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English Song Series

The much acclaimed ENGLISH SONG series celebrates the rich and diverse works by British composers such as Britten, Finzi, Vaughan Williams, sung by leading interpreters of the repertoire. The series includes new recordings as well as a beautiful set of recordings of English Songs previously released on the now-defunct Collins Classics label.

Album Title Catalogue No.
ALWYN, W.: Mirages / 6 Nocturnes / Seascapes / Invocations (English Song, Vol. 17) (E.M. Thomas, J.H. Williams, J. Turner, Burnside) 8.570201
BRITTEN, B.: 7 Sonnets of Michelangelo / The Holy Sonnets of John Donne / Winter Words (English Song, Vol. 7) (Langridge, Bedford) 8.557201
BRITTEN, B.: Canticles I-V / The Heart of the Matter (English Song, Vol. 9) (Langridge, Rigby, Finley, Ragin, Dench, Bedford) 8.557202
BRITTEN, B.: Folk Song Arrangements, Vol. 1 (English Song, Vol. 10) (Lott, Langridge, G. Johnson, Bonell) 8.557220-21
BRITTEN, B.: Folk Song Arrangements, Vol. 2 (English Song, Vol. 13) (Langridge, Allen, BBC Singers, Northern Sinfonia, S. Bedford, S. Joly) 8.557222
BRITTEN, B.: Songs and Proverbs of William Blake / Tit for Tat / Folk Song Arrangements (English Song, Vol. 22) (R. Williams, Burnside) 8.572600
BUTTERWORTH, G.: Songs from A Shropshire Lad / Folk Songs from Sussex (English Song, Vol. 20) (R. Williams, Burnside) 8.572426
DOVE, J.: Song Cycles - All You Who Sleep Tonight / Out of Winter / Ariel (English Song, Vol. 23) (Booth, Bardon, Spence, Matthews-Owen) 8.573080
FINZI, G.: Earth and Air and Rain / By Footpath and Stile / To a Poet (English Song, Vol. 15) (R. Williams, Burnside, Sacconi Quartet) 8.557963
FINZI, G.: I Said to Love / Let Us Garlands Bring / Before and After Summer (English Song, Vol. 12) (R. Williams, Burnside) 8.557644
FINZI, G.: Young Man's Exhortation (A) / Till Earth Outwears / Oh Fair to See (English Song, Vol. 16) (Ainsley, Burnside) 8.570414
GURNEY, I.: Songs - All night under the moon / By a Bierside / On the Downs / Lights Out (English Song, Vol. 19) (Bickley, Burnside) 8.572151
HOLST, G.: Hymns from the Rig Veda / 4 Songs, Op. 35 / 12 Songs, Op. 48 (English Song, Vol. 6) (Gritton, Langridge, Maltman, L. Fuller, S. Bedford) 8.557117
IRELAND, J.: Songs - 5 Poems / We'll to the Woods No More / Sea Fever / Santa Chiara (English Song, Vol. 18) (R. Williams, Burnside) 8.570467
LEHMANN, L.: Daisy-Chain (The) / Bird Songs / Four Cautionary Tales and a Moral (English Song, Vol. 8) (J. Watson, Wyn-Rogers, Spence, N. Davis) 8.557118
QUILTER, R.: Folk-Song Arrangements / Part-Songs for Women's Voices (Complete) (English Song, Vol. 11) (Pitt, J. Thomas, Langridge, Wilson-Johnson) 8.557495
QUILTER, R.: O mistress mine / To daisies / Julia's hair / Go, lovely rose (English Song, Vol. 5) (Milne, Rolfe-Johnson, G. Johnson, Duke Quartet) 8.557116
SOMERVELL, A.: Shropshire Lad (The) / James Lee's Wife / Songs of Innocence (English Song, Vol. 2) (Rozario, Wyn-Rogers, Maltman, G. Johnson) 8.557113
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R.: On Wenlock Edge / 5 Mystical Songs (English Song, Vol. 3) (Rolfe-Johnson, Keenlyside, G. Johnson, Duke Quartet) 8.557114
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R.: Songs of Travel / The House of Life / 4 Poems by Fredegond Shove (English Song, Vol. 14) (R. Williams, Burnside) 8.557643
VENABLES I.: On the Wings of Love / Venetian Songs (English Song, Vol. 21) (A. Kennedy, Burnside) 8.572514
WALTON, W.: Anon in Love / Façade Settings / A Song for the Lord Mayor's Table (English Song, Vol. 1) (Lott, M. Hill, C. Ogden, G. Johnson) 8.557112
WARLOCK, P.: Curlew (The) / Lillygay / Peterisms, Sets 1 and 2 / Saudades (English Song, Vol. 4) (A. Thompson, Maltman, Constable, Duke Quartet) 8.557115