Music from all over the world that is not part of the western classical tradition.

Album Title Catalogue No.
20 Best Folk Songs of America EUCD2194
20 Best Irish Pub Songs EUCD2324
20 Best Irish Songs EUCD2556
20 Best of Brazilian Capoeira EUCD2828
20 Best of Caribbean Tropical Music EUCD1698
20 Best of Ireland EUCD2354
20 Best of Island Music EUCD1941
20 Best of Tango Argentino EUCD1629
20 Best of Tropical Dance Music EUCD1243
20 Best of Tropical Dance Music EUCD2736
20 Best Syrtakis from Greece EUCD2839
20 Famous Irish Ballads EUCD2628
2010 World Cup: Welcome to South Africa EUCD2288
40 Best of Flutes and Songs from the Andes EUCD2509
40 Most Popular American Folk Songs EUCD2464
40 Tracks for 40 Years: Delos' 40th Anniversary Celebration! DE3440
A Cry for Revolution EUCD2795
A Green and Pleasant Land 11104-2
A la manera artesana EUCD2955
A Metropolis of Wonders 8.225937
A Panorama Saga - Tribute To Jit Samaroo DE4026
A Tapestry of Enchantment 11128-2
A tiempo real: A New Take on Spanish Tradition EUCD2806
A Tribute to Greece EUCD2778
A Tribute To Stesha: Early Music of Russian Gypsies 76065-2