
7.   ‘My first hint of a reprieve came a month later.’ 00:03:43
8.   At that, Ozawa let out a big sigh 00:04:55
  The Elephant Vanishes
9.   The Elephant Vanishes 00:04:33
10.   I had had my own private interest in the elephant problem... 00:04:12
11.   On its right rear leg, the elephant wore a solid... 00:03:07
12.   And so a year went by 00:04:28
13.   The mayor had held a news conference... 00:05:47
14.   I met her near the end of September 00:04:21
15.   She was unmarried and so was I 00:04:25
16.   It was no use: I’d have to tell her the story 00:05:19
17.   In fact, I had wondered at the time whether my eyes... 00:05:22

Total Playing Time: 10:30:39

Murakami, Haruki

Chancer, John; Degas, Rupert; Flavin, Tim; Gallagher, Teresa; Heenehan, Mark; Lewis, Walter; Peterson, Jeff

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: Contemporary

Catalogue No: NA840612

Barcode: 9789626344064

Physical Release: 06/2006

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