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PROUST, M.: Essential Remembrance of Things Past (The)


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About this Recording

PROUST, M.: Essential Remembrance of Things Past (The)

Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past is one of the world’s most celebrated books. And yet many people are daunted by its formidable size: it is more than 3,000 pages long. In this audio version Proust’s masterpiece is presented in easily accessible form, the author’s major themes and unique style are retained, and the key scenes are linked by a specially written narration. The Essential Remembrance of Things Past is an ideal introduction to one of the landmarks of modern European literature.

Disc 1

  The Essential Remembrance of Things Past
1.   Marcel Proust's novel, Remembrance of Things Past… 00:03:40
2.   I: Swann's Way 00:04:33
3.   On one such occasion… 00:05:28
4.   For many years the narrator's memories… 00:08:59
5.   Charles Swann has a neighbouring property… 00:07:16
6.   Another neighbour, the distinguished composer Vinteuil… 00:09:03
7.   If the Meseglise Way was so easy… 00:12:08
8.   II: Swann in Love 00:07:11
9.   If no arrangement had been made to go anywhere… 00:05:19
10.   For a time, Swann is a welcome guest… 00:07:37

Disc 2

  The Essential Remembrance of Things Past
1.   Swann's jealousy is further inflamed… 00:05:36
2.   'My darling,' he began again… 00:06:48
3.   Place Names; The Name 00:05:03
4.   But Marcel's passionate attachment to Gilberte… 00:06:02
5.   Many years later, Marcel pays a visit… 00:07:06
6.   III: Within a Budding Grove, Part I 00:06:58
7.   Meanwhile, Marcel continues his daily visits… 00:04:47
8.   Illness prevents the narrator… 00:04:47
9.   Marcel's pleasure at being a welcome guest… 00:07:57
10.   These distractions make it all the harder… 00:05:07
11.   Place Names; The Place 00:05:19
12.   Every few minutes the little train… 00:05:30
13.   I threw myself into the arms of my grandmother… 00:06:28

Disc 3

  The Essential Remembrance of Things Past
1.   IV: Within a Budding Grove, Part II 00:09:44
2.   Madame de Villeparisis introduces her nephew… 00:06:32
3.   Meanwhile, my grandmother had been making… 00:06:30
4.   Balbec is full of lovely girls. 00:05:58
5.   One girl in particular intrigues Marcel. 00:07:22
6.   Albertine and Marcel become friends… 00:06:16
7.   The summer comes to an end… 00:05:01
8.   V: The Guermantes Way, Part I 00:06:33
9.   The Duke shows a different attitude… 00:08:02
10.   Sometime later, Robert takes Marcel 00:04:09
11.   'You might look the other way,' he warned her… 00:06:43

Disc 4

  The Essential Remembrance of Things Past
1.   At an afternoon party given by Mme. De Villeparisis… 00:06:17
2.   As he walked arm in arm with me and uttered… 00:07:38
3.   Marcel's mother has persuaded him… 00:07:23
4.   VI: The Guermantes Way, Part II 00:06:13
5.   Marcel's parents are away in Combray… 00:05:03
6.   Once the Duchesse du Guermantes has observed… 00:07:31
7.   Dinner with the Guermantes… 00:06:35
8.   After a moment's silence, I asked him… 00:06:03
9.   So far I had never dreamt that… 00:08:49
10.   Having come to know the Duc de Guermantes… 00:06:44

Disc 5

  The Essential Remembrance of Things Past
1.   VII: Sodom and Gomorrah, Part I 00:05:42
2.   The latter, deciding to cut short the preliminaries… 00:07:24
3.   Marcel hears that as soon as Swann arrived… 00:07:41
4.   The Duke and Duchess give Marcel a lift home. 00:10:30
5.   Marcel learns that Albertine has arrived… 00:04:23
6.   Marcel's suspicions have been aroused… 00:07:18
7.   Notwithstanding these thoughts… 00:05:33
8.   VIII: Sodom and Gomorrah, Part II 00:07:41
9.   A brilliant violinist, Charles Morel… 00:06:30
10.   I had just given Mme. Verdurin the message… 00:07:06
11.   During dinner, the conversation turns to the painter Elstir… 00:07:44

Disc 6

  The Essential Remembrance of Things Past
1.   Charlus, mad about Morel… 00:06:18
2.   The Baron, foaming with rage… 00:04:59
3.   Marcel and Albertine spend their days… 00:05:51
4.   Convinced that Albertine is sexually attracted to women… 00:03:05
5.   IX: The Captive, Part I 00:05:04
6.   Although Albertine is, in principle… 00:07:14
7.   Morel has become engaged… 00:06:02
8.   Marcel conceals Albertine's presence… 00:05:35
9.   Albertine tells Marcel she is going to visit… 00:04:01
10.   Albertine agrees to give up her plan… 00:06:01
11.   Albertine and Andree have gone to the theatre… 00:04:15
12.   For many years, Marcel has been a friend… 00:04:34
13.   The circumstances of his death… 00:05:56

Disc 7

  The Essential Remembrance of Things Past
1.   X: The Captive, Part II 00:04:10
2.   This evening's party at the Verdurins'… 00:05:18
3.   Mme. Verdurin's anger with Charlus… 00:06:06
4.   At the end of the party… 00:07:57
5.   Charlus, despite having been sworn to secrecy… 00:06:08
6.   When Marcel returns home… 00:07:45
7.   As their conversation develops… 00:06:23
8.   They resume going on drives together… 00:06:10
9.   XI: The Fugitive 00:05:33
10.   Marcel learns that Albertine has gone… 00:06:19
11.   Having failed in his attempt to get Albertine… 00:05:52
12.   Marcel's grief is complete… 00:05:08
13.   Marcel questions Aimee… 00:05:23

Disc 8

  The Essential Remembrance of Things Past
1.   At the Duchesse du Guermantes'… 00:07:38
2.   Soon after Albertine's death… 00:06:12
3.   Robert and Gilberte are married… 00:07:11
4.   XII: Time Regained 00:06:15
5.   Gilberte left Paris for Combray… 00:06:05
6.   Marcel meets the Baron du Charlus… 00:04:48
7.   Driven by thirst and curiosity… 00:07:23
8.   Jupien finds Marcel… 00:07:59
9.   After spending several years in a sanitorium… 00:08:27
10.   When Marcel enters the drawing room… 00:04:57
11.   Having been unafraid of death… 00:05:13

Total Playing Time: 09:46:35

Proust, Marcel

Jason, Neville; McMillan, Roy

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA898812

Barcode: 9789626349885

Physical Release: 01/2010

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