Welcome to the first extensive iPad app for choral singers!

Singing in choirs has never been more popular. From all-inclusive non-audition groups to top-notch ensembles, the world of choral singing is thriving.

Naxos, with its wealth of acclaimed classical recordings and its proven expertise in creating first-class music apps, has produced LoveChoir. With a wide range of contents from a team of contributors, it is an engaging, lively and comprehensive app to support all choral singers outside rehearsals.

  • Full recordings and scores of four major choral works: Handel’s Messiah, Fauré’s Requiem, Tallis’s Spem in alium, Vivaldi’s Gloria.
  • A list of 25 selected works with information and audio samples, and the opportunity to download them in full, with accompanying notes and sung texts.
  • A section on warming up the voice, including newly written exercises with recorded accompaniment.
  • Advice on vocal technique, addressing typical problems faced by singers such as breaks in the voice, breath control, and even the anxiety of auditions.
  • A pronunciation guide with audio examples covering German, Italian, French, Latin and Russian.
  • Guidance on reading music, understanding notation and marking a score.
  • An outline with diagrams of what happens in the body when you sing.
  • A 20,000-word e-book on the history of western choral music with over 40 music tracks (2+ hours of music).
  • A survey of choral activity around the world.
  • An outline of the different kinds of choirs that exist.
  • Pitch bar: tap to hear a note before you sing.
  • Metronome, glossary of terms, links and further reading.

“I can say with absolute conviction that this app is invaluable for any singer who ever gets together with others to make music.”
David Temple, conductor