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Naxos AudioBooks

Each Naxos AudioBook page now provides you with an introduction, a full track listing, and links to further information about the author, readers and other artists (including biography, when available) and other recordings featuring them. The ‘Genre’ link helps you to find other similar Naxos AudioBooks. online visitors may also sample a track from each Naxos AudioBook.

Naxos AudioBooks Catalogue on

Naxos AudioBooks website

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Naxos Books

‘Classical music… gets a lift-off from Naxos’s excellent and timely My First Classical Music Book…the linking of simple text to CD tracks is helpful, and the cartoons are good fun for 7–9s.’

– The Times

Drawing on the extensive list of Naxos classical recordings to provide a ‘multimedia’ take on traditional book publishing, Naxos Books is a diverse and forward-thinking imprint, which embraces both popular and specialist titles within the world of classical music. The majority of its mainstream books include CDs and websites where readers can listen to many hours of relevant music.

From the popular My First Classical Music Book to eminent conductor Robert Craft’s insightful memoires Down a Path of Wonder, from the Life and Music series about the world’s greatest composers to the Discover series which surveys the major musical periods from Medieval to Modern, Naxos Books are accessible and valuable for people of all ages, and all levels of familiarity with classical music.

Further information about Naxos Books

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Artist, Composer & Catalogue Indices

Naxos boasts an incredible catalogue with thousands of albums spanning almost a millennium of classical music, from the Middle Ages to today’s thrilling new music. We provide several different ways to help you find what you’re looking for, and to enable you to browse through the catalogues of Naxos CDs, DVDs and those for the other labels we distribute.

Artist Index

Use our Artist Index section to find recordings featuring particular artists. You can click through the alphabetical list or narrow your search by using the Category, Country and Role links.
Composer Index

Similarly, our Composer Index allows you to find recordings featuring particular composers. Narrow your search by using the Country and Period links. You can also look up Arrangers, Authors and Lyricists.
 Catalogues Index

Because our recordings span so many different types of music—including Blues, Classical, Contemporary, Folk, Jazz, Nostalgia, Rock and World—we’ve structured our Catalogue Index so you can explore by Genre, Musical Period and Sets/Series: We are constantly improving these Catalogue Indices, to make them as easy to use as possible.

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How to Search on

Search Catalogue

In the top right-hand corner of most pages on (including this one) you’ll see a button named ‘SEARCH CATALOGUE’. Simply click on this to reveal the main search engine, then type in the Composer, Artist, Composition, Disc Title or Catalogue Number.

Still can’t find what you want? Then contact our friendly Customer Service staff by email. They will be happy to assist you in a timely fashion.

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Naxos Education

The Education section of is an excellent resource for music teachers and students, as well as for music lovers of all ages.

History Timeline & Recording Catalogue

Whether you’re a connoisseur or just discovering the wonderful world of classical music, whether you prefer a particular type of music or have wide-ranging tastes and interests, our Education section can help you chart a course through almost a millennium of classical music, from the Middle Ages to modern times.

Each section in the History of Classical Music now has links to the albums featuring music from each musical period.

A Brief Glossary

Music abounds in technical terms, jargon and terminology that can seem confusing at first. Here are some of the most frequently used terms, together with useful links to other great Naxos products and services.

Glossary of Musical Terms
Links to Other Resources

Musical Categories

During various musical periods, composers invented and developed different musical genres. While the concept of ‘genre’ is quite complex, and often the subject of scholarly debate, in practice music lovers tend to enjoy certain sorts of music (for instance, orchestral music such as overtures, concertos and symphonies; opera; solo instrumental music; chamber music such as trios, quartets and quintets; vocal music including chanson and Lieder or choral music; and so forth). Naxos provides information about and links to albums for five important sorts of classical music (orchestral, chamber, solo instrumental, vocal & opera):

A Quick Guide to Musical Categories

You can also search in more detail for Naxos recordings in many musical categories by particular artists and ensembles in the ‘Roles’ section of our Artist Index. Find particular Choirs, Conductors, Ensembles, Instrumentalists, Orchestras, Singers  & Readers. Or browse through ‘Other Roles’:

Musical Roles Index
Other Roles Index

Visit Naxos Education

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Labels offers access to all the labels of the Naxos Music Group as well as to leading independent labels such as Artek, BR-Klassik, C Major, Campanella Musica, Capriccio, Capriole, Cantaloupe Music, CD Accord, Cedille, Contrastes Records, Dacapo, First Edition, Grand Piano, Ondine, Phoenix Edition, OUR Recordings, Sono Luminus, Tactus, Tafelmusik Media, TwoPianists, Vienna Philharmonic, White Cloud, Yarlung Records, and many more. Also represented on the site are the leading international DVD labels: Accentus Music, Christopher Nupen Films, C Major, Dynamic, ICA Classics, Opus Arte, and others. Many different genres are available, mostly classical but also modern and historical jazz, world music, nostalgia and contemporary instrumental.

If you’re looking for a recording on a particular label, then use our Labels section. provides information about the complete Naxos and Marco Polo catalogues as well as those for other selected leading labels.

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Buy Online Links

Once you’ve found the album you want, where can you buy it? Every CD and DVD page on contains links to websites where you can purchase our recordings online.

There are many links to other online retailers around the world on our
Buy Online Page.

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Naxos Podcasts

Naxos Classical Music Spotlights are a great way to learn more about our artists, composers and recordings. Presented by Raymond Bisha, Director of Marketing and PR for North America, Naxos Classical Music Spotlights are popular with music lovers around the world, and are an excellent educational resource for music teachers and students, and musicians.

Visit the Naxos Blog Podcasts page

The Naxos Blog also has many other exciting features, including news about Naxos recordings, links to our social networking sites, and lots of other cool stuff.

Visit the Naxos Blog

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Artist Interviews

Complementing the Naxos Classical Music Spotlights, Naxos also posts written interviews with leading artists who generously share their time, thoughts and insight with us about the music they love and have recorded for Naxos. These are some of the following artist interviews that have been posted on

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Naxos Worldwide Websites

Naxos is an international company with offices in many different countries. You can read about new releases and access other information about what’s happening in Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, the UK and the USA by using the drop menu at the top right-hand corner of every page on

Most Naxos recordings are available worldwide. However some may not be available in your country. To enquire about local availability, please contact the Naxos Distributor in your country.

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Click on the ‘Reviews’ button in the main navigation menu at the top of each page on to browse through or search for reviews on


Reviews Button

On the reviews page, you can browse through the list of albums and click on the album title for more information.

Click on album
Album Page

On the Album Page, click on the ‘Reviews’ button beneath the cover image to read reviews of that album.

  • Click on the album title to return to the Album Page.
  • Click on the review item in the grey panel to read that review.
  • Click on the publication/website name at the beginning of each review to see all reviews from that publication/website.
Reviews of an Album

  • Click on album title for more about each album.
  • Click on the ‘READ THE REVIEW’ button to open the Reviews page for each album.
  • Albums are listed alphabetically by title, so use the numbered navigation menu to view reviews for other albums.
  • Sort albums by Catalogue No. or by the name of the publication/website using the text links.
All Reviews from a Publication/Website

Sort by Publication Selected
Now Select the Publication using the drop menu

Then Select the Month & Year or ‘ALL’ and click on the magnifying glass button

MusicWeb International Reviews for September 2006


Albums which have reviews from the publication/website for the month and year selected are listed alphabetically by title. Use the sort links to view by Catalogue No. or Publication. Read each review by clicking on the ‘READ THE REVIEW’ buttons beside each album. If you want to see all reviews for all albums, select ‘ALL’ from the three drop menus in the ‘BROWSE REVIEWS’ section and click on the magnifying glass button:

ALL Publications, ALL months & ALL Years Selected


If you know the catalogue number of the album, simply type it into the ‘Enter Keyword/Catalogue no.’ field. You’ll need to include any dots, dashes and spaces in order for this to work. Here are some examples:

Correct Catalogue Number Entered
In this case the correct cat no has been entered for 8.572237:

Correct Cat No Entered
Correct Cat No Search Result

Incorrect Catalogue Number Entered
In this case the dot has been omitted from after the 8 in 8572237:

Incorrect Cat No Entered
Incorrect Cat No Search Result

No Reviews Available
If you correctly type in a cat no for an album that has no reviews, a different message will be displayed

Correct Cat No Entered
No Reviews Message

You may click on ‘See more reviews…’ to return to the main Reviews screen.

If you don’t know the catalogue number or title of an album, or can’t easily find a particular review using BROWSE REVEWS, try the SEARCH REVIEWS. BROWSE REVIEWS and SEARCH REVIEWS work independently (ie. you can’t both browse and use the keyword search at the same time).Type in a keyword (eg. composer’s last name or a keyword from the name of a composition) and click on the magnifying glass button:

Search Reviews by Keyword ‘Zemlinsky’
Search Results for ‘Zemlinksy’


Click on the ‘Visit the websites that review our recordings’ link to see the page where links to several major review websites are provided.

Selected Publications That Review Our Recordings


Click on the ‘Browsing and Searching Hints’ link and you’ll be taken here! If you encounter a difficulty please email Customer Service who will gladly assist you.

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RSS Feeds

For your convenience we have created a web page to collect all the RSS feeds we have on, making it even easier for you to stay up to date with the news and happenings at Naxos and its group of labels. To be one of the first to receive these updates on the respective topics, simply choose the feeds you are interested in and include them into your favorite RSS reader (Google Reader, NewsGator, My Yahoo, Apple Mail, etc.).

For more information about what an RSS Feed is, read the article at

See the Naxos Latest RSS Feeds Page

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Naxos Newsletters

Each month thousands of music lovers around the world enjoy receiving Naxos’ New Releases and Features Newsletters. These informative illustrated guides to our recordings are free to receive.

Visit the Newsletter Archive

Why not join our community of interest by registering today?

Read more and register to receive our FREE Newsletters

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Naxos Digital & Subscription Services

For more than twenty years, Naxos has led the way as the world’s greatest value label for classical music CDs and DVDs. But there’s much more to Naxos. Naxos Digital Services embrace the full potential of the internet to provide you with a wide range of digital services, from online music download and retail to subscription-based music streaming services.

Read more about NaxosDirect, Naxos Music Library, Naxos Music Library Jazz, Naxos Music Library World, Naxos Spoken Word Library, Naxos Radio and Naxos Video Library.

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Because is both comprehensive and continually being developed, we provide a Site Map for your convenience. If you’re looking for something particular but aren’t sure how to find it, visit the Site Map page from where you can easily click through to many sections within

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