LISZT Via Crucis
Alessandro Marangoni, piano
Ars Cantica Choir • Marco Berrini

Naxos 9.70165
Liszt started work on the Via Crucis in 1873 and completed its composition in February 1879. From the beginning he wished that one day it would accompany the Via Crucis celebrated by the Pope in Rome on Good Friday. As was the case in the Baroque Passions, Liszt uses the chorus as a voice-over which comments on the story and invites us to think about the events being celebrated. Following the steps of these “poetics of evocation”, Liszt encourages us to relive the events of the Passion through the musical themes which mark each stage in the dramatic epilogue of Christ’s life.



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In 1978 David Lloyd-Jones founded a new opera company, Opera North, with its orchestra, the English Northern Philharmonia, of which he became Artistic Director and Principal Conductor. His highly acclaimed cycle of Bax’s symphonies and tone poems for Naxos (Gramophone Award) was completed in the autumn of 2003.

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Kungsbacka Trio
Formed in 1997, the Kungsbacka Trio is one of the most outstanding ensembles of its generation. Winner of First Prize in the Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition, it has since appeared at numerous festivals and venues throughout Europe, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand.

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