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SHAKESPEARE, W.: Antony and Cleopatra (Music and Speeches)



SHAKESPEARE, W.: Antony and Cleopatra (Music and Speeches)

  Antony and Cleopatra (music by L. Mvula)
1.   Dance of the Egyptian Gods 00:02:49
2.   Speech Act I Scene 5: Where think'st thou he is now (Cleopatra) 00:01:23
3.   Cleopatra's Court 00:02:07
4.   Rome 00:01:56
5.   Speech Act II Scene 2: The barge she sat in, like a burnish'd throne (Enobarbus) 00:03:22
6.   Mardian the Eunuch 00:02:27
7.   Speech Act V Scene 2: I dream'd there was an Emperor Antony (Cleopatra) 00:01:45
8.   Antony and Octavia's Wedding 00:02:07
9.   Drinking Song 00:01:22
10.   Speech Act IV Scene 12: All is lost! This foul Egyptian hath betrayed me (Antony) 00:01:11
11.   War 00:04:36
12.   Speech Act IV Scene 14: Sometimes we see a cloud that's dragonish (Antony) 00:01:12
13.   Funeral 00:02:55
  Antony and Cleopatra (music by A. Hopkins)
14.   Egypt 00:01:01
15.   The Triumvirate 00:00:59
16.   Aboard the Galley 00:00:42
17.   Drinking Song 00:00:43
18.   Music under the Earth 00:01:21
19.   A Pair so Famous 00:01:31

Total Playing Time: 00:35:29

Shakespeare, William

Ingram, Harold

Adams, Graeme; Byrne, Antony; Clark, Diane; Clennell, Andy; Cook, Holly; Cross, Adam; Douglas, Audrey; Hampton, Mathew; Heighway, Mat; Jones, James; Lambeth, Katherine; Lee, Nick; Miller, Troy; O'niel, Bruce; Prouse, Eloise; Rashleigh, Hugh; Simon, Josette; Smith, Mark; Spencer-Smith, Clare; Topp, James; Turk, Claire; Whelan, Angela; Woodall, Andrew

Label: Opus Arte

Genre: Plays - Shakespeare

Period: Renaissance

Catalogue No: OACD9028D

Barcode: 809478090281

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Release Date: 02/2018

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