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Greek Classics

The GREEK CLASSICS series is dedicated to presenting the best of contemporary and established Greek classical music, and to introducing neglected areas of Greek repertoire. Prominent Greek artists and ensembles such as the Athens State Orchestra and the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra appear in the series.

Album Title Catalogue No.
AXIOTIS, G.: Love Trilogy (A) / Sunset / Prelude and Fugue / Remembrance from a Ball (New Festival Opera-Symphony Sofia, Fidetzis) 8.574353
Chamber Music (Woodwind Quintets) - ANTONIOU, T. / BALTAS, A. / CONSTANTINIDIS, Y. (Greek Wind Quintets) (Aeolos Woodwind Quintet) 8.579037
DRAGATAKIS: Piano Works (Complete) 8.570789
Flute Recital: Zenz, Katrin - ANTONIOU, T. / TERZAKIS, D. / LOGOTHETIS, A. / KOUNADIS, A. (Greek Flute Music of the 20th and 21st Centuries) 8.572369
Guitar Music (Greek) - KLAMPANIS, P. / TSALAHOURIS, P. / MAROULIS, I. / ANTONIOU, T. (Roots - 21st Century Greek Music for Guitar) (Soukaras) 8.579115
HADJIDAKIS, M.: Piano Works (D. Kara) - For a Little White Seashell / Rhythmology / 6 Popular Pictures / Ionian Suite 8.570957
IMPRESSIONS FOR SAXOPHONE AND ORCHESTRA - Virtuosic Works by 20th Century Greek Composers 8.557992
KALAFATI, V.: Symphony in A Minor / Légende / Polonaise (Choir of the Music Department of the University of Athens, Athens Philharmonia, Fidetzis) 8.574132
KALOMIRIS, M.: Rhapsodies Nos. 1 and 2 / Lyrics / Minas the Rebel (Russian State Symphonic Cappella, Karlovy Vary Symphony, Fidetzis) 8.572451
KALOMIRIS: Symphony No. 3 / Triptych / 3 Greek Dances 8.557970
KONTOGIORGOS, G.: Dancing with Centaurs / Concertino, "Testosterone" / Ringtone / Night Walk (Mavrommatis, Panteli, Orchestra of Colours, Logiadis) 8.579047
KONTOGIORGOS, G.: Guitar Works - Kaleidoscope / Sea Vespers / Cansonata / Elegy 1980 / Emotions (Kaleidoscope) (Kanellakis, V. Nina) 8.579084
MARGARITIS, L.: Etude No. 1 / Greek Rhapsody / Youth / Verses / Piano Sonatina / PETYREK, F.: 6 Greek Rhapsodies (Palios) 8.572210
MARKOPOULOS, Y.: Liturgy of Orpheus (The) 8.572235
MARKOPOULOS, Y.: Shapes in Motion / Pyrrichios Dance No. 13, "Nemesis" / Concerto-Rhapsody / Triptych (Grauwels, Spyridakis, Papatheodorou, Tilkin) 8.572237
MOUZAS: Music for an Imaginary Film / Prima Materia / Monologue / Thought Forms / Lucid Dream 8.570951
Orchestral Music (20th Century Greek) - CONSTANTINIDIS, Y. / KALOMIRIS, M. / SKALKOTTAS, N. (Topos) (Thessaloniki State Symphony, Tsokanou) 8.574436
PAPAIOANNOU, Y.A.: In the Depth of the Looking Glass / Associations / Erotic / Rhythms and Colours (Chardas, Theos, Papatanasiu, dissonArt Ensemble) 8.572782
PETRIDIS, P.: Requiem for the Emperor Constantine Palaiologos (Kyanidou, Baka, Simos, Stamboglis, Amadeus Orchestra, Sofia, Fidetzis) 8.574354-55
PETRIDIS, P.: Saint Paul [Oratorio] (D. Tiliakos, A. Simos, Stamboglis, Bulgarian National Radio Chorus and Symphony, Fidetzis) 8.574356-57
SKALKOTTAS, N.: 36 Greek Dances, Series 1 / The Sea (excerpts) / Suite No. 1 (Dance of the Waves) (Athens State Orchestra, Tsialis) 8.574182
SKALKOTTAS, N.: Sinfonietta / Classical Symphony / 4 Images / Ancient Greek March (The Neoclassical Skalkottas) (Athens State Orchestra, Tsialis) 8.574154